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Sael, Demon King, Wealth Mastermind, and War Strategist of the Underworld.

(Sigil above channeled by Priestess Akelta)

Underworld Demon of Worldly Desires, War and Strategy

(This information comes from our Priestesses seeking council with him) 

Direction: Below, the Underworld
Planet: Darkness of Pluto, and Saturn
Metal: Silver and Gold
Element: Dead Earth
Colors used when working with Him: Dark Red, Dark Purple, Dark Blue, Grey, Silver, Green.
Incense and Scents used when working with them: Oud, Copal, Dragon’s Blood, Patchouli, and Amber Resin.
Rank: King, Royal General and War Strategist of the Underworld
Species: Underworld Demon
Realm: The Depth of the Underworld

Attributes:  Sael is a very unknown demon, in fact many of our Priestesses were shocked when someone asked about him. We decided to do an encyclopedia post as being a demon of Underworld Wealth he is one that clearly wanted to be revealed to the world. Sael is one of the Demons of the Underworld, but he has a unique and a dual alignment with him. He is a Demon Royal General and so he is a Master Strategist and one who is very skilled and versed in the Art of War. He is one who is a mastermind when it comes to fighting and he knows strategy. He knows the art of battle and he knows how to lead his legions to Victory. He has a sharp mind and is one of intense ferocity and focus. He has a fire in his eyes that burn bright, especially when it is on the Eve of Battle. He knows war and he understands its sacrifice.

Being an Underworld Demon he has a very skilled and sharp mind and he commands incredible focus and respect in all those who work with him. He knows how to cut down and silence his opponents and foes and he can help cut tongues making sure that those who engage in gossip are struck down. He can help one to banish and remove unwanted energies and people from their lives. He is one who has his own unique brand of magick which can bring his enemies to their knees.

He can help those who are lost in the darkness of their own underworld to rise and reclaim their lost lives. He is one who can assist with wealth creation and the accumulation of material items. He can guide those who walk with him to lost treasure and he can reveal the bounty that is found in the darkness of the Earth. He is a very skilled warrior and he understands how war brings blood and carnage and how to survive, one must have a clear mind, a strong strategy, and a direction. You will not win a war in you are flailing in the darkness. He can be challenging to work with but he is one of incredible reward.

He is one who give incredible advice when it comes to the War of Life. The War of Business and the War of Wealth Accumulation. He knows the bounty of wealth that resides within the underworld and the treasures that can be found within. He is an Alchemist of the Underworld Treasure and ones who knows where to go to find and uncover riches in the darkness. He can guide those who seek him to wealth and show them how to harvest incredible bounty from the Earth. Those who are drawn to gems and precious metals he is your demon as he can show you how to find them and seek them out in the darkness of the Underworld layers of the Earth. The Wealth of the world is found underground, the wealth of the would is found within the halls of the Underworld.

For those who are seeking to change their life, for those who are plotting a new direction he is a demon who can help one to strike down and destroy their old life and embrace and claim their new life. He can help those who are building from the ground up to secure their foundation and secure their course and direction. He understands the mindset needed to venture forth and to claim and conquer what one is owed. He knows the mindset one must take to be successful, to claim the fruits and bounty of their journey, and to attain success. For those who seek adventure and those who seek treasure he is the demon who can assist them.

Those who have been wronged, he can help them develop strategy to crush their enemies. For those who are facing a dangerous enemy he can help them to navigate the danger and to plot the easiest path through. He has an understanding of the layers of ruthlessness and he knows how to cut those down who stand in his way. He knows who is friend and who is foe. He knows that most people will shift between friend and enemy and should never be allowed to get close. He has a keen eye and an understanding of behaviour and human psychology and he knows how to handle those who would betray him.

Enn: Selasha umbera keoton Sael una zai

Our Work with him: Our work with him has spanned many years. Very few know of this demon and it is our honour to be able to bring this information to the public domain. Our work with him has been one of strategy and understanding. For he knows the minds and the shadow beliefs of people and he knows how to navigate them. He gives incredible council for Navigating those who would try to wrong you and he can help guide you when you are engaged in conflict and battle against enemies. He knows how to silence those who are gossips and he can assist in striking at ones energies and clearing the are for conquest and victory. When he goes into battle he knows how to win, using the least amount of effort and energy possible. He does not believe in waste, he believes in quick decisive action and cutting down those who would stand against him.

He has a very unique understanding of ruthlessness and he can help those who are on the business path to embrace this warrior ruthless nature when handling deals and ventures. He says that the business world is a battle field full of sharks and warlords and one has to know how to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. He can help with mindset, with setting aside emotions and being able to handle the struggle and the challenges that are at hand. He says that emotions are important and that sometimes you need to let your enemies think you are weak, they will underestimate you, other times you need to remind them that you are strong so they will part ways and let you pass. He is one who is full of strategy when it comes to war and he is known throughout the underworld for his brilliant mind and his ability to lead his legions to Victory.

When one is faced with channeling times and people he can give council and advice and he can reveal the mindset and the energies one much shift to to conquer their foe. He says that it all comes down to illusion and evasion, you never give away your cards and you have to be willing to shift to any state needed to gain the upper hand. There is no pride or ego, there is just an understanding of what needs to be done. He says that when you can remove your shadows and triggers you no longer are concerned for what others think of you, their beliefs and views do not matter and then you are free, you are free to move forward and you are free to focus on victory without any distractions. He says that a warrior in the heat of battle does not concern himself with trivial thoughts, he is focused on one thing and that one thing is cutting his enemy and striking them down. He understands this mindset and he knows how to attain Victory.

