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Hekate, Queen of the Witches and Goddess of Darkness and the Crossroads

(Sigil from the Dukante Hierarchy)

Goddess of Darkness and the Underworld Hekate

(This information comes from our Priestesses seeking council with her) 

Direction: All (Goddess of the Cross Roads)
Planet: Saturn/Mercury/Moon
Metal: Mercury and Silver
Element: Earth/Ether
Color: Black, Purple, Violet, Green, Red
Incense and Scents: Amber, Oak Moss, Vetiver, Cypress, Copal, Patchouli
Rank: Queen of the Witches, Goddess of the Crossroads
Species: Titan
Realm: Natural Realms

Attributes:  Hekate is a triple goddess of Magick and Witches who is known for having three forms.  The young maiden, the mother, and the elderly crone.  She is also a goddess of the underworld and has connections to the darkness and the realms of the dead.  She is one who can reside in the upper world and in the underworld and move between them.  She is also a goddess of witches and of nature, having sway and power over the darkness of the natural world.  She is heavily aligned with the night and with the Magick that courses through the shadows.  She has always been and is one of the primal titans, an original goddess and one who rose from the primordial chaos.  She teaches the children of the night and those who are naturally gifted with Magick.  She is a herald of the witches and one who walk with them through the shadows on their journey.  She grants familiars and companions to witches who are just beginning their journey.  Those who have a calling to Magick and to the energies of the night are naturally drawn to Hekate as she is a powerful and incredible goddess.   

Dark Chant:  Lady Hekate, we find you at the crossroad. Mighty Hekate hear our call, mighty Hekate initiate us into the sacred Magick of our ancestors, guide us through the shadows, allow us to be reborn as the children of the night, allow us to be reborn within your coven. Let us awaken our power, let us awaken our shadow. We are the children of the night, we are the children of Hekate.

Night Affirmation:  To Hekate we call, at the crossroad in the night, we offer ourselves, we offer our minds. Awaken the shadows, awaken the darkness. We rise from the ashes of our ancestors, we rise and walk with you Lady Hekate. Bless us with Magick, bless our hearths and home and show us the Magick that is within. Teach us to walk with the Earth and walk with our ancestors, guide us home. We surrender to the night, we are children of the darkness, with Hekate’s guidance, tonight a witch is born! Lady Hekate, Goddess of the crossroads, Sacred Mother, and Queen of the witches, we awaken and answer your call.

Sacred Chants of Hekate: Asha maun Hekate, Asha foun ell eond.  

“I walk though the night, sacred maiden grant me courage and might.
I walk through the forest, sacred mother, nurture and cleans my soul.
I walk to the crossroad, sacred crone, awaken Magick and show me wisdom of your ancient heart.”

Hekate Demonolatry Enn – “Anana Hecate Ayer”

(Enn From S.Connolly “The Complete Book of Demonolatry”)

The Strophalos of Hekate

 A Primal Titan Goddess who rose from the Primordial Chaos. Hekate is ancient and one of a kind. She is a Goddess woven into the darkness and has deep understanding and power when it comes to Magick, mysticism and the Occult. She is a Goddess who has three form and is known as a tri goddess for she represents the wheel of life and the stages that we all must pass through. The journey from maiden to crone.

She can appear as a youthful maiden, free and vibrant, one of hope and beauty. She brings courage and power to those who are lost and can fill those who work with her with confidence and charisma. She is stunning and lovely and though she is a radiant maiden, in her eyes you see the vast wisdom of her power and ability. This side of Hekate is very embowering and encouraging and can help us to awaken our own confidence. She is a free spirit here, though one of incredible power and Magick. The journey of the young witch learning to embrace and learn her craft.

She can also appear as a voluptuous mother. The life giver and the divine creator. She is a Lady of Nature and one who is aligned with the life giving forces. She has power over nature and of its stages and she has deep Magick that is hidden within the shadows of the forest. The mother is the nurturer and the one who can revive our soul bringing us back to ourselves. This side of Hekate is very healing and nurturing. She can bring us back to ourselves and help us to find solace and rejuvenation after pain and heartache. She is a wise mother though, one who understands the lessons the child must learn. She teaches with a loving but firm hand, and will allow her children to make mistakes, learning their lessons. She wants her children to understand their own power and for that to happen sometimes she has to let them fall and stumble. She is there to offer guidance and to reveal the wisdom of the lesson, but she allows it to be learned. She is the wise mature mother.

