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Eisheth Zenunim – Goddess of Sacred Prostitution

(Sigil above channeled by Priestess Akelta)

Goddess of Sacred Prostitution and Vampyress of Ancient Wisdom

(This information comes from our Priestesses seeking council with her) 

Direction: West
Planet: Black Moon
Metal: Tungsten
Element: Black Water
Colors used when working with Her: Dark Red, Dark Purple, Dark Silver, Black, Purple, Green
Incense and Scents used when working with her: Arabian Jasmine, Vanilla, Nag Champa, Bergamot, Egyptian Musk, and Sandalwood.
Rank: Vampyre Queen and Consort of Samael
Species: Ancient Goddess, Vampyress
Realm: The World of Eternal Night

Attributes:  Ancient and Wise, Eisheth Zenunim is an Elder Vampire Goddess and one of incredible power and wisdom. The Elderly can look to her for comfort and healing in their old age and she is one who brings deep relief and cleansing of the soul. She can cleanse and suck out destructive and toxic energies and she is one know is known how to break and crack the foundation of curses. She weaves powerful magicks and she is known for her understanding of blood curses. She can deliver and remove those whose blood and generations have been infected by deep curses. She has a gentle touch and is one who can bring healing from abuse. For even Lilith found healing from her abuse through the wisdom of this Sacred and powerful Goddess. She is a healer for those who have suffered and those who grow weary of their lives. She can renew passion and stir and arouse the sensuality within the chakras.

She is the bringer of dark dreams and the mistress of nightmares. She can stir the darkness of the subconscious and when the darkness takes over she can awaken the terrors in the depth of the soul. She knows and has access to the dark regions that are within and she can help one to master their darkness and walk the dark journeys of the inner mind. She is a gatekeeper and she walks on the surface of the black water, knowing the hidden terrors that are within. She is wise and powerful and her view of the world is ancient and complex. She is a Crone in her wisdom and one who can revive the sexual nature of those who have aged. She can help one to walk with the Dark Dreamscape of their mind and she can help those who walk with her to map the Dark symbols and sacred meanings that rise from within.

She is one who assists and aids with shadow work and she can use the Black Water to open the gates of the subconscious and help one to find what troubles them and what pains linger in the depth. She can help those who walk with her with deep shadow work and she can consume the troubling shadows and help people to find peace and tranquility within the darkness. She knows the underworld and shadow journeys and she can help act as a guide and facilitator for those who are called to these places. She can help one to unify their shadows and help them to become whole.

She is an Ancient Goddess and is one of incredible Wisdom and guidance. She grants powerful words and words that you often do not want to hear. She can help one to awaken the deep wisdom that is within and she can help people to listen to the dark shadows within their soul and hear the wisdom that they wish to avoid. Sometimes we need to hear the truth to avert disaster. She will reveal what you need to hear, she will speak with depth and reveal revelations of what life will be like

She can help those who walk with her to feel empowered sexually and to awaken their bold sexual nature. She can help one to feel confident and comfortable with their sexual desires and help those who are drawn to her to learn their deep sexual urges and understand themselves from a very intimate level. She encourages self-exploration and enjoys awakening those who are sexually reserved. She encourages the exploration of hidden desires and she helps those who walk with her to remove shame and inhibition. She walks naked, freely through the black waters, and lets moonlight kiss her flesh with its illumination. She is proud and

She is one of the Vampyres of Sacred Prostitution and is a Vampyress of Powerful Sexual Magicks. She knows the sacred desires and the deep longings from within the soul. She can teach these powerful magicks and reveal the raw and primal essence of sacred sexuality. She knows the true essence and the power of sacred sex magick. She weaves deep power and can show those who walk with her how to raise the energies and drain those who cross them. She is known for her powerful abilities in cursing and restoring balance to unfair situations. She is known for her ability to get harsh and sinister revenge against those who have tipped the scales of balance and those who seek her to punish an abuser will be delighted with her skill and ability. She brings justice and peace of mind.

Enn: Septunon Arphal Eisheth Zenunim Chuker Halavon 

Our Work with her: Eisheth Zenunim is one of the four consorts of Samael (his other three being Lilith, Naamah, and Agrat Bat Mahlat),  Samael is the Archangel who walks with darker beings and one who has turned his back on the golden noble light of heaven and tasted the forbidden fruits of carnal pleasures.  Though many say he is Satan, he is actually not, Satan is a Noble demon of demonic origin, while Samael is the adversary, the archangel who walks with darker beings.  Samael is not a demon as he is still an angel in origin.  She is one of his concerts and the oldest of the four Vampyresses of Sacred Prostitution.

