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Samael ~ Holy Archangel of Darkness and Death, Adversary of the Angelic Dominion. Poison of God.

(Sigil above channeled by Priestess Akelta)

Adversary of the Angels and Archangel of Darkness and Death

(This information comes from our Priestesses seeking council with him) 

Direction: South
Planet: Mars/Pluto
Metal: Iron
Element: Fire and Shadow
Colors used when working with them: Red, Black, Silver, Orange, Grey, Blue, Purple
Incense and Scents used when working with them: Dragons’ Blood, Patchouli, Rue, Hellebore, Amber, Sandalwood, Copal, and Turmeric.
Rank: Archangel, Poison of God, Angel of Darkness and Death
Species: Holy Angel
Realm: Shadow Realms

Attributes:  Samael is an angel of darkness and death. He understands the aspects of the shadow and of the personal transformation of the soul. He also is one who understands the dark journey that many of us are called to take. He understands the realms of the monsters and is very aligned with his own monsters. He has great understanding of the monstrous form of the soul and the darkness that sleeps within. It is something that he can see and it is as aspect that he knows in the core of his being.

Seal of Samael

He is one of courage and physical strength and being able to dominate and overcomes ones enemies and challenges. He can evoke courage and confidence from within and bring one to incredible levels of success. He is skilled and understands the dominion of war and he knows how to command his troops to victory. He is aligned with the essence of the divine masculine and is one who is empowered with physical strength, courage, confidence and skill. He has deep understanding of politics and being a diplomate me knows and understands the subtleties and deceptive dances that comes with this territory. He knows how to manipulate the twist the minds of others and he can shroud his enemies with confusion and fill them with misinformation.

He is one of power, physical strength, core awakening, war, revenge and vengeance. He can reveal the secrets of breaking curses and he can bring the enemies of those who work with him to ruin. He can also help those who work with him to bring down their enemies and end their friendships and connections. He is an angel of destruction and understands that before something can be build, many times what is there must be destroyed. When you want change you have to be ready to lose it all so that you can rebuild.

He understands conflict, he can create and resolve conflict and he can destroy friendships and connections. Being the poison of God he can poison the minds of those around him and fill them with deception and deceit. He knows how to twist the minds of the weak and bend them to his will. He has incredible focus and strength and he is one who can poison ones blocks and barriers and help liberate the mind from limiting and toxic thoughts. He can help one to win competitions and attain their goals and ambitions. He is strong, confident and an incredibly powerful and skilled warrior.

He holds a Sacred Chant and Enn as he is one who is aligned with both the Angelic and the Demonic. He also is aligned with Lilith, Queen of the Night and the Vampires, being her husband.

Sacred Chant: Ahbelemos eh tore euos Samael

Samael’s Call: Shemyaza, ab inani, ad tenebras tuas vocamus, ad splendorem tuum vocamus, ab inani, ad tuam potentiam decidimus

Alternate Call: Ol umd de samael, ors el, niis de

Enn: Sah revenosh ah Samael talau 

Our Work with him: Our personal expense with his has been that he is a Holy Angel and one who holds dominion over the Darkness. He is the Angel of darkness who walks in the shadows and embraces the creatures of the night. He is an Ambassador of the Angels to the Darkness and is one who is know to the other Archangels as adversarial and one who challenges command and often argues against the word and will of God. He is bold and courageous and is one who follows his own path. He understands and is in tune with the essence of the darkness and he himself holds the keys to the darkness of the angelic divine.

Samael is a unique and incredible Angel. An angel who is the Adversary, the seducer and the destroyer. Often mistaken for Satan, even though they are two very different beings. Samael holds the title of ha-satan, meaning he is an adversary and one who challenges what is considered right. Some do not see him as being negative as being an Adversary has its benefits. You can be an adversary of things you see as wrong in the world. An Adversary of a broken system that needs to be changed. Often times when we are faced with Adversary it leads to positive transformations. For that Samael is sometimes seen as a facilitator of change and transformation. Amongst the angels, Samael is the leader of the “satans” (a title given to those who are an Adversary, different from Lord Satan) and so is the Primal Adversary. He is one who is aligned with the Demons, Darkness and the creatures of the night.

