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Lucifer – Fallen Angel and Prince of the Forsaken, Forgotten and Forlorn

Demonic Dark Lord Lucifer

(This information comes from our Priestesses seeking council with him) 

Direction: East
Planet: Venus 
Metal: Gold
Element: Air
Color: Blue, Teal, White, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Black and Grey
Incense and Scents:  Sandalwood, Lavender, Cedar, Lemon
Rank: Dark Lord, High Prince
Species: Fallen Angel
Realm: Various Realms of the Outer Spiritual World

Attributes:  Lucifer is the first Fallen Angel, the most beautiful and stunning angel he fell into darkness and was transformed into a demon.  He is a demon who understands the nature of darkness and the land of the shadows, he has been there many times and has found himself and the light that shines from within.  He is a demon of transformation and awakening of the soul self.  He can help one to find their truth and to walk the path that calls to their heart.  For when he fell into darkness, he found himself and he rose as the Prince of Darkness and Lord of his own right, and he teaches those who are lost to find their purpose and reclaim their power in their life.  Many people feel drawn to Lucifer because of this, but it is important to remember who he is and to honour him for him.  He rose to become a Prince, a True Demon Lord and he should be respected as such.   

Demonic Mantra:  Lord Lucifer, guide us through the dark, reveal to us the nature of the shadow, reveal to us the secrets of the forgotten flame and the light within our hearts.  Let us awaken our power, let us awaken our purpose.  We call to you Great Lord of Darkness, Great Lord of the Inner Light.  

Demonic Affirmation:  To Lucifer we call, from the shadows of our soul, from the darkness in our minds.  Reveal to us the truth of the self.  Reveal to us the nature of the soul.  Inspire and evoke the passion and desire from the depth of our soul and show us how to awaken the light from within.  We have aligned with the power of our core, we have aligned with the power of ourself and through this we rise, through this we awaken.  Lord Lucifer, Lord of the Inner Shadow, Lord of the Inner Light, let us step into our soul, show us how to walk with the shadow.  

Demonic Hymn:  Oh Lord Lucifer who unlocks the gates of the Eternal Black, we seek entrance, we seek the journey that you offer, we seek the wisdom that you grant, open the gates, open the black gates for we are ready, we are ready to leave safety and security and enter the world of the shadow.  We walk with you Lord Lucifer, we walk with you to learn your wisdom, we rise and become our truth, because of your guidance and power.  

Sacred Chant of Lucifer: Ney tar emosh, Ney tun vey, Lucifer rah saekon, Lucifer rah uymein, Lucifer Ney tar emosh, Lucifer neu tun vey.  

Lucifer Demonic Enn – “Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer”

(Enn from S.Connolly’s “The Complete Book of Demonolatry”)

Satan and Sons Sigil of Lucifer

 Lord Lucifer was the first Fallen Angel. He has an incredibly powerful story of transformation that reflects the transformation of many who have walked in the shadows, and the pains that many of us have gone through. It is why many feel drawn to him and connect to him, because he mirrors the story of our own soul. 

He is an incredibly high Ranking Prince of Hell.  We in our coven see Lucifer and Satan as Different Entities as Lucifer is a fallen angel who became a demon, while Lord Satan was always a demon.  

He is a complex Demon Lord and one aligned with the dominante aspect of masculinity and empowerment.  He is a very powerful warrior and is incredibly skilled and talented in the realm of fighting. He can help warriors to rise up and reclaim what they have lost.  He can help those who have fallen into the shadows and who have lost purpose and direction to find themselves and reclaim their power.  He is incredibly focused and disciplined and he can help one to find their way.  He can help one to set goals and reclaim structure in their life and find purpose and a sense of self. 

He has walked through the darkness of the shadow, the darkness of the abyss and the void, and these are journeys that he can initiation and instigate to those who seek him.  He likes working with those who are serious about transformation and serious about the journey and the work ahead of them.  The dark paths that he can open are incredibly dangerous and incredibly challenging, but they will open up energies and power that one has never seen and they can awaken the truth and power of ones soul.  