She is ancient and as old as Time. One who walked the ancient Darkness for eons. She embraced solitude and allowed herself to surrender to the power of the night. She is a healer but also a huntress. The Vampiric energies within her awaken primal hunger and she is one who knows how to hunt and catch her lovers. She understands the primal nature of the soul and she knows how to both control it and surrender to it. She says that surrender comes with its own incredible lessons and abilities. The primal currents in the darkness of the soul align one with their beautiful Darkness. She teaches these paths and she teaches one to embrace the call of the hunter.

She is powerful and strong. She is one of incredible confidence and charisma. She knows the power of deep sex magick and she governs sensual and sexual arts. She is wise and she knows the pains and the hurts of love, she knows that deep love blends pleasure and pain and through each state, deep and mutual respect awakens. She can assist with stirring passion in a relationship that has gone stagnant and she can assist with the more complex challenges of love. She can help to save relationships that are failing and she offers incredible wisdom to those who are struggling in love. She can help lovers to reconcile and she gives incredible advice in the areas of love. She carries with her Crone energy and she is wise and brilliant. She has seen it all and she knows both the Darkness and the Light of the heart. She understands the nature of the Black Heart and she can help those who wish to embrace the Darkness within them. She knows how to balance the soul and she can help those who seek her with shadow work, especially shadow work with heartbeat and abuse.

The Shadows of the Heart are some of the most painful and challenging to navigate. She understands them and she can offer support and nourishment to those who are struggling and suffering. She is one who is nurturing but will push those who walk with her to reclaim their power and rise to their potential. She herself is a warrior who will not surrender and will not quit. She says the mind can be the most challenging enemy one ever faces, for there is no reprieve from the mind. She will help those who walk with her face the shadows in the mind and find peace and balance. She has seen much and she has a deep and profound understanding of the world and its truth. She says truth is a blending of darkness and light, good and evil, shadow and illumination. She understands it and she is one of incredible wisdom.

She divines from the shadows and the darkness and she receives powerful and profound messages in the Darkness of the Night. She is Radiant and one who is a sacred mistress of the night. She dances in the Darkness and is known as a great seductress and temptress. She knows how to seduce and she knows how to call lovers to each other. She can be called upon to heal damaged love and she can be called upon to invite a lover into one’s life. She hears whispers of love in the night and she can reveal deep secrets from the heart of one’s lover. She can expose infidelity in a relationship and she can be called upon to get revenge against one who has been hurt by a lover. She is a very powerful Goddess and she has deep skill and power when it comes to Witchcraft. Her magick is the deep dark magick of the night. She can cast powerful rituals and she awakens with the moon. The night is her domain and it is where she finds power.

She has healing energies that bring powerful and profound lessons. Her lessons reveal the wisdom from the pain that one endures and she can help those who are in pain to transform and rise from the ashes of a shattered life. She says that from dust we rise in wisdom and brilliance. Those who burn are reborn with the ashes of their remains.

When the Black Moon is cast upon the Black water the subconscious mind is stirred and the true depth of darkness is revealed. She reveals these sacred and unknown paths. The Black Moon of Night is where she draws power from. The Black Moon rises and the power moves through it. Power that she taps into and bends to her will. She is brilliant and wise, she is confident and strong. She is an Ancient warrior and she knows many ways to win a battle. She knows the true art of war and she knows how to use all her skill and advantage to win. She works with sacred sexuality which in some cases can be used as a powerful defense. She is a protector of women and the innocent who come to her and is seen as a primal goddess for her age and power. She shelters those who come to her and helps them get revenge against abusers.

Appearance:  She is a beautiful vampire with pale skin that is solid white and long flowing black hair. She has beautiful black eyes and she emanates magick and power. She is ancient and wise and it shows in her movements and mannerisms. She usually wears very beautiful dresses and has unique jewelry which she wears. She has a young face though through her energies you can tell she is ancient.

Offerings we offer when working with her:   Water with floating candles and flower petals of any kind, especially red, white or purple flowers. Oils, especially in scents she likes can be used in the water or to anoint candles given to her. Boxes with ornate carvings and designs made of silver, bronze, crystal or wood.

Colors she likes:  Dark Red, Dark Purple, Dark Silver, Black, Purple, Green

Crystals she likes: Black Moonstone, rainbow moonstone, petrified wood, smoky quartz, jet, rutilated smoky quartz, quartz of any kind with silver rutile, sagenite agate, dendritic agate, dendritic opal and midnight lace obsidian

Incense, oils, and scents she likes:  Arabian Jasmine, Vanilla, Nag Champa, Bergamot, Egyptian Musk, and Sandalwood.

Trees: Red Cedar, Black Cherry, Cypress and Walnut

Herbs and Flowers: Nutmeg, star anise, ginger, roses of any kind and especially wild rose, chrysanthemum, dahlia, carnation, zinnia

Essential Oil Blend: vanilla, musk, cherry and almond

All this information is from our own personal experience with this Vampire Queen. We hope you enjoyed this Article!

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