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Lilith – Goddess of the Night, Vampiress of Darkness

Lady Lilith is an Ancient and Beautiful Goddess who has many titles.  To those who walk with her, she is a Goddess of Empowerment and a force of deep healing and inner truth.  Though many see her as a villain and a sadistic baby killer.  Those who walk with her know the truth though, and know the empowering and incredible gifts she shares with her followers.  

In this article, we are going to explore the truth of Lady Lilith and seek to expose the misconceptions, as well as reveal the empowerment one finds when walking with her.  She is much like the night she cherishes,  a radiant beauty who walks with magick, mystery, and mysticism and is so much more than what she seems.  

First, we will explore the misconceptions about her and seek to unveil the truth. 

Some Misconceptions About Lilith

1) The first misconception is that some say she is the wife of Satan.  

She is the consort and lover of Samael who holds the title of Adversary.  Samael is a Holy Angel who is Adversarial and because of this has been referred to as a satan, meaning adversary.  Samael and Satan are not the same beings.  Samael is not a demon, he is an Angel, a Dark Holy Angel who is known as the poison of God and acts as an Adversary to the Angelic Will.  

He is her King and she is his Queen.  He is his own being.  He is not Satan. Lord Satan of the Outer Spiritual World is a Noble Demon and the Father of Demons and the Demonic Divine.  Samael and Lilith have MANY children together,

In the Outer Spiritual World (Of which we speak of and talk about), Samael walks in the Realm of Monsters and is a Dark Holy Angel who enjoys the Darkness and has found his home amongst the Vampires and Sacred Goddesses of the Night.  

He has deep connections to them and affiliations with the Vampires and has found great wisdom and knowledge in studying their ways.  He works with the Darker beings of the Outer Spiritual world, most specifically the creatures of the night.  He embraces and understands the darkness and is aligned with it.  

2) The second misconception is that Lilith is a harlot. 

This comes from a human bias against women and their sexuality. Here there is a belief that women who enjoy sex and who have multiple sexual partners are whores.  They are seen as abominations against “traditional” feminine roles and are often painted in a very negative way.  Women are told how they should behave and what behaviors are appropriate to be seen as a “proper woman”.   Instead of embracing and understanding the many archetypes women can have, we are narrowed into one type and told that is the only acceptable way.  

Lilith challenges that Archetype and Challenges the singular views of womanhood.  This is why she is revered amongst many women who never fit the traditional role.  She is sexual, she is a Goddess, she is a mother, she is a protector, she is a witch, a sorceress, a wife, a warrior.  She encompasses all feminine archetypes and understands the depth of the Divine Feminine.  

Her sexual nature gets her the label of whore, when in actuality she embodies an empowered woman who is comfortable with herself and her body.  She has laid with many and has many lovers, male, female, and beautiful creatures of the night.  She loves sex, and she is a skilled sexual practitioner who understands the art of arousal, passion, and seduction.  She is empowered and balanced and holds no shame over the opinions of others.   She teaches women how to let go of their shame and embrace their truth.  

3) The third misconception is that Lilith is a baby killer. 

I have often pondered the story of Lilith, and how she became to be known as a baby killer (Yes, there is influence from Lamashtu in Ancient Mesopotamia) but when you look at her story, it reveals much of how the mindset towards women was shaped with the defamation of the darker feminine archetypes.  

Lilith left Eden for not wanting to submit to Adam, her first act of defiance against “proper” womanhood. She found herself at the Red Sea where she laid with many Demons, and creatures of darkness embracing promiscuity, her second act of defiance against “proper” womanhood.  She bore many children as a mother, though since she had committed abominations against “proper” womanhood that would not be allowed.  The Angels came for her and they murdered her children.  

Being a mother myself I cannot tell you the level of rage I would have if someone murdered my children.  I would become vengeful, a force of destruction.  I would seek revenge against those who killed my children.  This to me shows not a baby killer, but a mother, destroyed by those who killed her babies.  She was a dedicated mother who loved her children so much and sought vengeance against those who killed them.  

There is a reason many who walk with Lilith call her mother Lilith.  She has a very nurturing side and her energy are soothing.  She is maternal and caring, and she will be firm with her children when they need it.  She is not just a mother though, she embraces her pleasure and her desires.  She has a balance between her own needs and the needs of those who depend on her.  She does both, walking empowered in her truth while caring and showing compassion for those who need her.    