His skill in Strategy have a unique blending with the wealth and world riches of the underworld. The Gems, Jewels and Precious Metals that lay buried in the depth of the Earth. He can guide one to lost treasure and help those who are lost financially to find their footing. He has helped us overcome different struggles and challenges and has assisted us in reclaiming our business confidence during certain times of upheaval. He has assisted in handling delicate situations and navigating challenges posed by running a business and he always knows how to keep a cool head and handle the issues that is at hand. He is very incredible to work with for those who wish to master the war mindset needed in the business world.

He knows the treasures and the wealth of the underworld and he enjoys jewels and objects of great value. He enjoys the finer things in life and is a demon who love luxury. He also loves to earn luxury through dedication and determination. He can help those who are seeking gems and jewels to uncover them and find places in the world where they are plentiful. He says that the Earth is ripe with riches and for the keen eye it is a place where one can strike gold and claim their fortune. He enjoys the wealth of the underworld and he enjoys the power and command that is beneath the Earth. All things happen below the surface this is where you find power and where you can harness greatness.

The best time to work with him in During the Fall Month, in the Month of November as that is the time when the attunement to death realms is most prominent. It is the time when one can explore and understands the darkness that is within and the darkness of their own being. He can help one to plan for the new year and build and command incredible and profound strategy. He is a master strategist and for those who wish to have solid direction and the confidence to over come all challenges he can assist them. He can also help those who sabotage themselves and who are out of alignment with their essence. when one is out of alignment with their truth, the world crumbles and they are unable to move forward. He is inspiring and can help those who need guidance to find their place. Those who are lost in the endless labyrinth of the underworld he is a guide, he knows how to cut through the confusion and the chaos and help one to find clarity and direction. He takes one through the darkest and more challenging times, and like a wise and skilled General he knows exactly what he needs to say to carry his legions and those who work with him to the other side.

The Underworld is a place of endless labyrinth and it can be very easy to become lost and dazed in the darkness. He is a reminder that to attain your goals you must ignore all the clutter and move forward to what it is that you desire. That is how you win and that is how you conquer the distractions within that seek to hold you back. He can help one to embrace battle against the inner saboteur who constantly tries to undermine us and block us from attaining our truth and desire. Within we are bound to addiction, to fear, to beliefs that keep us restrained and imprisoned, He can help those to liberate themselves form those vices and to walk tall and confident in true freedom. He says that those who are structured and disciplined embody true freedom because they are not bogged down with endless distractions and chaos. It is in the rigid aspects of life that one is able to embrace freedom.

He is an amazing demon to work with, for those who seek mastery of themselves and who seek to gain strategy and confidence in the walking world. He can help those who wish to face their enemies and attaining victory and he can help those who need to channel the warrior that is within. He has his own brand of Sinister Magick which helps shape his Victory and he knows the trials and trauma of battle. He can help those who have been traumatized by battle to find peace and relief and he can help those who are seeking treasure and the wealth and riches of the gems of the Earth. Those who seek to travel to the underworld for fortune must come prepared. He can help you be prepared and he can give you strategy that carries forth in your world and awakens an essence of godhood within.

Appearance:  He appears as a strong, tall and confident demon. He has sharp Black eyes which if you look you can see the fire that burn within them. A dark red that blends into the folds of black. He has Long Brown Hair which he keeps pulled back and he has a very focused face. He is tall and strong with a very toned physique and he has very controlled movements. He has massive black wings that rise from his back and he has a pair of massive black horns that rise from his head. He usually is seen wearing armour.

Offerings we offer when working with him:  When working with him we light to use Dark Candles, Dark Reds, Dark Greens, Dark Purples, Black Candles. they make wonderful offerings for him. Weapons, war medals, items that are reminiscent or that have seen battle are very appropriate for him. We offer him green tea and play either classical music for him, or death metal. There is a unique duality in them which aligns with the duel nature of his skills and talents. Offering him gold, silver and all precious metals is greatly accepted, as well as items that one sees a treasure.

Colours he likes:   Dark Red, Grey, Black, Blood Red, Dark Blue, Dark Grey, Dark Silver, Green, Dark Green, Dark Purple

Crystals he likes: Fire Opal, Rubies, Garnet, Grandidierite, Emeralds, Red Beryl, Sapphires, Taaffeite, Diamonds, Poudretteite, Benitoite, Silver Sheen Obsidian, Gold Sheen Obsidian, Musgravite, Spectrolite, Alexandrite, Jeremejevite, Serendibite

Incense, oils, and scents he likes:  He likes the scent of Oud (Agarwood), Aloeswood, Dragons Blood, Myrrh, Frankincense, Jasmine, Copal and Kyara

Trees: Agar Wood, African Blackwood, and Sandalwood.

Herbs and Flowers: Saffron, Vanilla, Cardamom, Mahlab, Pasilla de Oaxaca Chile, Gloriosa, Saffron Crocus, Rotchschild’s Orchid, Devil’s Claw Root, Nettle, Thyme, Red Roses and Wild Roses.

Essential Oil Blend: Sandalwood, Agarwood, Vanilla, Black Copal, Saffron, Dragons Blood

All this information is from our own personal experience with this Demon. We open you enjoyed this Article!

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  • This article is both informative and helpful on several levels. I’ve found in life that having a warrior mindset along with good discipline of Mind Spirit and Body is essential in navigating this lovely World of Horrors of ours. This is a great website glad I found Satan & Son/Sun on You Tube

  • Desppy

    Hi! Will he accept/like offerings on the budget too?


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