The transformation and empowerment that comes from walking through the darkness is one that can only be received through the gnosis of the journey.  He is the gatekeeper of the dark regions and labyrinths of the underworld and the paths that he helps those walk leads to empowerment, and awakening of the inner light and the rise of the self.  His journey is an example of the potential one can go through, the potential we all have inside of us.  He is a majesty of power and incredible wonder and he is one who is regal of the highest form of the word.  He is confident, masculine, strong and a dominant warrior who never suffers defeat and who can travel through the darkness unfazed by what will meet him there, he uses everything that has happened to him as an opportunity to become stronger. These are lessons that he teaches those who walk with him. 

He has been through a lot and he has experienced trauma and rejection.  He can help guide one to healing these things and help one to reclaim their power and their might.  He can be very stern and does not like excuses of those who he will guide through healing. He enjoys working with those who seek full healing and full transformation from these places. 

He is a very powerful and, honorable Dark Lord. Having a unique blend of angelic and demonic energies he has a lot of wisdom and experience to share.  He has been through much and from that he has gained an incredible amount of experience and wisdom.  These are things to be respected, he is not one to approach frivolously.  

Due to his past angelic alignment he does have incredible healing abilities and can help those who walk with him to heal pains from past times.  He uses angelic energies merged with his newfound demonic heritage for a very balanced and unique healing practise.  He can return one to their divine alignment and help to cleanse and heal wounds in the aura and soul.  He also has a unique element of helping one through shadow work and helping them to face the darkness in their soul and in their mind.  He is a Lord of Shadow work and one who knows the journey of darkness well and what sleeps in the soul.  It is his domain and those who are lost and fallen in the darkness, he is the one to help them rise and reclaim themselves.  

Lucifer has many female wives of both angelic and demonic decent, and he has children of his own from these wives.  He is not one who is jealous as he understands the polygamous structure of the demonic realms.  He loves his demonic and angelic wives and children very much and has a deep passion and connection to them.  He is very connected to his new family and though the fall was painful, it was a powerful learning experience and he teaches that sometimes you have to fall to get where you truly belong.  

With the depth of his emotions and the depth of healing that he has gone to in his own shadow, this makes people feel drawn to him. His power can influence their energies, but know that Lucifer is one who brings us face to face with our own feelings, our own shadows. He acts in a way as a mirror to things that we need to embrace and look at.  He shows us internal projections and he shows us the shadows that have to be healed.  Working with him will reveal blocks and obstacles that have to be removed from ones life.  The Shadow Divine within him casts a light on things that we do not want to face and sides of ourself that we seek to hide.  He is a life changing Dark Lord to work with and one who will bring challenge and change.  

Appearance: Lucifer can shift appearances and we have seen him several ways. He can appear with blond hair and blue eyes. He usually appears with angelic wings which range in colour from white to different shades of grey. He has black horns and a tail. He is very well-dressed and is usually more stern and serious in how he speaks. He has lighter skin and is in excellent shape as he is a powerful warrior, he has a very dominant masculine presence.

Offerings we offer when working with him:  When working with Lord Lucifer we always present candles and incense or oils in his preferred colors and scents. Music is also a wonderful offering for him. We usually play darker, melodic music when working with him. For tea, we offer him anything with lavender or lemon.  Lavender is also a wonderful offering for him. We believe in offering demons tea as a sign of welcome and respect and these are the teas we offer to Lucifer.

Colours he likes:  Blue, Silver, Black and Grey

Crystals he likes: Quartz, Celestite, Black tourmaline, Apophyllite, Tanzanite, Herkimer Diamond

Incense and scents he likes:  Sandalwood, Lavender, Palo Santo, Frankincense, Myrrh

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  • Yes finally! Thanks so much for this 🙂
    Hail Lucifer!

  • Hail Lucifer, this is a new path for me. My eyes are open and I see in the darkness. Thank you.