The label of her being a baby killer I believe comes from…

a) trying to shame her for being sexually promiscuous, 

b) trying to shame her for embracing the dark archetypes of femininity (witch, warrior, crone)

c) trying to shame her for not submitting and being a “proper” woman

Lilith’s vilification is because she does not conform to what they say a “proper” woman should be.  How dare she become angry, how dare she let that anger rise, how dare she fight back and seek justice for her fallen children, she doesn’t accept the hand that was dealt her, she takes action and changes her life and for those she is condemned.  They call her a baby killer, but it was her babies who were murdered, her children who were taken from her.  She is a mother in the truest sense, a mother who will defend her children no matter her reputation, no matter what people say about her.  She is not a baby killer, she has compassion for all her children and will avenge them.  

Now that the misconceptions are out of the way. Let’s explore the Truth of Who Lady Lilith is.  

Who is Lady Lilith? 

~ She is a Vampire Queen of Darkness
~ She is a Goddess of the Night
~ She is a radiant and incredible beauty 
~ She is a master of seduction and of the sexual arts 
~ She teaches magnetism, seduction, and sensual touch

~ She helps all to embrace their divine feminine essence.  
~ She teaches confidence, charisma, and compassion 
~ She helps those who walk with her to step into their power
~ Her feminine energies heal men just as much as they heal women, 
~ Her energies bring balance to those of the darkness who are in need.  
~ She has touched the lives of many who have been in the most painful and traumatic moments of their life.  
~ She is a goddess of the night who hears our screams and sorrows that we whisper to the dead of the night.  
~ She hears the cries of her children and she seeks to help them.  
~ She seeks to heal and help those who are in pain and have been abused.  

~ She is the protector of women and children (especially babies)
~ She helps to empower people in all areas. 
~ She seeks justice and abhors slanderous gossip and bullying. 
~ She is gifted in the areas of divination, healing, black magic, necromancy, and bending dark energies to her will. 
~ She knows how to work with the energies of blood and the life force contained within and can assist anyone who is called to work with her in learning these skills.

In our World, she is a Dark Goddess of incredible Power, Charisma, and Compassion.  

Lady Lilith was the first wife of Adam.  Recognizing that she was a divine being she refused to submit to him.  She wanted to be treated as equal and refused to lay underneath him during intercourse.  This angered him. Lilith wanted more than to just be subservient and she chanted the sacred words and left Eden.  She found herself at the shored of the Red Sea where the Dark Angel Samael lay with her and had no problem with her being on top.  She gave birth to many children.  

The angels came looking for her and her children were murdered.  They were destroyed and taken from her.  Lilith Fell into Despair and became vengeful.  She sought revenge against those who had murdered her children.  She cursed God and his angels and she cursed his creation and she desires to defend her children.  Her children are those who have been abused, those who have been persecuted, and those who have suffered.  It is why so many who walk in the Darkness find peace with Mother Lilith. She knows the pains and the hearts of others.  And she empowers them.     

To Learn More About Lilith and her journey in this world our Discord Member Kaleidoscope Shared some incredible resources I will post as they cover a lot of amazing information on her.  (If you would like to Join our Discord please go here)

Her Outer Spiritual Counter Part had an Equally Tragic Story.  

The Lilith I will speak most of is the Lilith I know very well.  The Lilith of the Outer Spiritual World.  Like her Aspect here, she wanted equality with her husband but was told she had to submit. She started her life as a Human under the watchful eyes of the Holy Angels.  She was ordered to submit and be subservient to her husband. She refused, stating that she should be treated as an Equal. She had a strong spirit and was confident.  

She demanded to be treated as her husband’s equal.   For this, she was abused and punished, they tried to break her spirit and they tried to crush her. She suffered great abuse and had to leave everything and everyone that she knew.  It was hard for her.  She was alone, she was alone and she knew only torment at the hands of her abusers who tried to break her spirit.  She had to keep moving because she was being hunted.  The Holy Angels wanted to bring her back.  

After endless wandering, she found her way to the Realm of Monsters.  Clutches in the embrace of darkness she came upon The Domain of the Vampires.  There she met with the Dark Holy Angel Samael who offered her sanctuary and protection, he knew and understands the abuse that she went through, he knows how the Holy Angels are.  She stayed with him and lay with him, they became lovers.  She met the Other Vampire Queens Eisheth Zenunim, Agrat Bat Mahlat, and Naamah.   She lay with many and started to discover herself and who she was.  

Lilith though was human and she was Mortal, her time would eventually come to an end.  The Vampiric Goddesses performed a Sacred Rite, Transforming Lilith into one of their own.  It was a painful and long procedure, something that had never been done before.  Lilith was strong though and she endured the pain and the torture of the transformation.  She survived the rituals to Rise as the First Lilim Vampire.  

