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Mammon – Noble Demon and King Of Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity

Demonic Dark Lord Mammon 

(The Above Sigil is our Coven’s Channeled Sigil to Lord Mammon)

(This information comes from our Priestesses seeking council with him) 

Direction: North 
Planet: Jupiter 
Metal: Gold
Element: Earth
Colour: Gold, Black, Rose Gold, Red, Yellow, Orange
Incense and Scents:  Oudh, Frankincense, Myrrh
Rank: Dark Lord, King
Species: Noble Demon
Realm: Noble Realm of the Outer Spiritual World

Attributes: Mammon is the demon lord of wealth and abundance—a Demon of commerce, capitalism, and financial prosperity. He understands all things concerning money. He understands business, the mindset of wealth creation, and how to build businesses. He is an incredible demon Lord who can reveal the secrets of prosperity and living a life of pure abundance. For those who wish to learn how to build an empire, Mammon is the demon who can help.  

Demonic Mantra: Lord Mammon, the lord of commerce, of wealth, of abundance and of prosperity.  Heal my mind and guide me on the path where I may live, manifesting and creating all that I desire.  We call to you, Lord of Gold, Lord of Wealth, Lord of Prosperity.  

Demonic Affirmation:  To Mammon, we ask, guide us to what we need, reveal the path, reveal the mindset, and give us all we need to act on what we know, to build up what we have and to create and manifest from the power of our dreams.  He brings gold to reveal to us the secrets of financial alchemy and the secrets of pure wealth creation.  Mammon great Lord of the Earth and Lord of riches, show us your ways and help us enter the cornucopia of the physical world..     

Demonic Hymn: Oh Lord Mammon, who unlocks the gates of gold and allows us to enter the sanctuary of abundance, the treasure of the demons, the wealth of the Earth, the secrets of abundance. He is the Lord, and he is the one who reveals to us the power of manifestation, the power of creation, and the ability to grow in abundance and luxury. We walk with you, Lord Mammon. We are guided by you, and it is through your affluent wisdom that we rise.  

Sacred Chant of Mammon: Beynotor, Mammon, enkeryn, Mammon, zeynis, Mammon, Mammon, Mammon…un vor tynoss, Beynotor Mammon.

Mammon Demonic Enn – “Tasa Mammon on ca lirach”

Dukante Sigil of Lord Mammon

Lord Mammon is a Dark Lord of Wealth and Abundance. He is the demon to go to when you want massive change in your life on a grand scale. He is about complete overhauls, and he can be very challenging to work with. He is the demon to go to, though, when you want to make incredible life changes.  

When one is learning to manifest and create what one desires, there is usually a lot of breaking that goes along with that.  If you were where you wanted to be, you wouldn’t need to change, and working with Mammon brings massive changes to the self.  He will break everything in you that needs to be broken to get where you want to go, and he can be merciless at times.  Just remind yourself that you asked for it.  

He likes to work with those who want to build empires, build businesses, and investment portfolios.  Those who really want to change where they are and manifest and create the life that they desire.  He is a demon who teaches powerful and incredible manifestations.  He will destroy all the blocks that you have that are stopping your success. When you ask for change, he brings it, and he brings everything that needs to happen in order for the blocks to be removed.  

He is a master at block removal.  Anything that is preventing you from attaining the success that you desire, he can remove, and he will.  This, though, can create a lot of chaos, and it can bring people into states of ruin.  Sometimes, we are the ones holding ourselves back with our fears, our beliefs, and our thoughts.  Mammon has no issues coming in and overhauling everything.  He will come in and just destroy it all.  Working with Mammon, he will come in and destroy everything that is holding you back and leave your old world in desolate ruin, but he will walk with you and help you every step of the way, building the new one. 

Once the old world has been destroyed, he reveals great secrets of wealth creation, Money Alchemy and Abundance manifestation.  The Manifestation techniques that Mammon reveals are incredible, and his Financial Alchemy is unreal.  You can create systems and structures where money basically flows to you in an unstoppable river.  He opens the floodgates, and once you are in the place where you can learn from him, instead of resting him and arguing with him, he will guide you and show you everything you need. 

There is deep Money Magick, deep secrets of the universe working with Gold and the Alchemy of financial energy where you can learn to craft and create the world around you with just your will.  These are ancient secrets, and they are ancient practices that bring incredible and profound change to those who embrace them.  

These are the gates that Mammon opens, and this is what he reveals.  The journey of transformation and manifestation, where you take control of your world and you take charge of the energies around you.  You are in control, and the world around you answers your call.  It is what Mammon teaches and why he wants to work with people who are serious about bringing powerful and profound change to their lives.  This is not a path for everyone.  This is a lot of work, and it often takes one into the darkness of their shadow, where they must face their fears and everything that is holding them back and standing in their way.  It is incredible, challenging, and transformative work, and it is through Mammon that we can rise from where we are and attain what it is that we want and desire.  

He teaches those who walk with him how to follow their dreams and shows them the actions that they need to take to create what they desire.  He is big on education, and he will guide you to resources that you need to read and what you need to learn in order to attain what you set out for.  To work with Mammon, one must be ready to change, and one must realize that there will be times he will test you, there will be times everything will fall to ruin, and from the ashes and smouldering remains of your old life, your new life and your new self will emerge.  

