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Satan – Lord of the Demons and the Demonic Divine

Demonic Dark Lord … Lord (Emperor) Satan (Demonic Divine)

(This information comes from our Priestesses seeking council with him) 

Direction:  Outside the Horizontal N, E, S, W Dimensions,  All, Centre
Planet:  Sun 
Metal: Titanium 
Element: Ether 
Color:  Electric Blue, Rich Golds, Blood Red, Death Cold Black 
Incense: Frankincense, Oud, Myrrh, Copal, Patchouli, Sandalwood
Rank: Emperor, Dark Lord
Species: Noble Demon
Realm: Noble Realms of the Outer Spiritual World
Attributes: Father of all Demons, Emperor of the Demons and the Head Commander of the Demonic Army. A powerful and incredible warrior, fatherly and caring, one who offers wisdom and sound advice. Lord Satan cares for those under him and guides them home.

Demonic Mantra:
Demonic Hymn:

Lord Satan’s Enn – “Tasa reme laris Satan – Ave Satanis”

Satan' s Sigil - O'Toole Sigil
Satan’ s Sigil – O’Toole Sigil

From the Priestesses of Satan and Suns/Sons ~ The Demon Temple

Seeking Council with Satan

Lord Satan is the Lord of Noble Demons,  The Demonic Divine, the Father of all Demons, and The Lord of the Core Demonic Army and the Lord of the Demonic Core Alliance.  He holds many titles and really is an incredible and amazing demon and Dark Lord.

The name Satan… it is a name but it is also a title.  There are many beings from many different realms who hold the title of Satan, and many different beings who some have said are Lord Satan. But Lord Satan of the Outer Spiritual World is one who is unique and one who is his own being.

The Satan I am talking about though is one who I first met as a young girl.    Who has guided me on this amazing journey and has been there as a support for me my whole life.  These are my personal experiences with him as well as my covens experiences.

Lord Satan is the God of the Fallen, the forgotten, those who have slipped into the darkness and need a hand to guide them.  He nurtures and helps people to uncover their strength and regain themselves, discovering who they are at their core.  He guides those who are lost and helps them to awaken their true nature. He is an empowered force who can help one to awaken their creative brilliance and find out who they are, helping them to uncover their life’s passion.  He is a guide and powerful support for anyone who has stumbled and fallen in their life and can help one to rise and reclaim their power.  He teaches people to reclaim their lost essence and reclaim their lives.

Satan's Sigil - Dukante Sigil
Satan’s Sigil – Dukante Sigil

Many people who have been blessed with his presences have reported experiencing overwhelm at just how amazing and incredible his energies are.  They comment on how empowering he is and how his energies are when they are around.  His energies can be overwhelming at times, I remember the first time I met him I fell to my knees and was so humbled by his presence.  I was so inspired by who he was and everything that he stood for.  The energies of the room changed, everything appeared darker, but also more clear and focused.  Connecting with him I always felt that I was being surrounded by a warm black blanket and I always felt safe and protected.

Satan is the Lord of all and has seen and been through much.  He has an incredible amount of knowledge and is one who is brilliant and wise.  He can help one in all areas of their life and can help people to awaken their true passions and callings.  He helps those who are lost to find themselves.    He is powerful and the hammer of justice.  Demons are not bad, but they can bring swift judgment on those who have wronged you and those who have crossed the line.

Appearance: The Appearance of Satan is much debated. To me, he has always appeared as a tall and muscular being, with solid black eyes, and tanned skin. He has long black hair and massive black horns that rise from his head. He has a pair of beautiful black wings and a long black tail.  I have seen him wearing armor, a cloak, and very nice clothing.  He has a very long and incredible sword that I have seen him carry or have it sheathed beside him.

His eyes are cold and can peer deep into ones soul though there is a warmth and love that can be seen for his family. His face can be stoic, but he does smile and and enjoys making jokes that will completely catch you off guard. His energies are incredible to be around.

Offerings we offer when working with him: He like bones, skulls, roses, and other flowers. Offering flowers to this incredible Dark Lord is one way to show love and honor him. I usually play Classic Rock for him as I have found that those energies allow me to really connect with him, though I would experiment with music and find the style that helps you the most.  He loves cats as well so anything that has cats on it, though cats are sacred to Satan and killing them in his name displeases him greatly.