  • Hail Lucifer – what an experience but be ready, his energy is very strong

  • AnAngel

    He has been very kind and helpful to me…..:) but I just wonder, the other sigil is more well known, but do they both work the same way? does he have 2 sigils because hes an absolute BOSS? lol

    • Frater Vergilius Maro

      Hi soror,
      In my opinion, a sigil could be described as a “door” created by humans for demons.
      This means that you can create your own door to summon a demon. As you said in your comment, Lucifer has the sigil we all know (the “V” one) and the one in this page, BUT, i think that you could create your own sigil.
      The matter is to precisely know what YOU want to do with this sigil, to who he will be linked, what energies are you going to summon etc.
      So, if you create your own sigil to summon Lucifer, you will have to do it in a way that it WILL summon Lucifer and not another demon or entity.
      I’m not a specialist in sigil, but this is my point of view as i created sigil back in times, and even if those weren’t the one you could find in books, it always worked for me.

    • Ave Lucifer King and Lord, you have helped me so much. This post helped me a lot too, thank you. Ave Lucifer

      • Genesis

        Lucifer has multiple wives? I’m new to this path and would love to know more about there angelic and demonic spouses of his. Did the priestesses who worked with Lord Lucifer know the names of at least one of the spouses just like they did with Lord Leviathan and Lady Unsere?

        • The only instance of Lucifer having a wife that I am aware of is his marriage to the goddess Diana and they had a daughter Aradia. I too would love to learn more about his other wives and children!

    • Serpent of Venus

      This is the third sigil I personally have come across for Lucifer. The first being the most well known from the Grimorium Verum. The second is from another group and is said to be a sigil to contact his Angelic aspect. This, as stated, is the third. This is reminiscent of other sigils in the Grimorium Verum, but I am unsure on whether this sigil has it’s origins in that text or if it is an original sigil by one of the priestesses of this group. I also have a personal sigil for Lucifer that was interpreted through an Automatic Drawing session. The beauty of sigils is that they are artistic tools used to establish contact with entities, and can be created through just about any means. That being said, I see no reason as to why one sigil would work better than another, as long as it’s not associated with another entity already. Similar to a phone number I suppose. You wouldn’t call “Fred” in hopes of reaching “Kate”, but “Fred” can have a work phone, home phone and cellphone number that you can use to reach them, just like you wouldn’t use Belial’s sigil to contact Lucifer, but they can each have multiple sigils associated to them. I hope that makes sense and is helpful! 🙂

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    So if i am offering,do i but the tea and orange or am just gonna put them there and leave them?some say you can offer your semen and your blood

  • how do i make an offering?? i really need lord lucifer help.

  • Andre'

    For the blood offering, I use a diabetic lance and apply my blood from base to tip upon a black candle before burning.

  • Alex Seldes

    I’m so used to seeing him as a bad guy. But, please, I’m trying to broaden my horizon, to better understand demons, if they do exist. I myself have never had a demonic or any kind of supernatural encounter, I regret to say. So bear with me. I might need a little bit of time to adjust.

    • Eu também mas acho que sou muito nova só tenho 14 anos eu queria um mentor para me ajudar

  • Baracus

    Hail Lord Lucifer , The Morning Star .

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    Como puedo comenzar a trabajar de la mano de Lord Lucifer?

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  • Harry Tan

    Greetings Admin

    can help me and make a video how to pronounsation for Sacred Chant of Lucifer: Ney tar emosh, Ney tun vey, Lucifer rah saekon, Lucifer rah uymein, Lucifer Ney tar emosh, Lucifer neu tun vey.
    Please help me. thank you so much

  • Mantague

    I was curious is there any connection between Lucifer and Samael. do they work together or anything of the like.

    • Yes, they do know each other and I have seen them work together. I have also called on both of them for different rituals and the energies have been amazing!

  • This was the most comprehensive and interesting introduction to Lucifer I have read. It was so clear and easy to understand, and for that I thank you. From your site I have learnt really important information about how demons can change their sigils too, so I thank you.

    Your explanation as to the work Lucifer does with his practitioners/ people he allies with was very touching and interesting. Would you say the shadow work he does is very painful and harsh, or does he go a bit more gently? Also very interesting notes on his many wives and new family; as well as his nature as a rebel and outcast who has been knocked down enough times to truly bear the utmost of darkness. A very enlightening article about one of the most demonised figures around. Thank you!!!

    • Thank you so much! I am so glad you enjoyed the article ^_^

  • Dr.sameer kumar

    Help me and my family
    Dr.sameer Kumar


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