She joined her Sisters as one of the Sacred Vampire Goddesses of the Night and she rose as an Immortal Goddess of incredible power and skill.   The energies of her transformation from Human to a Vampire Goddess created a new source point and other Lilim Vampires rose from her Transformation.  She was the first Lilim Vampire, and she is the Mother of all Lilim Vampires.  Lilith of the Outer Spiritual World is the first of her kind and the mother of the Lilim Vampires. 

Like her story in this world, the Angels did come for her.  However, in the Outer Spiritual World, her children were not murdered, as a Vampiric Goddess, consort of Samael, and Witch Sisters to Eisheth, Agrat, and Naamah Lilith had everything she needed to defend herself and her children, she fought them, and defended her children against them.  The Angels Left and Never returned, allowing her to live in peace in the Realm of Eternal Night with her Vampiric Sisters and Angelic Lover.  

There are many aspects of Lilith, many layers of her existence, and many ways to connect with her.  

Your experiences with Lilith will be different based on the Aspect of her you connect with.  Some of the Aspects are, Inner Spiritual World Lilith, Divine Goddess Lilith, Qlipphoth Lilith, and Outer Spiritual World Lilith to name some.  All aspects of Lady Lilith are connected to darkness and the night and they have things in common.

Lilith is a Mistress of Darkness and a Teacher of the Sexual Arts. 

Lilith moves through the night and she is a master of arousal and inducing states of pleasure and passion. She knows how to incite both love and lust and passion within the soul of another.  A rare beauty that excites the desires of the flesh and she brings her lovers to their knees with passion and seduction.  Lilith is trained in many different sexual arts and she knows how to arouse her lover and fill them full of euphoria and bliss.  

She teaches sexual arts of seduction and stimulation for all genders and she knows how to use breath work to open the energies centers of the body and increase the intensity and duration of orgasms.  She is very sexually promiscuous and she has a lot of experience with performing sexual acts.  She is a teacher of the sensual arts.  

She is a mistress of divine feminine power and is a sacred temptress.  She is magnetic and she knows how to excite the desires of the flesh and arouse and stimulate the deep regions of the chakras.  She can use sexual currents to arouse the chakras and open up the energies of the aura allowing the body to feel excited and full of passion.  She can help those who walk with her awaken their passion and excite their journey here.  

She is a polyamorous lover and she has laid with many dark beings, demons, vampires, and monsters, she is a sensual and compassionate lover who knows the sacred arts of pleasure and seduction.  She is a very powerful sexual and bold goddess who can work powerful sex magicks and sex rites.

Lilith is a Goddess of Darkness 

Lilith knows how to work with the Dark Currents and the subtle and surreal energies of the night, adding them to ancient and mystical magicks and spiritual arts.  The night is her domain and her power rises in the darkness.  She sees those who walk in darkness and those who have been ostracized by the light as her children.  She protects them and wants to keep them safe.  

She is a vengeful mother who will seek out justice for her wounded children, this is why she is seen as a danger. Women who will fight, and who will defend themselves are seen as dangerous.  She is villainized because she will not just allow her children to be harmed.  She will fight for them, and she will fight back against abuse and tyranny.  

She is balanced and beautiful. She is one who seeks to empower women while still allowing them to be women.  She can be vicious and violent, one who will defend herself and her family and one who will not let anyone push her around. She rises to the challenge presented to her and she will defend herself with the sheer might of the goddess she is. She is a beautiful and incredible goddess of lust, passion, seduction, and pleasure.

She is a Queen of Darkness and understands the powerful energies that slumber in the shadows.  She can bend them to her will.  She hears the dark whispers of the forgotten night.  The sleeping Dark Mother calls to the creatures of the night and nurtures them in blankets of moonlight. Her night energies provide rest and comfort and she can inspire those who work with her with dreams. 

Lilith is an amazing Healer 

Lilith understands how to use the healing currents and she has her own blend of healing energies.  She can help one to remove blocks within them and release energy blocks found in the chakra and the auras.  She uses Vampiric healing techniques to draw our toxic and corrosive energies and uses empowered vampiric vibrations to stimulate one’s growth and development.  

She can help one to untangle the trapped and tangled energies that cause pain and misery and she is a master of shadow work and helping with accepting the darkest shadows and integrating them into one’s true essence.  She can help one to accept the parts of themselves that they feel shame about, the parts of themselves that they have a hard time accepting.  She can help with deep shadow acceptance and deep shadow integration.  

