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About us!

The Satan and Sons Encyclopedia of Demons, Demonolatry, Demonosophy and Working with the Demon Lords.

This Encyclopedia is a collaborative effort led by the esteemed High Priestesses of Satan and Sons ~ The Demon Temple: Akelta, Yllidra, Satyra, and Eilana.
Together, they bring over 20 years of profound experience working intimately with Demons, Demon Lords, and Personal Demon Companions.

Our Encyclopedia is designed to serve as a valuable resource for those embarking on a spiritual journey with demons. It offers complimentary guidance, counsel, and education to all seekers. Education is our primary focus, and we take great pleasure in sharing our vast knowledge.

We are deeply passionate about our work with Demons and take pride in assisting others in experiencing a life infused with pure demon inspiration and guidance. Walking alongside demons is an extraordinary journey, and the presence of a Demon Companion can be truly transformative.

As with all content on our Blogs and Forums, the personal information and articles are protected by copyright. This material is intended for educational purposes, and if you choose to share it on your own platforms, we kindly request that you provide a link back to the original source.

Uncover the incredible and amazing work of Demons.

We are a unique coven of Demonosophers and Demon Lovers who specialize in Demons, Darkness and working with the Dark Lords.  Demon Encyclopdia is a resource for those who love Demons and was the Dream of Akelta Wilde; she is joined by her Coven Sisters, Eliana Nightshade and Ysabeau!

We come from a variety of backgrounds, and cumulatively, we have walked this path for many years.  We are quite intimate with the workings and rituals surrounding the Dark Lords and Demons. We are a coven of Demonosophers.

Demonosophy means to work and walk while learning knowledge and wisdom from the Demons and Dark Lords and working with Companion Demons and the Dark Lords to learn to live an inspired and empowered life.

The Dark Lords are incredibly powerful and amazing Gods and Goddesses, and we are excited and happy to offer this resource for those who wish to learn about them and grow deep connections with them.

There are many demons out there, thousands that are undiscovered, and many who enjoy helping humans and guiding them as Demon Companions.  Demonosophers invite demons to join us on this journey and are our guides and mentors.

Demons are our passion and our pleasure, and we are excited to offer those called to demons a safe place to practice and work with demons.

Meet the Coven! 

High Priestess Akelta Wilde

~ A dubious creature, condemned and damned by all Christians on youtube.

~ At the age of 6, Akelta began exploring the unseen work with her Demon Companion, nicknamed “Guardian” or “Prince V.”

~ Comes from a long line of Generational Witches who specialize in many different skills from Aura Reading to Execration.  

~ Loves Everything Demon and Demonic!

~ Is a Reiki Master

~ Had two Mentors, one Theistic Satanic Mentor and one Muslim businessman who taught her everything about Demons, Conjuring, Mammon, and Business.  

~ Defined the Sacred Path of Demonosophy

~ Love Mammon and is a Sucker of all his lessons and teachings.

~ Walks with Her Demon Companions, Lord Satan, Lord Lucifer, Lord Azazel, Lord Mammon, Lord Lucifuge Rofocal, Lady Rashoon, Lady Taroon, Lady Unsere, Lord Leviathan, Lord Andras, Lady Lilith, Lord Paimon, Lord Beelzebub, Lord Belial, and any and all Demons and Dark Beings who call to her.

~ She loves the Fall and Winter, Halloween and Yule, All things Dark and Macabre, Graveyards, Abandoned Buildings, The Darkness of the Night, Sushi, Seafood on Pizza with pineapple, Pumpkins, Gothic Clothes, Ghost hunting, Paranormal Investigations, all the things glorious and dark.

Priestess Eilana Nightshade

– Priestess Eilana is a Brilliant Goddess and Oracle Priestess of Demons who hears the wisdom and the word of the Demonic Divine.

~ A Natural Clairaudient, she channels her power to receive sacred messages from the Demons and Dark Lords.

~ She is a Priestess of Demonosophy, a Conjurer, a Channeller, an Astral Traveller, Reiki Practioner, and an Honoured Priestess of the Coven.

~ She brings her Sacred Power and Profound Gifts to this Space.

~ She loves the Autumn, Ghost Hunting, Halloween, Abandoned buildings, Cemeteries and all things Dark and Spooky.

~ She works with work her companions as well as Lord Satan, Lord Mammon, Lord Lucifuge Rofocale, Lord Lucifer, Lord Belial and King Paimon.

~ She has worked with the Goetic Demons and lesser known, though still publicly known Demons (too many to list).

Demon Secretary Ysabeau

Ysabeau is an Author, Spiritual
Anthropologist and gifted psychic who is a very cherished member of the Coven!

~ Ysa walks the Shamanic Path with Demons and is very connected to the Natural World.

~ Everyone in Discord knows her for her kind and playful nature and incredible ability to moderate any situation just and fairly.

~ Ysa brings her love of the spiritual world and her vibrant and charismatic energy to this space.

Welcome to Demons and Demonolatry, where we specialize in Demons, Black Magic and all things from the Dark Side.  We are a coven of 3 Demonosopher Priestesses (soon to be 5) who have been working with the Dark Lords and walking the Darker spiritual paths for many years.  

72 thoughts on “About us!

  • Christopher justice

    I realy would like help with my path i am in az an know no1 with like minded beliefs born july 23 1990

    • Hello Christopher, you are more then welcome to join our online forum. We have discussions on the darker paths are are available to answer questions.

