Azazel – Watcher Angel and High Prince of the Fallen Darkness

Demonic High Prince and Dark Lord Azazel

(This information comes from our Priestesses seeking council with him) 

Direction: South 
Planet: Saturn 
Metal: Gold
Element: Fire
Color: Red, Purple, Blue, Black and Orange
Incense and Scents:  Frankincense, Myrrh, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Patchouli, Sandalwood
Rank : Dark Lord, Prince
Species: Watcher Angel/Noble Demon
Realm: Noble Demon Realm

Attributes: Where to even begin with Azazel.  This incredible Dark Lord has been through the darkness and understands it.  Though he is not the oldest, he makes up for it in wisdom from his travels. He has ventured far and learned much. He has embraced a balanced path as a healer and one who can awaken the sleeping sides of the soul.

He knows the journey of the black flame and the journey of the black sun and he has gained the wisdom of darkness. He can act as a guide helping people through the darkness of their soul and helping them to find balance. Both a healer and a warrior he is incredibly balanced and one who can offer profound guidance and wisdom.

Demonic Mantra:  Lord Azazel, Mighty are those who are fallen, those who have wandered through the dark, and are set ablaze by the flame of their heart.  Guide us.  Show us the way. We call to you oh great one.

Demonic Affirmation:  To Azazel we ask, guide us through the darkness, show us the path ahead, the path that we cannot see. Guide us to the forlorn world, the land of the black sun, where we may gaze upon it and burn, being reborn of charred ash and power. Great Lord of Darkness, lead us to our shadow, lead us to the black depth of our soul. Help us find balance and mastery of our selves.

Demonic Hymn: Gifted Darklord of Sublime Darkness, who knows the keys to unlock the path of the Black Sun, who knows the path of the black flame, the essence of the soul, the darkness that sleeps within. One who walks through the fire and the black abyss to the tree of knowledge and power, the tree of tears and terror, and the tree of black char. It is you we follow and it is you who we know in the blacks regions of our hearts.

Sacred Chant of Azazel : Mezeryn ven onzaul Azazel onzaul teay vydeyn Azazel onzaul

Azazel Demonic Enn – “Eya On Ca Azazel Aken”
(Enn From S.Connolly’s “The Keys of Ocat”)
Stephanie Connolly is an amazing author and this book is incredible, I recommend it!

More Great Chants to Azazel can be found on V.K Jehannum’s site

Our Covens Sigil of Azazel
Our Covens Sigil of Azazel

From the Priestess’s of Satan and Suns/Sons ~ The Demon Temple

Azazel a very powerful and incredible male demon and is one of the Dark lords who is incredibly gifted and skilled. More so then that he is one who is incredibly complex.

To work with Azazel is to be taken on a journey of the soul and a journey of the self. He will challenge the deepest and darkest parts of you, and he will align you with the rawest and most primal parts of your self. He understands the darkness, this is why he is so balanced and so brilliant in his approach to managing it. He can assist one with healing and with overcoming the pains of the heart and of the soul.

He has unique methods for working with those who approach him and he offering incredible insights into painful situations. He knows the darkness of the heart and soul and he knows how to calm the storm of madness within. He is the storm, and he is the night and what he teachers shakes the foundation of the soul and changes those who walk with him.

He is a powerful healer. He is one who has mastered the darkness of himself and so when he heals, he comes from a place of purity. The purity in which he heals form is something that is rare and unique. He can channel the energies and guide them into their target clearing blocks and removing limiting mindsets and toxic energies.

He is one who believes in getting in there and experiencing everything. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and when it comes to removing toxic, corrosive and sludge energy, he will go right in there and remove it himself. He is a very skilled healer and energy worker and he understands the mind and the body.

He is a master of the mind from his travels and training.  It has taken him to the darkest places of the void and he has learned mastery over his mind and his thoughts. He comes across as cold and emotionless but in reality, he is one that is full of powerful and profound emotions, the depth of which takes years to understand and explore. He can train one to master their own mind and teach them powerful techniques in focus, concentration and mental mastery.

He can help one to train their mind and to awaken their own unique gifts and abilities. He can help one to embrace the super mind powers that are inside of them and through intense training, he can teach people higher psychic skills that have long been forgotten by humans. The level of focus that he desires in those who work with him is intense and one must be ready for the exercises that he reveals to them. For it is through these exercises that the higher powers are activated.

He can help people to awaken their psychic skills and the power of their third eye. He is a master at psychic development and any arcane development. He can help one to gain mastery over themselves and their psychic skills. He also is a master Black Magician and can teach sacred techniques in black magic, and spell crafting. Those who approach him are given the opportunity to learn powerful mind-bending techniques and how to shape and craft the world around them.  He is a powerful teacher who will bring life-changing opportunity and challenges to those who rise to them.

Lord of the Black Desert, there is magick here and there is skill that can be harnessed.  Those who overcome the challenges are gifted with powerful secrets and sacred techniques which can only be used by those who have gone through the trials. This desert is a place of madness and of darkness, it is a place that swallows whole those who cannot handle it, and it is his domain. As is the magick that rises from there. He teaches incredible gnosis in the dark travels of the soul and journeys with him often take one to the intense darkness within. The shadows of despair. He is a powerful teacher of magick, healing, balance, darkness, soul travels, and soul awakenings.

He has a very wise presence to him, and he can offer one guidance and comfort, especially if they are troubled and upset. He gives incredible advice and I have always found him to be patient and compassionate. For those who understand the darkness and their own balance usually are very understanding of those who are looking for their own. He is one though to be treated with respect, and honored for the wisdom and knowledge that he has and the brilliance that is him. Though he is not the oldest Dark Lord, he is one of incredible brilliance and wisdom that takes one to the pinnacle of their own mastery and pushes them to the edge of what they believe is possible.

Appearance: Azazel appears to us as a muscular male demon with tanned skin and medium length, spiked black hair. His wings are red and black in color and he has black horns that curve upwards from his head. His eyes are a deep, sapphire blue. He is very well dressed and usually wears darker clothes and clothing that has a very regal feel.

Offerings we offer when working with him: When working with Lord Azazel we like to make offerings to him of candles in colors he likes. Steak is another offering that he likes. Flowers he likes are yellow carnations, geraniums, and hydrangea. He enjoys music one can meditate to and get into a relaxed and meditative state with. Teas he likes are green tea, herbal tea, and hibiscus tea. We believe in offering demons tea as a sign of welcome and respect and these are the teas we offer to Lord Azazel.

Colors he likes: Blue, Yellow, Green, Gold, Black, and Red

Crystals he likes: Carnelian, Eudialyte, Black Tourmaline, Onyx, Obsidian, Jet, Topaz, Lapis Lazuli, Moldavite, Quartz, and Tibetan Black Quartz

Incense and scents he likes: Frankincense, Myrrh, Eucalyptus, Patchouli and Gardenia, sandalwood

Another amazing article on Azazel can be found here on V.K Jehannum’s Site.  This site is amazing and so full of incredible information!

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