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Abaddon, Lord of the Abyssal Angels, Destruction, the Abyssal Fire and the Ruler of the Pit of Darkness

(Sigil above channeled by Priestess Akelta)

Lord of the Abyssal Angels and Lord of Destruction

(This information comes from our Priestesses seeking council with him) 

Direction: East
Planet: Saturn/Pluto
Metal: Black Tungsten/Zirconium
Element: Air
Colors used when working with them: Red, Black, Purple, Metallic Grey, Silver,
Incense and Scents used when working with them: Black Copal, Benzoin, Dragons Blood, Labdanum, Opoponax
Rank: Lord of the Abyssal Angels, King, High King
Species: Abyssal Angel
Realm: Abyss

Attributes:  Abaddon, the Abaddon that we speak of here is the Lord of the Abyssal Angels and one of the Angelic Lords of the Abyss. The name Abaddon means “The Destroyer.” Some would equate Abaddon the same as the Greek God Apollo, as the Name Apollyon is the Greek word for Abaddon and also means’ The Destroyer”. However, we see them as separate, In the Past I explored the correlation between the Hellenic Gods and the Demonic Gods, and much like Mammon is not the Hellenic God Zeus, Abaddon is not the Hellenic God Apollo. Abaddon is an Abyssal Angel and one of the Darkened Divine Sphere, Apollo being a Hellenic Deity. To truly honour the essence that is Apollo it is important to separate them and begin to see the distinction between the Primal Power of the Hellenic Gods and the Power of the Dark Angelic Spheres. There is a complete unique vibration between them and as the Hellenic Aspects though at time interconnect to the demonic and the layers of the underworld, are in fact different in vibration and alignment.

Abaddon is of the Abyss and he is a Great Lord of Angels. He is one of incredible power and might and as his name suggests. He is the Destroyer. He is one who’s energies are of destruction. Necessary Destruction where the flames of the Abyss must consume the illusions and false powers that are around. They must be destroyed so that Truth can be revealed and that core power can rise. The flames of the Abyss rise from him. He strikes down and cuts through all that is enshrouded is shadow. The most destructive experience one can have is being faced with the raw truth and Abaddon is the catalyst of this Truth. He is the one cast judgement upon all that we seek to hide and reveal to us, that which must be revealed. To truly be set free one must experience these places. To be destroyed by the depth of pure truth and to be incinerated by its revelations.

He is the destroyer of masks and the revealer of deep and powerful truths. Often though he can reveal the truths that we need the most, but that we do not wish to hear. His eyes pierce the gaze of the world and through working with him we are brought to the profound relevance of who we are. We are stripped bare and offered as judgement to the Abyssal Angels. We cannot hide behind falsities and fakes masks when we are in their presence. Abaddon is the destroyer of that which is false and that which is blinding. His flames. The fires of the Abyss are transformative and they burn and incinerate these false illusions. Through the destruction though, we are free. We are released from our own bonds and we are transformed.

His work is one of incredible transformation and power. Working with Abaddon ones false illusions are destroyed, however once the truth is revealed the foundation of truth is planted. The energies are transformed by Abaddon and core power can rise from the depth of our soul. As he can crush and destroy he can reveal to you your core power. The essence that is within and the courage that you need to rise from the ashes of your smouldering illusions. He is a powerful guide and imitates the journey through the depth of darkness. The journey of the abyss is one of countless trials and lessons. Abaddon is one is an incredible teacher and Advisor and reveals the truth of the dark depth within.

He is one of the Angels of Judgement who weights the hearts of those who walk the underworld. He sees them. He sees their truth and what is within. None can escape his judgements for his gaze pierces all and he is strong and stable. He will not be conquered and all those who challenge him will fall in destruction and power. He is the Gate Keeper of the Infernal Angelic Abyss and he is one who grants passage and entry to those souls who wish to walk the fires, to be judged and incinerated in the destructive judgement of Lord Abaddon.

