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Bune – Demoness Duchess of the Day

Demoness of the Day – Duchess Bune (Day Demoness)

(***note***  Our personal experience with her has been that Bune is a Female, our coven notes on her will be coming soon.)

Dates: December 3rd – December 12th (Connolly)(Tikaboo)(Day Time)
Alternate Dates: July 28th – August 1st (Runyon)
Direction: West
Tarot:  9 of Wands
Planet: Venus
Metal: Copper
Element: Earth (Under Goap)
Color:  Green
Plant: Orange
Incense: Sandalwood
Zodiac:  Sagittarius

Demonic Enn: Whlc melan avage Bune tasa


Original text from the Ars Goetia:

“The Twenty-sixth Spirit is Bune (or Bime). He is a Strong, Great and Mighty Duke. He appeareth in the form of a Dragon with three heads, one like a Dog, one like a Gryphon, and one like a Man. He speaketh with a high and comely Voice. He changeth the Place of the Dead, and causeth the Spirits which be under him to gather together upon your Sepulchres. He giveth Riches unto a Man, and maketh him Wise and Eloquent. He giveth true Answers unto Demands. And he governeth 30 Legions of Spirits. His Seal is this, unto the which he oweth Obedience. He hath another Seal (which is the first of these, but the last is the best).”

From Tikaboo

“He is a Strong, Great and Mighty Duke. He appeareth in the form of a Dragon with three heads, one like a Dog, one like a Gryphon, and one like a Man. He speaketh with a high and comely Voice. He changeth the Place of the Dead, and causeth the Spirits which be under him to gather together upon your Sepulchres. He giveth Riches unto a Man, and maketh him Wise and Eloquent. He giveth true Answers unto Demands. And he governeth 30 Legions of Spirits.”

From the Luciferian Goetia by Michael Ford

“Bune is a shade gatherer, under the form of Azrael –the Angel of Death. Bune gathers shades unto one place, or sepulcher that they may reside in your place of dwelling, gathering knowledge and impulses from beyond the grave in the dreaming state. Bune brings knowledge of how one may become better, and grow in experience and wisdom.”

From the Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly

“Bune is one of the Goetia’s Necromancy Daemons. If you have a medium ready to channel the dead, invoke Bune to keep order and peace during the seance. He can impart understanding and wisdom about the nature of death.”


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References and Further Readings

~ Aleister Crowley, “The Goetia the Lesser Key of Solomon the King: Lemegeton, Book 1 Clavicula Salomonis Regis.”

~ S. Connolly, “The Complete Book of Demonolatry.” 

~ Michael Ford, “Luciferian Goetia” 



16 thoughts on “Bune – Demoness Duchess of the Day

  • Could you please send me the Enn to chant and feel the love and power of Demon? Very much curious to knew about this world….Many thanks for posting the site…

  • Wehl melan avage Bune Tasa

  • Max M Will

    This may not be possible, but is there a simpler sigil for this? While I do have a certain amount of inborn laziness, like all other human beings, it is also a tad difficult for me to draw this out freehand, as doing that helps me put my energy into the ritual, helping me have a more “hands on” approach. If it isn’t possible, then I’ll accept that.

    • I nearly always print my sigils or use them electronically. I have never felt a rejection from an entity for doing so. They are just a way to get your consciousness to make the connection anyway – the form is unimportant. I literally have 4 versions of this sigil running right now, and they are all effective – my idea was to create a sort of “nexus” of Bune energy. And about two minutes ago, I smelled her and felt her presence. I don’t think she cares… at all…

      • The wonderful Duchess Bune reached out to me for years, I just happen to have the Satan & Sons YouTube enns running on autopsy one evening meditating before bed. When it played Bune’s (A demoness I had never heard of before S&S) , I felt an almost orgasmic sensual warm friendly vibration energy hit my entire body for about 5 minutes. Months passed and I was preoccupied with college and family health issues, so focus was not on anything spiritual wise until recently again. She relayed to me telepathically that she is very welcoming to be a teacher and mentor to me despite me assuming she would be displeased I had neglected her for so long. As for her complex sigil….I was crafting it on a clay medallion/plate/incense holder this week. I was becoming VERY angry at myself because I felt my attempts were not perfect enough for her. I kept apologizing outloud to Bune that I suck at drawing it and she very kindly told me “Sweetie just do your best, you’re WAY TO HARD ON YOURSELF! Most artist are their own worst critics. I do appreciate any gifts/connecting efforts as long as they are from a person’s heart …So RELAX and have FUN expressing your unique creative talents, and you have so many. Share these artistic gifts with the world and you will be amazed the love that flows back for it.”