Enochian Talisman of Samael

Being aligned with the night, rituals done to him are best cast under the moon. Calling him the darkness he will come and assist you in the areas that you need and he can help those who are lost and wandering. He can also help those who are having trouble accepting themselves and accepting their own shadows and monstrous sides that have been so rejected by society. He is one who himself has been rejected by the light and so he finds empowerment and power wrapped in the darkness of the night. He has his own unique brand of Magick that he teaches that draws power form the moon and the monstrous shadows which are woven into the darkness. The realm of monsters is greatly aligned with him for he himself has been seen as a monster. It is from these energies that truth and transformation of darkness can be revealed. He can show one the truth of their shadows and the truth of who they are. He is the revealer of truths and the inner darkness of the soul. He can help those who are fighting and struggling with their shadows and dark and sinister desires to find peace and to embrace balance and acceptance. He is one who reveals the depths of the soul and allows the individual to accept and embrace the inner essence of who they are. He shows and reveals the beauty of the monstrous and the beauty of those who are forlorn and different.

His historical contexts has labeled him many things. He has been written about as one of the Watcher Angels who fell from heaven to copulate with humans, to being the serpent in the bible who facilitated the downfall of Adam and Eve, to being the Father of Cain. There are many accounts of this mysterious and seductive Angel who has appeared as Adversary throughout our history. Our experience with him has revealed he is an Angel, an Angel of darkness who understands and appreciates the essence of transformation within the dark currents. He is the Husband of Lilith, and the 3 other Goddesses of Sacred Prostitution, Eisheth Zenunim , Na’amah , and Agrat bat Mahlat. 

His Wives being the 4 goddesses of Sacred Prostitutuion he is one of lust and deep sexual desire. He is an angel who understands the needs and wants of lust and he himself is known for his appetites and dark desires. He can help balance masculine energies and restore sex drive and sexual vitality. He can help one to balance and awaken the energies of their sacral chakra and restore ones vitality. He can help those who walk with him to find new life and to be restored and rejuvenated after times of terrible destruction and horror. He is one of courage and loyalty and will protect and defend those who he works with. He can also help one to awaken the warrior within and help them to embrace their core power and courage. He can help empower the divine masculine and help men to find confidence and strength. He can help them to rise from the ashes of destruction and find balance and purpose. Some sources claim that he was castrated by God, however our work with him as revealed that he was not, he though can help men who have been emasculated to feel empowered and find their purpose and strength. He has a very strong connection to the divine masculine and he is a strong and protective force.

Angelic Signature of Samael

He is a powerful and incredibly skilled and trained warrior and he fights with the power of sword and spear. He is strong and dominate and one who knows himself and his fighting ability. He knows how to defend those who he cares about and loves. though he is one of lessons and he knows that the best guardian is one that teaches those under him how to walk again. He brings empowerment to those who work with him so he will protect them while allowing them to grow. He does not enable those who he works with and instead shields them while they need his protection and gives them the space to grow and make mistakes. Lilith having the qualities of sacred mother in her, Samael has the qualities of a Dark Father, he knows how to shield and protect his children but he knows when he needs to send them to be tested against the cruelty and malice of the world. It is a balance and it one that brings incredible growth to those who walk with him.

He is an Angel who understand aggression and he understands the raw and primal essence of the masculine divine. the merging and sacred union of his and Liliths energies make for a sacred and intimate union between the masculine and the feminine. He understands the passion and intimacy and can assist couples who are having trouble rekindling the fires of passion in their life. Being an Angel of Destruction he can also dissolve connections and cause marriage troubles. He is very connected with Lilith. She is the Queen of the night and he is the King of Darkness. They have a deep and passionate love. When she arrived on the shores of the Red Sea he was the one who she made love with and he was the one who helped her find herself and gave her protection while she claimed her status as Queen. He can evoke lust, passion and sexuality in others and he himself is an Angel of Lust and sacred temptations. He is one of dark sexual appetites and is one who can assist with the removal of shame around sexual desires.

He can help one who calls on him through times of hardship and strife and help them to recover their lost power and find the strength and the might to carry on. He can help those who walk with him who have suffered from abuse find healing and protection. He understands the needs and desires of the divine feminine and he can help the feminine find balance and healing. He can offer protection and act as a pillar of strength for those who are crumbling and having all that is around them fall to destruction. He himself is one of strength and power and he can teach those who work with him how to embrace and claim their core power and purpose. Through the shadows and the flames of the night the power of magick and the monstrous self rises. He is an amazing Angel to work with and one who brings incredible revelations to those who walk with him.

Appearance:  He appears as a strong and handsome man who is toned and muscular. He has lighter skin and long black hair. His wings are black like the night and he is adorned usually in dark armour. He carries with him his sword which he will use against those who oppose him. He has a stern look on his face and has blue/grey eyes that resemble the darkness of the moon. He is a very skilled and powerful warrior and he is very tall and acts as a pillar of strength for those who walk with him.

