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Marchosias – Solar/Hellborn Demon Marquess

These are our coven notes from working with this incredible and amazing Demoness.  Marchosias is a very powerful and beautiful demoness who has inspired us to reach for the stars, shoot for our dreams and break down all barrier and obstacles in our path. She is an incredibly powerful and mighty demoness. She is also a demon commander and one who has worked hard to earn her rank and title. She is an amazing demoness and we are happy to be sharing our notes with you.

Solar/Hellborn Demon Nobility, Marquess Marchosias 

Direction: South (Desert Winds)
Planet:  Mars
Metal: Copper or Steele
Element: Fire (Solar Fire)(Volcanic Fire)
Colours:  All Colours, Golds, Oranges, Yellows, Reds
Species: Solar/Hellborn Demoness
Realm: Solar Realms of the Outer Spiritual World
Attributes: She is a powerful motivator and warrior. She can help one to smash through obstacles and blocks and push through hard times in their life.  She is very inspirational and motivational when you work with her she will push you to get results.

Demonic Mantra:
Demonic Hymn:

Priestesses of Satan and Suns/Sons~ The Demon Temple 

Marchosias is a powerful Marquess from a family of Demonic Nobility in the Solar Realm. She is mostly of solar demon decent though she does have a distant relative who is a Hellborn. This combination makes her incredibly powerful giving rise to statue of a powerful and aggressive warrior.

She is a fierce warrior and one of incredible aggression and might. She is the artisan of war and battle and through her might and ferocity can bring her enemies to ruin. Though she is a younger demoness, about 600 000 years of age, she has fought hard to earn her rank as a commander and is committed to discipline and motivation, she has earned every accomplishment she has attained. She believes in a clear and focused mind free of distractions and addictions and believes in discipline.

She is very good at motivating and pushing people to attain their potential and rise any challenge.  She pushes people to clean their lives of unhealthy attachments. She is a huge motivator and goes in there and clean house.  She brings change and can empower those she works with to take incredible actions to change their lives. When approaching her be cautious, she hates her time being wasted and is to be approached with the utmost respect.

A powerful and incredible Warrior, talking to her she can be very loud and is not afraid to express her opinions or her dislike of a situation. She can be very friendly when you get to know her, but she is very direct and to the point and can be very aggressive at times.

She comes from a very large family. Her father has many wives and she has many brothers and sister, both younger and old. They are a proud family of Demon Nobility and are well known amongst the Solar nobility and are well connected. She knows the Solar Family that Marquis Andras is a member of.

She is a Demon Commander as well as a Marquess and Commands 30 legions of Demons.

Appearance : Marchosias is medium height and has nice muscles, she is very strong for her size is tough and has a fiery personality. She has blond hair that is long and was pulled back into a polntail with loose strands around her face. She has tanned skin that at times can appear reddish, which reveals her distant Hellborn heritage. She is very beautiful, she has blueish eyes with orange in them, dark brown horns that charge to dark red, and wings and a tail that matches the horns.

Marchosias Goetia Sigil

Offerings we use when working with her: She enjoys fast paced metal with complex guitar solo’s we find it is good to play when working with her, Dragon Pearl Green Tea, Fire, Weapons, Strawberries, Red Silk and Chocolates.  

Colours she likes:  She likes Red, Orange, Gold, all the colours of fire, Blue and Black.

Crystals she likes: She likes Golden Sheen Obsidian, Carnelian, Citrine, and Fire Quartz

Incense she likes: She enjoyNag Champa, Cedarwood and Ginger

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2 thoughts on “Marchosias – Solar/Hellborn Demon Marquess

  • Stefanus Strydom

    work and love all the Ifernal God and Godess demons thank you

  • Marchosias aproached me today. Reading up on this, I wanted to offer her 100 gecs, specicicaly the song “One Million Dollars” due to the heavy, experimental sound it has. So I put it up for her.

    …She likes 100 gecs. She is the second demon who responded positivly to 100 gecs.

    Just something funny I’d share.


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