She can also appear as a Wise Crone. The Goddess of the Witches she is one of incredible Magick. She knows the Magick of the shadows and of the night and in the folds of darkness she wraps her children and protects them from the shadows. She teaches the ways of the witch and the ways of Magick. She helps those who walk with her to embrace their ancestors and return to their mystical roots. She is a crone of deep wisdom and lessons and she can help those who walk with her to become wise and to embrace the passage of time and the wisdom that comes with it.

She awakens Magick and darkness and she teaches her children the art of Necromancy and Natural Magicks. Nature is darkness and light and can be very violent and bloody. Hekate understands this and can be called upon for vengeance and to cast powerful curses and execration workings. She is a an ancient goddess and one who should be approached with respect. Approach her knowing her power and know that she is a Queen and should be treated as such.

She is a Goddess who walks in the upper world and in the underworld and in many ways represents the connection between them. The cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth, the ever changing times and the ever spinning wheel. She can show those who work with her how to connect and communicate with the dead and she helps many to awaken and embrace their psychic skills. She can boost ones psychic skills and help to revive dormant and sleeping abilities while boosting and strengthening our active skills. She is one who can teach the mystical nature of the third eye and help us to re align with the Magick side of our psychic abilities. Learning to tap into and work with them from a mystical level.

She is empowering and can help us to remember our power and also to draw power from the skills of our ancestors. She does a lot of work with the cross roads and awakening the Magick, which is the Magick between worlds. She can help with crossing to the other worlds and traveling and exploring. She can also help with Lucid Dreaming and Astral projection and can influence and send messages to the dreams. She can help with interpreting and working with dream symbols, and helping her children to learn about the symbols within themselves.

She can open the gates of the other world. The world where our powers sleep. The world where our shadows come to life and dance under the moon unrestrained and free. She can set her children free under the darkness of the moon. She can also help those who are lost and help them to cross over. She helps wandering souls find their way. She travels and freely moves through the underworld and often meets with incredible and sublime beings. She is ancient and powerful and an incredible Goddess to walk with. She is a true Queen Goddess of the Night.

Appearance: Hekate appears in different ways to different people. Most often our coven sees her in her three different forms of maiden, mother and crone, depending on which aspect of her we are working with and how she chooses to present herself. Her maiden form is a beautiful young woman with golden brown hair and violet or green eyes. Her other form is a woman a bit older, with similarly colored hair and eyes. Her eyes carry a different energy, there is wisdom and a motherly quality. She also at times takes on a darker form of energy in all three forms. Her third appearance we see her at, at times is that of the crone. Her hair is pure silver with the same violet or green eyes. She often wears a dark cloak and carries with her a wooden staff with amethyst.

Offerings : For Hekate we like to offer old and exotic coins. Crosses, especially naturally occurring crystal or wood in the form of crosses. Black candles, amethyst, night blooming flowers, lavender, feathers and blackthorn spines. We also offer cornflower, blue vervain, horehound and star anise. 

Colours she likes:  Silver, Black, Violet, Blue, Purple, Indigo, White, Lavender, Green, Dark red, blood red

Crystals she likes: Onyx, Obsidian, Amethyst, Lepidocrocite, Selenite, Quartz, Smoky Quartz

Incense and scents she likes:   Lavender, black copal, musk, sandalwood, vetiver, myrrh

11 thoughts on “Hekate, Queen of the Witches and Goddess of Darkness and the Crossroads

  • Chris Woody

    I’m a man but I feel drawn to Hekate. The things this article says about her and her desires align with mine all the way down to the scents she likes. I’m not very fond of males being intricate in any part of my life because I don’t trust men, but I guess if you’re make and reading these comments or contributing to this knowledge, you could be an exception to my rule. I’m not sure how to even begin my journey in magick, but I know I need guidance and I’m drawn to learning from my ancestors. I also am seeking guidance on how to “magickally” get someone out of prison who was wrongfully/illegally convicted and given a life sentence without the possibility of parole. I’m open-minded and not against working with angels or demons.

    If anyone has any tips they can contact me directly at with a subject heading of “magick referral”. Thank a million!!

  • Elizabeth

    Good Day,
    I am Elizabeth. I am new to this site seeking knowledge and I find it very intriguing. As child (age five ) I became award of the state. I was faced with making decisions no child should have to make. I was giving the gift of seeing things to come and it frighting me because I did not why and how I obtain this gift. Unable to prevent the tragedies that were shown to me in dreams. I had asked not be shown things because I couldn’t prevent them from happening. As I journey through life I then discovered I have the ability to recognized when someone is intentionally going to harm me and others. There is someone or something that shields me from harmful mortal behavior through life’s journey. I have what I call a posisonus tongue and know how to use it. What I seek is guidance from Hekate Queen of the Witches and Goddess Darkness to educate me on self control when angered. On more than one occasion I have cause harm and humans have seen what I have within me (Literally). With a scream a control panel caught fire, they’ve heard sounds come out of me that sent them running. I’m vengeful but I am afraid of me or is it the fear of being discovered by mortals of whom and what I am? I am a solitary practitioner ruled by Pluto in search of guidance.