      • I do the same And they work just fine

  • Carrie Ballas

    Edit – I meant to wrote AUTOPLAY, not AUTOPSY…LOL

    • If your autocorrect defaults to autopsy, I want to know you irl. lol

  • I am wrriting this with a sincere and greatful heart. I had been through a very rough past and I was recently in a terrible
    situation as a young single mother faced with a nightmare. I was in a lot of debt and also had to pay rent and utilities. I was in dark place with no hopes. I begin to do incantations to Duchess Bune . In the beggining I was unsure if I am doing everything wright or not. I have set a small altar with offerings of grapefruit, carribean rum and natural honey. As incence I have used sandalwood⁸ aromatic sticks and burned pieces of sandalwood itself plus aromatic orange oil. I have drawn myself the sigil , and each time I was doing the incantation I was dripping blood over it (my own blood) and drops of orange oil. I would lit a candle green and/or orange and at some point I have painted the sigil using also a bit of myï own blood mixed with the colours.
    After everything was set and prepared I would say a small prayer to Lord Lucifer to facilitate, protect and strengthen the bond / the connection between Duchess Bune and I.

    Ar first, my prayers were merely about receiving financial help. At the end of incantation, I would write down on a piece of paper the amount needed and drop over little of my blood. I was transfixed When I received by a miracle the exact sum I have requested. Never in my life have I had such a miracle happening to me and also into such a short period extent (after 3 days)
    I kept doing incantations of thanking and some of requesting other sums I needed and again and again the same miracle happened to me. All of a sudden and from sources and ways I never thought of, money came into my possesion in the exact sum I requested and few times above it. Never less. Sometimes even after only a day!!

    In time , I have improved my altar , adding a silk material as a layout on top of which I arranged the altar, with a cooper plate in which I put the fruit, silver cups for the rum and honey , a bouquet of roses, cooper coins and other improvements.
    I am planning to build in time a very precious beautiful altar to reflect my appreciation and my gratefulness that I feel for Duchess’s Bune Entity.
    I was so deeply touched not only by the miracles themselves, the fact I received what I needed when I needed , but also about the amazing warmth feeling Her precence offered me and for realizing that such a High powerful and wise Entity out of her choice cared to listen to my prayers and out of her will cared to sort out my needs.

    I used to be a christian and pray almost every day for 30 years and nothing happened. It ‘s been the first time I had the incredibile feeling that someone out of this world , such an incredibile divine Being has brought magic, hope and peace into my troubled life.

    As I am writing this experience I can feel
    strong emotions and a lot of appreciation and gratitude for being blessed with having in my life such a magical connection.
    In My case, I sensed a feminine aspect in the presence of this Demon , yet I am sure might have also a masculin form or /and both.
    I believe that is important to offer alongside with gifts also affection, respect, sincerity, and to open your heart and your soul so you may also get to experience the incredibile feeling of being cared’ heard, of being helped and blessed by a great Spirit such as Duchess/Duke Bune.

    Yet, miracles happen through real things, so in order to ŕeceive those you might need to work out and act upon creating conditions throughtout this can happen. U cannot expect to do nothing and a pile of money to appear on the table. I guess there is a need for common sense and decency when one is asking for help.

    Apart from the financial support, even greater is the experience of connection , communication and bonding with such a full of wisdom amazing Entity.

    I am forever greatfull for having my life blessed in such way ‘ I am happy and full of love and appreciation for all the things I have been gifted from Duchess Bune’ many of I cannot put in words.

    • Rachel

      Your story of Duchess Bune has me in tears. I, too, was a devout Xtian for many years and never received an answered prayer, in fact it seemed that I was always being “punished” by yhwh for not being faithful or subservient enough… I prayed to goddess Freyja one night and within an hour, she came to me.