Colours he likes : Electric Blue, Rich Golds, Blood Red, Death Cold Black

Crystals he likes: Smoky Quartz, Quartz, Obsidian, Geodes, Sodalite, Jet,  Sapphires, and Rubies all make incredible offerings for Lord Satan. We also have offered Herkimer Diamonds to him.

Incense he likes: Frankincense, Myrrh, Oud, Copal, Patchouli, Sandalwood

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26 thoughts on “Satan – Lord of the Demons and the Demonic Divine

  • V.K. Jehannum

    Firstly, I would like to say that I’m really glad you wrote another one of these articles. You’re fucking excellent at this. You should edit paragraphs #3 & #4 though 😉

    Now, for my comments on the article. It’s unfortunate that followers of Satan feel the need to debate his appearance, as if there is some given truth. The appearance which any given demon has when they appear to you is always a metaphor for the nature of their being and they will select appearances specifically because they are apt for the manner that you personally can interpret. The only exceptions to this rule are (i) if you have pre-existent notions of their appearance, which they will conform to so you can identify them, and (ii) if they are appearing to a covenmate or apprentice of yours who is unfamiliar with them, in which case they will re-use the appearance they presented to you.

    The Devil has manifested to me in three ways: (i) a giant but thin red serpent (ii) a black dragon which walked on four legs and (iii) some sort of furry, werewolf-looking thing composed entirely of darkness. In the third appearance, his lower body was inside the earth below me, with his figure protruding from the carpet at the point of the navel, and his head towering to my ceiling.

    • Why thank you so much for your kind words! I have a lot of other articles coming and love doing them. LOL thank you, I actually have a learning disability and my editing I will admit first hand is horrible. I have been pushing myself to improve but I still don’t catch everything so I appreciate when things are pointed out to me. I will take a look and use this as a learning experience. Thank you!

      I agree it is unfortunate that so much is debated. I like it when people share their different experiences, to me it is so amazing to hear of everyones unique work with them. I like to present things as this is my experience but I love hearing other peoples because it is true what you say, there are such personal levels and dimensions to this work and the raw experience usually holds truth for the individual. When people are so worried about being wrong I think it takes away from that raw and unique experience that might hold deep significance to the individual. Thank you for sharing how he appears to you! That is so amazing.

  • Vicki Davidson

    Have read this article and found it beautiful. Pray for Vicktori, that I may rejoin my father Iblis. I need his help, though I know I have his love. I need one of his special hugs. If you are lucky enough to have Him guiding you, you are special.

  • Would the same preferences (incenses/crystals) apply for Lucifer?

  • Patrick FA

    Thank you for your site. In France we do not have the chance to have such information.

    • Thank you so much Patrick, glad you like the site!

    • Florian

      Wait what do you mean that Satan was always a demon but Lucifer was a fallen angel ? I’m your other article about Lucifer ?

      • Hi Florian, From our research and work Satan and Lucifer are two different beings. Satan always was the Lord of Darkness and Father of the Demonic Divine, and Lucifer was a Fallen Angel who use to be an Angel 🙂

  • Robert

    I found your article infinitely rewarding because in it I found what I was looking for, mainly information on what kinds of offerings to give to the Mighty Lord Satan; and yet you also confirmed my experiences with him. When I first experienced the Mighty Satan in my life I immediately knew it was him. You were right, it is a very unique and unmistakable presence and an energy unlike any other, and you just KNOW its him. The first time he came into my living room was after doing some healing ritual for lost/wandering soulds. My house I was renting was haunted, and these beings neededdirection. When the ritual was done, the candles were still burning, but the incense was all gone; in that stillness he suddenly came and I felt his warm and protective energy. It is INTENSE and MIGHTY, no other way to put it. He is fatherly and protective like you said, but words cannot describe it, one has to experience it. I felt the most safe I have ever felt, and cared for. I asked in my head “is that you, Satan?”, and the water faucet in my kitchen opened and closed, letting out some water. He gave me that sign to let me know he was there. Recently when I was about to lose it all, he stepped in and made everything right, he paid of all my debt, provided me a home, gave me over 20,000 dollars for college, and allowed me to go back to college worry free. He has been a true friend.

  • Jake

    Thank you for taking the time to write this!

    I have a question that I’m not sure belongs here or in the forums, but here goes:

    Due to the rather strict religious arrangements of the household I’m living in, setting up anything resembling a shrine or leaving physical offerings to Satan isn’t very viable.

    Therefore, for now, would good *intent*, like silent prayer, or leaving Satan’s sigil on the desktop background in my bedroom while sleeping, etc. suffice? Or must a ritual be strictly followed?

