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Connecting with Paimon through Enn Chanting

Connecting with Paimon through his Enn

Paimon is an incredible Dark Lord. He is not just creative, but one who teaches alchemy and the occult. He is a master of hidden knowledge. He is one who can help one to awaken musical and artistic talents and learn hidden and lost occult knowledge. He also is a brilliant warrior and one who can help one to strengthen their core and remember their core power.

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Historical Demonic Hierarchies

Over history there have been many books written on Demons and the various Hierarchies of Hell.  Many of them are written from the Right Hand Path perspective so their titles are very insulting and not how we have experienced them at all.

It is interesting though to note the similarities and the differences in each Demonic Hierarchy, and even more fascinating to discuss each individual Demon and explore them and get a more well rounded view of them.   Below you will find them listed including the publication that they can be found in.

Though we personally see then differently and have our own hierarchy that we will be posting in the future, this is a good reference point to see how the definition of the demons has evolved over time.

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Demonic Enns in Alphabetical Order

Abbadon – Es na ayer Abbadon avage
Abigor – Aylan Abigor tasa uan on ca
Agaliarept – On ca Agaliarept agna
Agares – Rean ganen ayar da Agares
Aim – Ayer avage secore Aim
Alloces – Typan efna Alloces met tasa
Amducious – Denyen valocur avage secore Amducious
Amdusias (also Amdukias) – Denyen valocur avage secore Amdusias
Ammon – Avage Secore Ammon ninan
Amon – Avage Secore Amon ninan
Amy (also Avnas) – Tu Fubin Amy secore
Andras – Entey ama Andras anay
Andrealphus – Mena Andrealphus tasa ramec ayer
Andromalius – Tasa fubin Andromalius on ca
Asafoetida – Asana nanay on ca Asafoetida
Ashtaroth – Tasa Alora foren Ashtaroth
Asmoday – Ayer avage Aloren Asmoday aken
Asmodeus – Ayer avage Aloren Asmodeus aken
Astarot – Serena Alora Astartot Aken
Astaroth – Tasa Alora Foren Astaroth
Astarte – Serena Alora Astarte Aken
Azazel – Eya on ca Azazel aken

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