      In regards to Duchess Bune, I was at a local shop recently with my 5 y/o son. I asked him if he saw anything special we could bring into our home and he picked out a beautiful carved dragon head candle holder. I had already been obsessed with Dragons for many years, but it was nice to see my son bring it up.

      A few hrs later that night, a mutual of mine online was doing a live stream and mentioned the name Bune. I had heard it before in my studies, but had never connected to this Being before as I had with Lucifer & Azazel. I meditated that night and told Bune I felt strongly pulled to her, but wasn’t yet ready to work with her. She said she will be patient and as long as my heart is in the right place, there’s no need to rush. She helped me through that meditation in a completely non-financial way, but much more rewarding.

      I had been a survivor of sexual assault about 9 yrs ago and carried it with me every day, constantly feeling guilt, shame, anger and having full dissociative episodes caused by ptsd. I asked Bune to help me forgive myself and the other person and move past this event in my life that was affecting my marriage, mental health, and parenting. After that meditation, I felt an extreme sense of strength, love and relief.

      I thanked Bune for helping me and she let me know that that memory and feeling of shame was something holding me back in my practice and that I was now ready to move on.

      My connection to her, as well as the other Beings I have worked with, has become much stronger. I also reached out to Bune about guiding me to a new career where I can serve others and also be happy and within hrs, I received a job recommendation for a job doing precisely what I asked for.

      Hail Duchess Bune!

  • My prayers to Bime have never gone unfulfilled. Great daemon to work with. Praise Bime!

    I am Jm from Kenya,the first time i ever evoked Duke Bune was late July 2020,i had his green sigil,green candles,fruit offerings,juice and flowers and sandalwood incense,well sometimes i offered alcohol and blood on sigil and some good dark soothing music during rituals,he has attribution to copper so i ensured that copper materials were present during ritual,before invocation i would meditate and chant mental his enn which is WEHL MELAN AVAGE BUNE TASA, i would then invite him by claiming that i welcome him to my presence for ritual,during the ritual i would feel a soothing energy and some vivid meditate mental states,i would thank him for coming and i would ask him to take possession of my body for a communion , i would take a portion of the offerings as communion,on the left side of the alta i would write my request and then meditate on the end results i wish to manifest, my request were for financial stability.after several rituals i noted that my thinking changed and developed some smart solutions to problems i had,i also noted that some dead people visited me in dreams sometimes, the best results i noted were that i began to speak good English skills and eloquence in my communication and also my writing articles,I am an African and I can say i may not be that perfect but for sure i was noticed being fluent and some very offen money opportunities would come my way later my family had luck in securing a land worth enough good money.

    This is a public praise to Duke Bune for his generosity,kindness,wisdom and making me better communicator to,I urge anyone who would like to manifest or need some help with money, speaking to the dead,work and invoke Duke Bune,he is very good and safe to work with,Invoking this great and strong Spirit was a very wise decision i took.




  • I would like to share my experience while Working with Duchess Bune.
    The first thing that I noticed was desire to study,more concentration while studying.
    Secondly, I noticed increased energy levels despite me staying up late I never felt tired , our of the blue.(also increased libido)
    I didn’t change my diet nor did take any stimulants,it was somehow unnatural(i.e:-increased energy levels).
    The things I did for communication with her was,, sigil gazing,and listening to her enn(from satan and sons youtube channel),and that definitely worked.
    It has been only three days since I began communicating with her.
    I offered pieces of oranges as an offering to her.
    My experience with great duchess bune has been extremely pleasantful in these past few(3) days.
    My telepathic talk with her , has also been very pleasant.
    And if you think the goetic beings or any other entity does not exist and the person communicating with them is suffering from some psychological disorder , you are greatly mistaken.
    If you have made failed attempts to communicate with them,either you are very less energy sensitive or the being with whom you are communicating does not seem interested to work with you.
    And again I would like to repeat that my experience with duchess bune has been very pleasant and I will continue to harmoniously maintain this relationship with her from now till the end.
    Thank you
    Hail Duchess Bune!!

  • Bune is generous and kind. Hail Bune

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