Offerings we offer when working with him:  When working with him we like to use dark candles and candles that are aligned with the night. We will offer him dragons blood and sandalwood incense and will set up his altar so that it is aligned with the monstrous aspects of darkness. Large hounds and creatures of darkness. We have also worked with a duel Altar of both him and Lilith as statues of her are appropriate for his space. Black Crystal Pyramids of Shungite and statues and forms of serpents are powerful symbols that are aligned with him. Apples are also wonderful offerings for him and offerings that depict poison.

Colours he likes:   Red, Blue, Grey, Black, Blood Red, Royal Blue, Dark Grey, Dark Silver, Silver, Black Silver.

Crystals he likes: Fire Opal, Rubies, Garnet, Blood stone, Shungite, Grey Moonstone, Silver Sheen Obsidian, and Black Labradorite (Larvikite), Spectralite, Lepidolite, cacoxenite, and Rainbow Obsidian.

Incense, oils, and scents he likes:  He likes the scent of Hellebore Oil, Dragons Blood, Benzoin, Geranium, Hyacinth, Myrrh, Frankincense, Jasmine, Musk, Vanilla, and Copal.

Trees: Acacia, Mistletoe, Hawthrone

Herbs and Flowers: Belladonna,  Devil’s Claw Root, Nettle, Thyme, Red Roses and Wild Roses.

Essential Oil Blend: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Black Copal, Musk

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A lot of the information we have written about comes from our own personal work with Samael. There are other places where you can future read about him if you are interested in learning more…

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  • Dryade

    It has been a long time since I searched for such a source of information about him … There is little or no full article on the net. This powerful archangel is very precious to me and I am happy to read a text which describes him so well. He follows me in all spheres of my existence here since the birth of my soul. I therefore express all my gratitude and admiration to the person (s) concerned for sharing this. I find that his portrait is perfectly respected and interpreted. Thanks again !

    • You are most welcome and thank you so much for your comment! I am really glad that you enjoyed the article. He is truly amazing and incredible to walk with and it was a honour to write this article about him.

      • Some guy

        Message from Samael : ” Thank you for speaking the simple truth, instead of spiting stupid bullshit about me like many ignorant others…, thanks for the respect and the love, I hope I was helpful and able to transmit it back to you.
        If you require any further help, knowledge, informations ( Believe me there are still some…cool secrets to learn 😉 ) do not hesitate as it is also a pleasure for me to work with sincere enjoyable seeker of truth and strength such as you.
        Sincerely Yours SLLHG ”
        PS : “oh, and I may thank you for speaking truth about my dearest Lilith as well, my joy is real my joy is ours “

        • Let me start by saying, hello brother. You speak of yourself as Samael. Well, like you I’m an archangel. Lucifer is my higher self. I go by Aaron here on earth. I’d like to get to know your earthly incarnation more. I sincerely hope you get back to me

        • Uhm excuse me Sir are u the same being as the person named Lucifer,
          Please forgive my ignorance Sir Please but there’s a lot of people who say that Your good self is Lucifer who is Lucifer husband idk sorry for rambling and my verbal diarrhea Sir but I just wanted to hear this information straight from the horses mouth to coin a extremely old saying ☺

  • This is a very nice description of Angel zamael.pls POS more information on my email
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    • jothimurugan

      Thanks a lot for showing enn for Samuel. May I know how can I get the enn for Phul

      • You are very welcome! I will put him on the list of articles we need to do!

  • Michelle

    I appreciate this write up.
    So, even though I never sought to work with Samael, I was told by archangel Michael that I would be working with him, and Lilith. I had actually never heard of either of them until a few months ago. It is my understanding that Lilith has now ascended to a higher realm, and is no longer (at least for now) accessible to him. He has been going through some changes as well, and I have been working with him on dreams and Astral traveling. There seems to be a rift in the group of beings he normally works with, they seems to be fighting and harming each other, this is what I see in my dreams. He keeps telling me that things are out of balance, and we need to bring it back into balance. This is what Michael says as well. Previous to this, I really only worked with the more traditional archangels, and was initially afraid to work with him, and he didn’t seem to want to work with me either. This has been quite an experience for me to say the least, and I am interested to see what happens.

  • Jessica Oaks

    Was wondering what month I should dedicate myself to Samael as my patron? And date?

    • Personally, I love the end of November and the Beginning of December for working with Samael, I find the darkness of that time of the year just blends so nicely with his energies. November 28th – December 3rd is my personal favourite time.

  • Jessica Oaks

    Is it possible to have 2 patron demons? And a matron?

    • It depends on the path you follow. Some paths say that you can only have one Patron and that is your Patron for life, other paths say that you can have more than one. I always say to follow what feels right to you.

  • Jessica Oaks

    Thank you again!


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