Those who walk with Mammon and are committed to the change he never abandons.  He will walk with you and he will guide you through every step of the way,  he will be there with you through the hard times and he will celebrate with you as everything comes together.  He will show you how to build empires and how to leave behind what only holds you back.  He is brilliant, brunt, skilled, and always says it like it is.  He lays everything out on the table, and once you accept, he is always there to remind you of what you asked for.  He has 24 wives and is one of the wealthiest and most incredible Dark Lords we have ever worked with.  

Appearance: Mammon appears to us as a Demon with white-blond hair and ice-blue eyes. His skin is tanned, and he is often seen wearing the most regal robes and attire. He will often wear a gold crown and has long black horns with gold tips. He conceals his tail and wings, though they are also black with gold highlights and tips. 

Offerings we offer when working with him:  Lord Mammon is one who has very strong preferences in what he likes. Gold is one of the best offerings for him. As is Oudh. Citrine is another thing we always give as an offering and have on his altar when working with him. We offer Mammon the most expensive teas we can find, which are often either oolong or pu’erh. We believe in offering demons tea as a sign of welcome and respect, and these are the teas we offer to Mammon. 

Colours he likes:  Gold, Black and Rose Gold

Crystals he likes: Citrine, Pyrite, Moldavite, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald or any other rare and precious stone

Incense and scents he likes:  Oudh/Agarwood, Frankincense, Myrrh

If you would like to learn more about Mammon and our Covens personal experiences with him, articles on him can be found here….

22 thoughts on “Mammon – Noble Demon and King Of Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity

  • Greetings: I would like to know did anyone ever worked with the Demon Mammon? and if so…What did you experience while connecting with him. For myself personally I feel a strong urge to communicate with him. But I don’t want to jump into so quick, I feel I need a little more time to be sure, that this is the right thing to do.

  • qhawe zwakeke ngema

    there’s any one who worked with Mammon I need help from you guys I want to summon Mammon I want to work with him I need him which steps to follow in order to summon him

  • qhawe zakhele

    there’s any one who worked with Mammon I need help from you guys I want to summon Mammon I want to work with him I need him which steps to follow in order to summon him

  • Selassie

    I need steps to follow to summon mammon

  • Would like to hear more from everyone about this.

  • Confused. If someone had gold to offer Mammon, what would they need Mammon’s help for?

    • Offering a small bit of gold to Mammon shows your commitment to working with him, and it will allow him to show you how to create more gold.

  • Arcanium

    Thank you for the article. I feel Akelta’s very strong passion for him and I am very amused because I find myself in this situation with my passion for Satan. The article is as rich as the video, and I really appreciate when the knowledge about Demons comes directly from the person’s experience, it makes it more authentic.

    I don’t understand when you talk about “offering gold to Mammon”. Does that mean that you are giving him your gold forever? If so, what do you do with the gold you offer him? When you offer tea, does Mammon drink the energy of the tea, or does he appear in the flesh to taste it with you?

    It seems to have a very marked destructive aspect, but what surprises me is that the description of this aspect “I clear all the blocks, even if it leads to chaos”, I felt it in Satan, and besides, I always felt that he asked me to blow up the illusions that prevent me from letting it flow 100% in my life. He makes me feel, that I use personal development and light to avoid facing him. But he made me feel “destroy your illusion to welcome me”. Does this mean that this particularity of Mammon is not only his, and that any other Demon with whom the person is in affinity, can do the same?

    I would also like some precision on “building an empire” because the notion is unclear to me.

    As far as I am concerned, I have such a desire from Satan that I don’t want to work with any other Demon to devote myself to him…but to destroy what must be destroyed with him. I have even read the theory that Satan is all the other Demons and therefore Mammon…

    One in the Whole, and the Whole in the individualities….

  • I received from you and Lord Mammon the blessings you have as an offer in your site fo Satan&Sons
    But I did the instructions to finish the blessings, without any results.
    Now I lost may job but I´m trying to get a brand new job as soon as possible.
    I´m trying to learn more about him, I wanted and I still wants his help to succeed.
    The problem is taht I don´t know if I did something wrong.
    How do I get answers to be ready to continue working with Mammon.
    Kind Regards.

    • You didn’t do anyting wrong. Lord Mammon is known for his harsh methods of removing blocks. When I started working with him he shattered my life and I lost my job as well. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. Losing that job opened up the energies and I was able to manifest the business that I wanted and now am living the life of my dreams. This is a good thing. It means the energies are shifting and the blocks between you and what you desire are opening. Stay focused on what you want and know that opportunity is coming your way!

  • Baracus

    Hail Lord Mammon lord of all gold treasures and wealth .
    Thank you .

  • This site is wow! Wil starat working with Mammon soon..Anyways do we use candles to summon Mammon and which color please

    • I also use Gold, White, or Black Candles when working with Mammon 🙂

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  • Dark Joy


    I like your work. I notice you have not done much on youtube lately. Have you migrated to a different platform?

  • Cocoliett

    Someone knows how it is represented in appearance lord Mammon?

    • I have always seen Lord Mammon as.. “Mammon appears to us as a Demon with white-blond hair and ice-blue eyes. His skin is tanned and he is often seen wearing the most regal robes and regal attire. He will often wear a gold crown and has long black horns with gold tips. He conceals his tail and wings, though they are also black with gold highlights and tips”


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