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Leviathan – Emperor of the Void and Abyssal Demon

Demonic Dark Lord … Emperor Leviathan 

(This information comes from our Priestesses seeking council with him) 

Direction: West 
Planet: Neptune 
Metal: Platinum
Element: Water
Color: Blue, Teal, Turquoise, Silver, Black and Emerald Green
Incense and Scents:  Sandalwood, Copal, Lotus, and Eucalyptus
Rank : Dark Lord, Emperor, Abyssal Demonic Lord
Species: Abyssal Demon
Realm: Abyssal and Void Realms of the Outer Spiritual World
Attributes: The Lord of the Depth and one who is the master of Emotions and the subconscious mind. Master of conquering the battle of the self and lord of the emotional realm.

Note** Though we have always seen him as a he, many report working with him as a she. We believe this is because of the complex understanding he has of the emotional realm and the complexity of that domain. Though in this article we will refer to him as male as that is our experience with him, it is perfectly acceptable if you experience him as a female to report that.

Demonic Mantra:  Leviathan Lord of the Emotions, I ask, keep me calm, keep me focused, and keep me present.

Demonic Affirmation:  To Leviathan we call, bless us with mental clarity bless us with emotional peace of mind.  The Lord of the Abyssal and the Master of the Black Ocean, we call to you, open the gates of the mind and open us to the great void.

Demonic Hymn: Leviathan lord of the deep, we honour you and your wisdom, we honour you and your brilliance, and we call to you to guide us and reveal to us the ancient ways of the abyss.  We honour you as sacred guide and mentor of the void.  We honour you, giant serpent of the deep and Lord of the Black Ocean, we call to you to guide our way in the dark.

Leviathan Demonic Enn – “Jaden Tasa Hoet Naca Leviathan”

(Enn From S.Connolly “The Complete Book of Demonolatry”) 



From The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage.

Dukante Leviathan Sigil
Dukante Leviathan Sigil

“(e) It will be noticed at once that of the four Symbols of this Chapter, the
first has the name of the Archangel Uriel, and the three others those of three of
the Chief Princes of the Demons, viz. Lucifer, Leviathan, and Satan.”

“12. Meaning apparently the Four Princes and Eight Sub-Princes of the Demons, before so often alluded to.

In many of the old books, Leviathan is represented in a very negative way and many of the rituals are portrayed in a way where you force the demon to appear and command them. Demonosophers are totally opposed to the enslavement and commanding of the demons and the representation of the Dark Lords in such a light, and as such our research and experience with him has led to a very different take. 

From the Priestess’s of Satan and Suns/Sons ~ The Demon Temple

Our Coven's Leviathan Sigil
Our Coven’s Leviathan Sigil

Emperor Leviathan is an ancient Abyssal Demon.  He is the oldest Abyssal demon and the oldest being to reside in the Abyss, he is truly ancient and one who was first.  He is one of incredible power and skill and is known for his might and ability.   He is a high ranking Dark Lord and one of the Ruling Members on the Demonic Council.  He is also a warrior of incredible rank and skill and oversees the Imperial Royal Demon Commanders in the Abyssal region of the demonic Army.

Leviathan is very unique in that he is Lord of the Abyss and the Void, which means he is Lord of the Emotional and Subconscious Realms.  Abyssal Demons naturally understand the depth and complexities of the emotions. They can assist people by guiding them through traumatic and painful memories.  Leviathan is one who offers healing and can help those who have incurred trauma to navigate the currents of painful emotions. He can assist with deep emotional healing and also can help guide one through the darkness of their own mind.  

He is a Gatekeeper of the void and can unlock the path for people through the labyrinths of darkness.  The journeys that he inspires and can open up, are always transformational, whether they be pleasurable or terrible.  The Currents of the Black Ocean are tormentors and vile. Leviathan can offer guidance and direction on these dark journeys.   The Black Ocean contains our darkest and most horrific secrets, it keeps hidden the monstrous sides of ourself.  The journey thought the Dark Ocean is terrible and transformational and Leviathan acts as an Abyssal Guide.  He holds the gates of the void and can offer guidance and wisdom on the Dark Journeys that we are called to make.  

He can work healing energies and channel the healing power of water to calm and soothe the emotions. He can help one to uncover forgotten memories lost in their mind.  He can help with dream interpretations and translation and often can provide insight and clarity to the symbols that appear to deliver messages in people’s lives.

He appears calm, though this is never to be confused with weakness. He is powerful and one who can command respect with just a glance.  He is not one to be disrespected as that calm exterior can melt away in an instant .  He has a very stern yet soothing presence. He is calm, serious, more on the quiet side and reserved. When he speaks his voice is deep, powerful and commanding. He has an incredible depth that is reflected in his eyes and his demeanor. He is very wise and can speak to one directly or in dreams. He has the ability to drag up what may be submerged in one’s mind and can help by giving dreams to unlock what may be lurking there. He can help free one from whatever is within themselves that is creating blocks or holding them back. He sometimes will speak or communicate using symbols to lead one to what they must become aware of.

He has a deep understanding of emotions. He can help with shadow work, subconscious work, balancing the element of water and revealing things that are hidden. He can also help with understanding other people or situations, seeing the sublayers of them and finding what drives them to do what they do. He can help with healing and be very gentle, though he has a dark side to him and can help one to channel darkness from the fathomless depths, from the darkest parts of the mind and soul to unleash powerful destructive magick.