She is a healer and can provide comfort and support to those in need.  She is a comforting and soothing force and her energies help one to feel safe and protected.  She empowers those she works with.  She can awaken power and help them to claim who they are. She helps those who are lost to grow into the people they desire to be.   She teaches self-care and self-love and shows people they are important and that they are allowed to take care of themselves and tend to their needs.  

She reminds us of our truth and the powerful individuals that we are. Lilith has incredible power and the ability to see through illusions and uncover the truth of false accusations.  She exposes abusers and she exposes those who bring us harm.  She will explore them, and she will help those who have been abused reclaim their power and stand tall against abuse.  

Lilith is a Goddess of the Divine Feminine 

She encompasses the full spectrum of the divine feminine and she can connect with all types of women helping them to understand and integrate their energies.  She also will empower the divine masculine and help people balance the masculine and feminine energies within them.  

Lilith left her place as a submissive woman and so, to paint her in a horrible light, she was stripped of her mothering qualities and painted as the heartless baby-killing harlot they wanted everyone to see her.  The fact remains, Lilith is a mother who inspires and empowers her children.  She has no shame in embracing her own passions and she walks tall and proud being who she is.  She empowers all types of women and teaches that there is no shame in any of these female energies.

She is incredible and beautiful to behold.  She is a goddess of all women embracing their femininity. Unfortunately, much of society seeks to suppress women and deny them their most powerful archetypes.  She teaches all women how to reclaim those archetypes and she teaches men how to unlock their who hold women in a more negative regard, which makes her a harlot. 

Her power and radiance shine on those who work with her and she has learned about the feminine archetypes and is empowerment for women, she understands greatly the darkness of all sides of these energies, the great empowered darkness. Her feminine energies though are not vindictive or damaging in any way to the masculine energies, through Samael she finds balance with the masculine divine and she can be empowering and nurturing for Masculine energies as well.

Lilith can release others from Shame 

They tried to shame Lilith, they tried to leave her in disgrace, but she rose above that and as a Queen in her own right, helping both men and women to feel comfortable with their bodies and embrace themselves and their truth. She is a Divine Goddess and one of abundance and empowered feminine archetypes. 

She understands shame and she knows how to remove it and help people to rise from events and situations which filled them full of shame.  So many have endured shame, shame is a low vibrational energy that brings sickness, disease, and suffering.  She helps one to release shame and to exist in the empowered energies of self-love and empowerment.  

She is incredibly powerful and healing for feminine energies and she brings healing from notions of shame and disgrace.   She is very pro-independence and helps people to rise up in their power and increase their self-image and self-confidence. 

She is Lilith, the Dark Mother and the Dark Queen of the Night. She is incredible to work with!

Opening up a connection with her is powerful.  She can bring great change in your life.  Do not worry about what aspect of her you connect with.  You will connect with the one that you need.  The one that you are meant to work with. 

Appearance: Lilith has always appeared to us as a Beautiful and Radiant woman with moonlight-pale skin and long silky obsidian black hair.  Her eyes are sometimes red and magenta, though other times they appear a beautiful deep blue, and they look sensual and seductive.  She has very magnetic eyes. She wears beautiful clothes and she loves sensual dresses and corsets.  She is very beautiful and looks amazing.  

Lilith’s Dates:  Though Lilith can be worked with at any time of the year I enjoy working with her From February 25th – March 2nd, especially on Leap Years, February 29th is a sublime time to work with Lilith.  I enjoy connecting with her in the Witching Hour of the Morning.   Her energy changes with the phases of the moon.  

Offerings for her:  blood, roses, pomegranates, hibiscus, nettle, almond, mugwort, hazel, moonwort, mistletoe, juniper, pumpkin, gourd, beetroot, white and red sandalwood, lime, hemlock, cocoa (yes chocolate), weeping willow, dragonwort, nightshade, amaranth, cinnamon, chrysanthemum, lotus, rosemary, saffron. Antique silver items that are carved like candlesticks, boxes, daggers, etc.

Incense she likes: Jasmine, Lotus, red and white sandalwood, dragon’s blood, cinnamon, olibanum, camphor, myrrh, jasmine, frankincense, golden copal, amber, saffron.

Crystals she likes: Moonstone, Black Moonstone, Smoky Quartz, fire opal, chrysolite, aventurine, aquamarine, diamond, ruby, obsidian, sugilite, lepidolite, onyx, jet, topaz, and garnet.

Colors she likes: Black, Purple, Orange, Gold, Red, Magenta, Dark Pink, Blood Red, Silver, Dark Grey,

Lilith’s Enn:  Renich viasa avage lillith lirach

Lilith’s Sacred Ara: Asatha torol neusi Lilith saruna

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