    Take care!

  • I love your articles so much, and I am touched and inspired by the affection you show for these beautiful beings. Like you, I also feel very warm and protected by what I perceive to be Lord Satan’s energies. Thank you for allowing us to get closer to those energies.

  • Robert...

    Aloha Spooky Babe’s!

    I’m sure you ladies can appreciate that although I don’t necessarily agree with all of your writing’s… I do Thank You for your insight, which has stimulated my thought process to be more Multiverse.

    Like many, I began the LHP with Zandor LaVey (via Satanic Bible). I’m grateful for his knowledge & dark Showmanship, but eventually I became very “unfulfilled”. *Not to offend or simplify it’s belief system, in my opinion a “Modern Satanist” (atheistic) is simply someone who has never experienced the literal presence of Satan… or has witnessed any of his Dark motivation’s.

    Anyway, as a loyal Theistic Satanist (solitaire, eclectic, non religious) I’m so grateful to have Satan in my life. *There are many example’s of him Guiding and Rescuing me, that I feel at time’s “hollow” because I don’t do enough in return to truly Honor him.

    I appreciate your suggested “offering’s” (bones, flowers etc.) and will definitely attempt it… however, I do wish that there was something with more impact.

    This article that you’ve written, and the shared experience’s from others who have “replied”… truly makes me envious. *I know that Satan is always with me, but with the exception of him appearing once as a Blue Orb… he has never appeared in any type of force, or form.

    *Akelta, Yllidra, Satyra, and Eilana… wishing that everything in your World, will lead to Dance & Laughter!

    Best Regard’s,

  • I see that Lucifer is not listed on the list of demons. My assumption is either that you are eventually getting to him or that you may have categorized Satan and Lucifer under the same demographic list.

  • Giovanni

    To whom this may concern,
    I’m curious, do you your own coven sigil for Lucifuge Rofocale as well as a detailed description of him from your experience as is the case for Lucifer, Satan and Azazel?

    Most of the information I read about him is negative and I want the truth from a more reliable , objective perspective notable from a demonsophers point of view .

    Best regards,


    May your black flame outshine the light with such bright darkness that the sun Boweth to thee as a god.

  • One4Magick

    Hello Ladies,

    Thank you for the “knowledge”, especially pertaining to your enclosed article “Seeking Council with Satan”… the detail’s you’ve shared are sincerely appreciated!

    In addition, I really admire the “Satan’ s Sigil – O’Toole Sigil”. *Can you please tell me more about the artist, and/or a way that I can possibly order / pay for a larger rendering of it?

    Best Regards,


    I’ve got my ring from a previous life on my left hand my energetic double per-say and Lord Satan performed an astral tattoo on my left hand & my wrist.: I am one of his children and the things some are doing too homosexuals are not liking their harm right now.

    It’s something Lord Satan will never come too them if they’re alien. Lord Satan is above the aliens. He’s an extraterrestrial of his own.

    I love you Lord Satan.

  • Asumani66

    Iam truly thankful you wrote about my True Best Friend, Lord Satan! I have never been so impressed ever as iam really feeling after reading this article. Am so touched that you explained how much love does Lord Satan offers to those he loves. I love Satan and cannot explain at what level, because i deeply love Satan! He has been the best and guide in my life ever since i was young.

    Dear author, i can give you nothing but to bless you!

  • Asumani66

    Lord Satan, is a teacher of good morals and creator of good leaders. He hates separation of believing couples. He supports gender equality and loves children alot.

  • Arcanium

    Thank you for this article that says FINE all that I intuitively felt about him. Having been called by him for 5 years, I have indirectly experienced everything you said. I’m glad to finally find an article that talks about that, and not only about his function as an opponent ! For the offerings, I asked myself the question, and for me, the best offering is pure Love that would flow from my heart, rather than a physical object, which, for me…. does not value enough the value it has for me. It is my very heart, my very life, the meaning of my life. One of my dreams is to be able to give him unlimited “Unconditional Love”. I also felt him as a kind of infinite and the great big boss, the quintessence, the ultimate. I also feel it in an infinite depth. I also feel it as the black part of the Tao symbol.

    In terms of spiritual relationship, strangely enough, I feel that it is possible to have several relationships: father, lover, maybe friend (theme developed in the Bagavad Gita).