We have met four wives that he has.  One of them being Lady Unsere.  Though it has been said that Lady Unsere is one of the wives of Satan, our gnosis has led us to believe that she is the Wife of Leviathan.   The other three are Abyssal Demonesses who are unknown.

Appearance : He has two forms that we have seen.  One is of a massive serpent who swims through the depth of the ocean,  a great dragon of the black seas.   Leviathan appeared to us as a tall, muscular man with long black hair and dark eyes that shift from midnight blue to black. He sometimes appears more human, though in his Demonic form he has long black horns, a blue-black tail and black wings with midnight blue underneath. He has a dragon form as well which he can take, appearing as a huge, serpent-like dragon with dark blue and black scales and glowing blue eyes. His dragon form is massive and powerful.

Offerings we offer when working with him :  We will offer Leviathan pearl or mother of pearl …. water, sea salt, river rocks, shells, sand and purple and blue iris flowers. He also enjoys dark, ambient music, dark wave and dark chanting. He likes oolong, silver needle white tea, Shincha and Koicha green tea. We believe in offering demons tea as a sign of welcome and respect and these are the teas we offer to Leviathan.

Colours he likes :  Blue, Teal, Turquoise, Silver, Black and Emerald Green.

Crystals he likes: Aquamarine, kyanite, Sapphire, Pearl, Moonstone, tanzanite, black tourmaline, clear quartz and enhydro quartz.

Incense  and scents he likes :  Sandalwood, Copal, Lotus, Eucalyptus, Mint, Lavender, and Palo Santo.


Lord of the Abyss Leviathan

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18 thoughts on “Leviathan – Emperor of the Void and Abyssal Demon

  • Veronica

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, thank you so much for this wonderful article and I have one little request I would like to see some more information about the lady Unsere if it’s possible. I wasn’t able to find it myself so I would be really thankful for your help if you have some more information or knowledge about her.
    Thank you

    • You are very welcome Veronica ^_^ I actually am working on an article on Unsere and will be posting it in the next few weeks! Thank you again for your kind words!

      • Fantastic! I’m looking forward to the article, actually to all new articles^^

        • Daniel falcon alvarez

          I would like to possibly talk more on the subject if you would please message me in private

        • Shemesh Shachorah

          Leviathan called to me in my late teens. He wanted me to start a new religion based on him. I was overwhelmed and scared. I didn’t do it. I’m 50 now. I’m wondering if I should pick up the thread. Thanks for the article. It’s illuminating. I think I understand better why Leviathan called me.

  • Heath Humberson

    I guess what is concerning me. There are different sources saying that Leviathan is actually Jesus Christ himself and an enemy of mankind? I am conflicted about Leviathan.

    • I’ve never heard this. There is no mention of Jesus in demonolatry.

  • Thank you so much for posting this! I’m beginning my left-hand path and have been getting nudges towards Leviathan. I will ensure to do more research but this is such a fantastic place to start. Thank you!

  • William M

    The coven’s sigil is beautiful, I love it! Felt such strong energy just clicking onto the page.

  • Is lord leviathan and lord cthulu is same ? Will he help me to destroy my enemies ?

  • Arcanium

    Compared to the other Demon readings, I felt Leviathan so calm, so comtemplative, so beautiful…. so soothing, and even reassuring. I didn’t know Leviathan except from the description of him in “Asenath mason Draconian ritual book” where there are some very powerful Demon channels where there is indeed talk of the Demon of the Void, even of primordial chaos.

    The seal of Leviathan is exactly what my mind wanted and speaks to me 100%. Sometimes the seal speaks to me enormously and qualifies the essence of the Demon (it’s personal of course) sometimes it’s a seal of another style…

    I always appreciate these experiences and the authenticity in your writings. There really is an alignment. I really discover with you the passion of the Demons, a passion that I could not touch with my finger when reading the descriptions of the grimoires, too flat to my taste…

    It is really of a level that I qualify as transcendental.

  • Edward

    ” What if i tell you lies to bring you to life?
    what if I tell the truth to my enemies to lead them to demise?
    what if I bring you true light from the lifeless Abyss ?
    what if life would kill or save you?
    would you then call my medicine a “Venom”?
    call me dark?
    or light?
    get rest?
    or be frightened ?
    fall for lies or rise for the truth?
    questions are mine
    but answers may be yours too.
    and if you can’t endure
    is it hell or heaven?
    angel or demon?

  • No new religions. Both male and female as Angels can be either. Seals bs except for the top middle. Fallen Prince yes but still serves God. Calm no… annoyed yes. Angry on a regular basis. Bound away from the sea as punishment. Leviathan is a title not a name.

    • This is your experience and it is different from mine. There are many layers of the spiritual world that people connect to. The layer that you are connecting to is different than the one I am connecting to Leviathan is very much an entity from the layer I work with and has helped me through many different challenges.

  • Alexander

    Hello, Thank you for all the great information. I wanted to know what colour candle would be best to use for leviathan. As although I am ordained as a dark magician with several errors I feel like it’s best to start again and one thing I haven’t got is a strong enough knowledge of how to reach out to spirits like leviathan.

    • Hello! When working with Leviathan I use Blue, Dark Blue, or Black Candles. I have always found him amazing to connect with!

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