Sacred Chant: Abaddon hah keun reoshol yaza

Abaddon’s Call: Judica me sto ante te angelum abyssi

Alternate Call: Abaddon ol insi de a ors, ol zir allar lrasd g lansh, ialpon ol, alca ol

Enn: Es na ayer Abaddon avage

Our Work with him: Working with Abaddon has been an incredible and life changing experience for our coven. He is a great and powerful ruler and the Lord of the Abyssal Angels. He is one who knows and walks the darkness of the Abyss. He commands the Abyssal Holy Fire which is a fire of raw powerful and complete disintegration and destruction of all that stands in it’s way. He is an Angel who can strike obstacles and barriers and reveal the path that is before you. He is a powerful and incredible guide and one who can lead through the dark twists and turns of the abyssal labyrinths. One of the great infernal guides who is of the Abyss and of the many paths and lessons which stretch across its vast expanse. It is a place of dark shadows and magic’s which flow through the subconscious darkness and the mysterious forces that move through the depth. It is a place of raw and incredible power, and he is the Lord of this incredibly and profound domain.

He is one who is an infernal judge. Historically, some sources refer to him as one who is commanded by God to lead the souls to where they will be judged. He is one who judges and he can see through the depth of ones being and knows the truth that is within. You cannot hide your misdeeds from him and actions or memories that you wish to hide are revealed. All that you wish to conceal will be revealed. One of the most destructive and terrifying aspects of being faced with him, is being faced with those sides you never wanted to see, those moments you wanted to forget, and those feelings that you wish would stay dead. Inner soul necromancy is one where the dead memories and forgotten moments are stirred and they cause incredibly trauma and terror within the soul. His journeys are not for the faint of heart. Everything that you are will be challenged and tested and all that you seek to conceal will rise from the ashes of what you though was dead and burned.

Abaddon is a great and powerful ruler. He is one who commands over an area of the Abyssal Realms where the Abyssal Angels reside and he is one of the ruling Angelic Lord. His realm is so fascinating. One of Fire and power, the fires of the Abyssal Angels can cleanse and clear blocks and incinerate the obstacles that corrupt our path. There is a purity and raw fire power that comes from them, not only blasting and removing what is corrupted, but allows what is pure and vibrate to remain and to grow and thrive. His realm is one where lost souls find themselves, the place where they gather, some wander, some are claimed. It is a place of power and of transformation. It is a place of judgment but also of execution for those who have been judged. For some who wander, they are being watched, they have already been judged and it is only a matter of time before the sword of Abaddon is upon them. He is observant and wise and he sees more than anyone realizes. He sees more than you realizes and when he speaks to you he already has summed you up and knows the depth of your soul.

He is a strong warrior who is fierce and empowered in battle. His sword of one of Abyssal Fire that cuts through and incinerates what it touches. He is a skilled and incredible fighter and he rules his realm and the Angels with power, wisdom and direction. He is one to bring ruin to those around him and his enemies and he is one who will crush those who oppose him. He teaches deep and sinister methods of execration magick and dark ritual world. The Angel energies blended with the depth of the Abyss are ones of which shape magick in a way that transforms not just the self but also the world around you. Striking an enemy with the flames of the abyss will bring them to absolute ruin and destruction. The energies of the Abyss can be deadly to those who mis handle them and it is important when you walk with Abaddon that you have a strong foundation and are prepared for the destructive elements that can rise from them. He can teach powerful Abyssal Magicks and teach how to awaken the flames of transformation from within. His power is incredible and he is a brilliant and incredible teacher.

There is a Darkness to his magic and a deep and profound understanding of the dead and their misdeeds. He has incredible depth and power to him and he knows how to teach the sacred arts of necromancy and angelic execration magick. The magick that reaches into the depth and judges the raw and primal essence of the soul. Magick that stirs the shadows and terrors from within and tears people apart from the inside. His necromancy is that of understanding the misdeeds and the darkness of those who have passed and allowing them to confront and release the energies. Though his essence can also be one of torment and torture to those who are trapped and stuck in their cycles and patterns. Just as he can help one find release from their soul patterns he can also entrap them and imprison them in energies of their own creation. He sees through the truth and the illusion and he sees where we are heading and where the choices we make are leading us.