    • We are going through a similar experience. I don’t know quite what to say. You are not alone. This is not my name, like you I fear being “found out.”

  • One VERY important question. ( also excuse my bad english) But can you have Hekate as your spirit guardian? I have been learning about my spirit guardian for about a week or so, btw im a bb witch, and now i just clicked on hekate cause that name “called” to me. And now i read abt Hekate and she sounds just as how I got my spirit guardian explained to me. And im nearly sitting here crying because I just got a very welcoming and almost motherly energy around me.

    • Angered Spirit

      Hekate, being a ‘goddess’ is an enemy of being. Much like any so-called ‘deity’.
      It is not to be confused with goetic demons or celestial angels.
      Recommend caution and strong protection be used in dealings with this thing. It takes credit for the works of deeds of others, and is a known thief and liar. I recommend stick it in a triangle and impale it via it’s identifying sigil with lead and iron nails, slathered in ammonia, gear oil additive, or tea tree oil.
      In doing so, you are impaling it like an insect pest.

      • Many have had incredible and amazing experiences working with Hekate and receiving her wisdom and guidance. The creature that you are describing sounds like a sludge entity, which is far from a Goddess. Sludge entities are incredibly destructive and they seek to destroy those to who they cling to. A Sludge entity is not Hekate though and should be banished and removed to prevent the damage that they cause.

    • Yessss. She has been like a spirit guide any divine mother to me. You know what you feel. You’re doing all right, girl.

  • Carrie Ballas

    Hekate has been a loving, patient, and motherly friend to me, even when I stumble or behave in ways she dislikes…She knows I don’t practice magick or have a seriously inclination to it, and thats just fine by her….But she does hold me to a very high standard of a code of humane morals. I’ve said and done some very mean/unfair things with my spiritual power, abused my abilities even…and she showed mercy to me despite my ignorance. She sees into your heart and helps you address the root causes of you problematic life behaviors. I know Rubies are not listed as her gemstone favs but today she told me to attach a raw ruby onto a clay sigil I made for her. She also gifted me a stray black puppy in 2004 that just showed up on my doorstep. 🙂

  • kohn greenhalgh

    Hekate manifested to me before in her as a maiden. She is beautiful i must say.

  • Arcanium

    I discover with delight this article of Hecate, super complete, and really well done. I really feel like I’m getting an experience and not the traditional “blah blah blah” of the grimoires, which always leave me hungry. If Satan is my “Father” Hecate is my “Mother”, I had the revelation, but never dared to approach her. I feel her very…trash, severe, and I couldn’t get over that feeling…like the severe mother I’ve had in my lifetime….

    The fact that I still had this information, made me read your article to find out “why” it could be my spiritual mother. I have the answer very clear. She is from the Way of Darkness, Earth and Light which is my soul project, to be a priestess like Akelta is.

    (Akelta is the very first real, authentic priestess that I saw on youtube, who enchanted me so much, with such a good level, and is exactly the ideal priestess that I have always carried in my heart since I was a child. Having met her proved to me that it wasn’t “wrong” to want to be a priestess, and that above all it existed for real, and that it’s possible !!! )

    I feel Hecate much more “human” than Satan, which, I confess, frightens me more. At the moment I don “t feel comfortable with her, but she represents the ideal (with Akelta) that I want to reach. I also feel her very strict, but my perceptions remain limited of course. But I don “t have access to the “loving mother”. Hecate is a goddess, and I don “t feel the “infinite” aspect that Satan has, they are really very different. Satan is warm, Hecate seems “cold” to me. Her seal speaks to me enormously

    I am glad to read the comments and experiences of everyone, thank you all. And I thank Akelta, for existing and taking this path, because I want to follow in her footsteps. She is the perfection that I aspire to. I am really, really happy to have found you !!!!. I wanted so much that what you are exists and it exists for real, I am fulfilled (because I believed that what I wore as the ideal dream of the priestess did not exist on Earth).

    (ps: I don’t know where your name comes from but it’s beautiful I love it!!!! Thank you, thank you. I discovered today your video on Mammon, and it’s teeeeee so well done, and it’s exactly what I was looking for as information. Your way of expressing yourself, and talking about your experience with him, and your energy, that’s what made me feel that you’re authentic! I can never thank you enough)

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