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Botis – Demon Earl of the Day

Demon of the Day – Earl Botis (Day Demon)

Dates: September 2nd – September 11th (Connolly)(Day Time)
Alternate Dates: September 4th – September 13th (Tikaboo), June 11th – June 15th (Runyon)
Direction: North
Tarot:  9 of Pentacles
Planet: Mercury
Metal: Mercury
Element: Water (Under Amaymon)
Color:  Orange
Plant: Lily
Incense: Storax
Zodiac:  Virgo

Demonic Enn: Jedan hoesta noc ra Botis


Original text from the Ars Goetia:

“The Seventeenth Spirit is Botis, a Great President, and an Earl. He appeareth at the first show in the form of an ugly Viper, then at the command of the Magician he putteth on a Human shape with Great Teeth, and two Horns, carrying a bright and sharp Sword in his hand. He telleth all things Past, and to Come, and reconcileth Friends and Foes. He ruleth over 60 Legions of Spirits, and this is his Seal, etc.”


From Tikaboo

“He appeareth at the first show in the form of an ugly Viper, then at the command of the Magician he putteth on a Human shape with Great Teeth, and two Horns, carrying a bright and sharp Sword in his hand. He telleth all things Past, and to Come, and reconcileth Friends and Foes. He ruleth over 60 Legions of Spirits.”


From the Luciferian Goetia by Michael Ford

“Botis is a divinatory spirit whom reveals secrets in the depths of the mind, and how one may obtain secrets from others by language and talk.”


From the Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly

“Most water daemons can be invoked for emotional matters with regards to relationships. Seek Botis to draw new friends or perform divination regarding friends.”


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4 thoughts on “Botis – Demon Earl of the Day

  • When i was way younger, i would see this creature type thing that would look different most days…. i would only see him in the day and he would dissapear when the sun went down… i still remember his face, i had the idea to try to find out if it was a hoax for not, turns out not. When he followed me around, i didn’t want to talk until i was 5, i was only 4… but he left when i was in 5th grade( in in 8th now). When he watched me at home, i would just point because i didn’t want to talk.., his face and body type still haunts me to this day…

    • Hi Cora, Children are often very attuned to the spiritual world and we can sense and see things that many cannot. It could have been a spirit, or even a guardian companion or spirit guide. Being sensitive to the spirit world is not a bad thing, though many people do experience fear because we are not taught to embrace the spiritual world and there is much in the media leading us to fear it. I would suggest learning about your spiritual foundation. Developing a good spiritual foundation can help empower you and also allow you to decide what you want around you and what you would like to leave you alone. Here is a link 🙂

  • Interesting story. 20 years ago, I had a friend who wanted to summon Botis. She said she summoned him often and talked to him. One night my girlfriend at the time, my friend and myself went to the basement to have a summoning. She made a salt circle, called the watchers of the corners. Then took a mirror and placed it in a circle outside our circle. She then started to summon Botis. When she began talking to him she asked me if I wanted to see. I was game, so I said “sure”. She placed a seal (which was Botis’s seal) around my neck and told me to look. At first, I saw my reflection, but it then changed. I assumed this was a trick of light and moved my head, but the image remained stationary. What i saw was like a sepia version of a person with a long face and fangs. His hair was slicked back . I was so focused on trying to see if it was an illusion that I didn’t further study his features. What got me was his voice. It was like a whisper on wind. Binaural sounding. Like ARSM. I remember him saying these two things “I am Botis.” And “you are a very powerful being and I cannot speak with you now”
    I always think about that and I always wonder if there was a way to communicate with these demons without all of the conjuring and fanfare.

  • i recently petitioned Earl Botis to help me with a situation regarding a friend of mine who had shut me and several other mutual friends out in a fit of psychosis. i felt very comforted by Botis’ presence when i regaled him of the specifics, and he sent environmental messages telling me to be patient essentially. at least that’s how i interpreted the two streams of incense smoke and appearance of and close encounter with an opossum when i looked up animal symbolism later. it’s also possible he was amused by my haphazard working, i felt quite a bit of patient chuckling from his direction. i will have to try harder for my next working (in general).

    the following month me and that friend starting talking again and we’re closer than ever now. he felt incredibly guilty about what he did to us and he wasn’t expecting anyone to forgive him let alone all of us. i don’t think that could have gone much better.



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