He resides in the lower regions of the Abyss and is one of incredible understanding and complexity for when it comes to the dead. His Abyssal energies are of flames and fire. He is the destroyer, an angel of destruction and transformation. One of the Holy Abyssal flames which is a powerful and incredible force of darkness, which brings destruction, but . That fascinated me, this is a flame of complete destruction and malice, yet of complete and profound transformation and empowerment. He is one who is a destroyer and who can lead people to ruin and destruction. He is one of justice but angelic justice, which is incredibly intense and destructive, however it also set the energies for incredible growth and vibrant expansions of the self.

Historically he is both seen as an actual entity and also a place. A place of destruction, torture and suffering. He himself is the angel who is charged by God to torture the souls of the damned and judge where they will spend eternity. The Realm of Abaddon is one of judgement and suffering for those who have done wrong. So he himself is one who will act as the Hammer of justice, once Justice is delivered he will strike and he will strike down those whom he has judged. He is a powerful force and he is one that once he knows his target he cannot be stopped. He takes his duties and responsibilities very seriously and he is one who should be approached with the upmost respect and consideration for how he is and the power that he wields. He is an incredible and powerful Abyssal Angel, of one of judgement, power, transformation and mastery of the core self.

Appearance:  Abaddon has Black hair, Black massive feathery wings. He is very tall, lean and muscular. He has pale skin with Abyssal angel shimmer. His eyes are dark and shift in colour, black, blue, violet colour we don’t have. He has an incredible presence to him and he is one who radiants power and confidence. He sometimes can be seen wearing cloaks that mask and conceal him and he has very sharp and intense eyes.

Offerings we offer when working with him:  To Abaddon we offer flame and fire. Honouring his place as a sacred judge and infernal destroyer. He is one who commands the flame of the black sands. Black sand and fire. The Holy Abyssal Flames of the Abyss. Items of darkness and depictions of the depth are all appropriate for him. Items of Darkness, Reapers, cloaked angels, angels of darkness, black crystal pillars. Items that depict his status and incredible power. I have places daggers and swords upon his altar and also crystals orbs that can channel and harness the incredible power that he yields. He is amazing to work with.

Colours he likes:   Red, Black, Blue, Silver, grey, violet, indigo

Crystals he Likes: Black obsidian, rainbow obsidian, golden sheen obsidian, silver sheen obsidian, Shungite, tanzanite aura quartz, danburite, covellite, blue dumortierite, tourmalinated quartz, Ruby aura quartz

Incense, oils, and scents he likes:  eucalyptus, agarwood, copal especially black or gold copal, benzoin, sandalwood, myrrh, cedar

Trees: African Blackwood, Walnut, Eucalyptus

Herbs and Flowers: Chamomile, Calendula, Aloe, Elder, Tillandsia Xerographica

Essential Oil Blend: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Black Copal, Musk

PIn Me!

A lot of the information we have written about comes from our own personal work with Abaddon. There are other places where you can future read about him if you are interested in learning more…

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3 thoughts on “Abaddon, Lord of the Abyssal Angels, Destruction, the Abyssal Fire and the Ruler of the Pit of Darkness

  • I loved this post! It was beautiful and I think it does capture the essence of Abaddon in a very pleasant way.

    This is probably my favorite piece of information on Abaddon. Thank you so much for sharing. ♡

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  • Lord Shiron

    Abbadon is a very powerful demonic force I normally invoke him using the chant

    (9x) Aperiatur qliphoth invoco Abbadon

    Abbadon through his guildance gave me this spell to connect him

    Recite (11x) Tura Micah abbadon abbad apollyon

    He is fast in appearing and very dangerous to invoke inside when conjuring abbadon ensure to be out door invoke indoor at your own risk


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