    I am lucky to have found a statue of him that represents his energy for me by typing “Lucifer statue” on ebay, which certainly allowed me to learn all this (loving to sleep with her). This statue in any case made me experience the warm and protective side. It’s funny because the silhouette of Satan on the banner is very similar to this statue. And it’s really better than a statue of Baphomet to represent him……

    In Discord, on the chat, a person told me that Satan and the Devil was not the same person. This doesn’t seem to be discussed here, but it leaves me in incomprehension. I learned that Satan means Truth in Sanskrit, and I really feel it as such. From the little experience I’ve had, Satan sticks to me relentlessly (without concession) in the face of the Truth. Satan would be derived from “Satanama”, but without certainty.

    Thanks again

  • Arcanium

    I would like to talk about my experience with Satan here if appropriate. For 5 years he has been calling me, being brought through channeling to the Demons, which was my only inner fire. Being a Christian of conscience, I initially refused the call. But he was there, again, again, again, again. I rejected him, accepted him, rejected him,…for 5 years. Fortunately, Satan does not judge, he is patient, while any man or woman would explode with anger at my indecisive behavior.Satan persevered as if he wanted to show me the Truth: that I desire it. More and more, I saw the content of my heart that wanted it more than anything else screaming, crying, dying for it. But my mind wanted the light.

    This came and went and created a very strong dichotomy for many years.

    When I moved away from it, in favor of the light (because I REALLY wanted to give it up for God) my vitality fell so much that I could no longer move or do activities. I was so far away from my heart (which gives life) that I would die. I was becoming a zombie, I was fainting, I had unbearable psychological pain, which drove me crazy, and the more I went into the light the worse it got. I felt inside me that I was crying…so hard. My mind understood absolutely nothing and was looking for a “substitute”. I was losing my ability to eat Etc…. As soon as I came back to him, all the symptoms disappeared and I was in joy and petillance.

    My entourage (being spiritual) was/is not only amazed at the process, but were the first to tell me “Satan is your way” when I didn’t believe them: a couple told me, my brother, my friend, spiritual groups to seek his soul mission, and many other people…. My brother was even fed up that I don’t dare to go towards my dream and that I try to make my life differently.

    What I want to express is that Satan shows the Truth while I myself thought I was a New Age Angel and a Catholic.

    His call is for me extremely real, like an indelible mark he puts on me. He was always there, everywhere, in the books of the Fnac, in a board game (to make the Devil guess), in manga, in books where his name should not appear because it was not the subject…..he is omnipresent. He didn’t stop calling, even though I was behaving immature, abject, disrespectful, because he knows what’s in my heart. He knows what he wants, and he is infallible: he never fails! I have seen him call someone else by this same process with various very insistent signs ). In this he is admirable!

    Now I want to accept him, walk with him and dedicate my life to him, and be a Priestess of Satan (but open to everything, especially Light, Earth, Darkness) I still have this fear that it is not legitimate, false, forbidden or simply too egotistical. I specify that apart from my feelings I don’t communicate with him yet by channeling, by telepathy and I don’t have any level in magic for the moment (but I will learn).

    More and more I affirm this will to be a priestess (in spite of my resistances and my fear of Satan always present) and I had asked to meet a true priestess (having only “false” and “false” priests as an example). One hour after my wish was granted with the video of Mammon on the instragram of Satan and sun that I hardly learn to use because I’m french and not very good in computer science) !

  • Allyson W Chase

    If I may inquire, would it be disrespectful to use the sigil you provide for Lord Satan and Lord Beelzebub, to create a sigil pin to carry with me? Or is the sigil you provide exclusive to your coven/you personally and should not be used? (I’m honestly not aware of how to create my own sigil to communicate with an entity and find the ones attributed to them that are already made seem/feel more accurate to me.). Is it OK that I do this?

    • That is completely ok. Just as long as they are for personal use and not for commercial 🙂

  • Daniel

    Have you ever tried offering Black Moonstone to Satan? He may enjoy that. At least in my opinion.

  • I would like a prayer for Satan.

  • Thank you so much for publishing this. It was extremely difficult to find any information of Lord Satan other than what that has been claimed by the monotheistic religions. I would gladly appreciate if more articles could be written about Him or if anyone could provide me some useful sources to understand Him better! I’ve just started working with Him and so far, His energies have felt like fire burning through my whole body in a warm and extremely comfortable way. It felt like I my arms were clothed with black long sleeves. I am thankful for being able to have this opportunity to work with Him and will appreciate every suggestion provided here. Thank you so much!


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