      • Hiii!!!Plz could u help …
        which demon should i chose to enhance my beauty????
        plz name that demon…

      • aashmita roy

        I would like to knw how to channelize goddess lilth…also where can i put up her altar with sigil..i have small baby so will affect him if i put it up in my bedroom…my husband smokes so will disturb her…

  • Lauren

    I have felt drawn to the dark side for a while now. Demons, especially the kings, draw me in. I’m nervous though as my religion says they’re evil. But I feel like they’re calling to me. I’m attracted to them. Maybe if I learn more and end up with a companion I’ll know for sure which path to take

    • Patrick Manuel

      Hey Lauren. I’m the same as you. I’m a theistic satanist. I would never turn back I love the dark to much.

  • jack van auken

    Akelta, I have known my demonic divinty path since the age of eight and need your help to attain it. If you can email me sometime I will reveal my path as shown to me by lord satan, thank you in advance for any help you are able to provide.

  • kody Holloway

    I find what you have very interested on what you have posted and you have my interest in it so would i to get the book if there is one and where to get at

      • Hello I’ve been into demonology for a while now but just recently have I been wanting to work with Vassago. I was wondering if you could help me to eventually achieve contacting and working with him.

        • Hi Katie, thank you so much for your comment! We have an online forum with a bunch of information on connecting and working with different Demons. ( Membership is free to join and we would be happy to have you ^_^

  • Sometimes when I call to a spirit I’ll draw their sigil on a piece of paper and put the candle color on the sigil (paper) and speak to the spirit. Usually I’ll have some powerful dreams of a spirit in my house or something like that. But even though The message in the dream has nothing to do with my question I still believe that the spirit has heard me. Whether or not the spirit wants to respond to me is up to him. I am always very respectful and to the point (specific) in what I’m trying to communicate to it. I always make sure that the spirit is the right spirit for what I’m asking help for. I sometimes put a tiny drop or two of my blood on the sigil. I’ll burn the candle for no more than 15 minutes at a time. My question is…”Is it ok to burn the sigil (paper) in the flame of the candle and then dump the ashes on the lawn afterwards??” Thank you. Ray

  • Keighn

    I’m considering information on joining with a demon or rather submitting to one in passion. I probably need to apologize to someone on another forum for my rude trolling though because I was taking my frustrations irl into the forums.

    I’ve discovered a passion lust for asmoday and wanting a pure invocation or just possession of desire and ecstasy. I realize only a few books even equate the king with lust but I’m feeling something more than just lust.

    I’m having moments of joy or heightened something akin to happiness and oblivion. Seems odd but I keep getting feelings of being mounted….. And I’m male so I’m feeling a tad confused here.

    I must meditate on this.

  • Keighn

    Ignore my last post as it was far tmi and too long.

    I’m wondering about paths and sigils dukante or goetic. While I do love the design of goetic sigils they seem overly complicated. Dukante seems like cuts to the flesh from a claw or sharp object.

  • Anathema

    Demonolators! Yay! 😀
    Lovely page btw, I need to check it properly when I have the time. ^^
    I was wondering what kind of… stuff (herbs, incense, stone and so on) that is connected to demons? (Lucifer and Raum in specific)
    And what is the proper and respectful way to get in touch with them, and start a… personal relationship with them? How does that work?

    I’m looking forward to you reply, and hope this page is still actually being run by someone. ^^;

    In advance, thanks. ^^


  • mohammad

    I’m from iran and I’ve lost my religious beliefs in past four years
    I have been researching about satanism and similar topics like magic , iranian an arabic spells ,…
    And now i am ready to become a member
    Can you help me ?

  • Is there anyone who can help me get rid of evil spirits? I don’t believe in christianity at all, and I’m just tired of being drained of energy attacked and my life being destroyed.

      • Please can you possibly help me to know the favourite offers to be awarded to the goetia spirits whenever I want to work with them?


    • There are no evil spirits… just like there are no good ones either. What we see on the exterior is just a reflection of what we carry inside of us. We are but projectors of what exists in us. Whatever power you seek… or you think you lack… already exists inside of you. There is no talisman or no special incantation that you need… you already have it. It’s just a matter of remembering how to access that part of you. And you cannot be told how to do it… it’s something that has to come naturally and freely. Think of your life as a dream… we are all dreaming this dream… it a collective dream where we attract each other, certain events, certain things, certain places, into our projection… based on how we feel or how we think we feel. What we perceive as being spirits, are just ascended beings which have transcended into another form of existence. Each one of them has the potential to be both good and bad… and each one of those individuals can be called upon to help you… if you so desire. This is why people believe in Christ or Satan… because they would rather believe that salvation lies with some greater power… when in reality salvation is already in you. Ever see The Wizard of OZ? She had the power to go back home all along. Just like you… have the power to choose the type of life you wan to life. It begins with letting go… and allowing yourself to be guided… by your inner voice. Allow yourself to silence your mind… and allow yourself to really listen to yourself. Silence the ego… and you too can listen to the world around you… you too can see with a clearer vision… and hear exactly what you need to hear. But choose wisely… because we attract that which we align ourselves with the most. Take care Brandy. God bless…

      • It sounds like you have found the path that empowers you, you will see from reading a lot of my posts that working with demons has been empowering for me as has learning about the darkness and the light and that duality. I don’t believe that there is one solid path for everyone and we all have to find the path that works for us. Demons and working with Satan is that path for me, as it seems that you have found the path that aligns with you. These are my experiences that I share but you do not have to believe what I believe. That is the beauty of diversity and free speech, we all have the right to follow our hearts. I wish you the best on your path!

  • I want to join I’m very ready to work with demon

    • Please feel free to join our online community. membership is free and we would love to have you! We talk about our work with demons and the different ways we approach and work with them.

  • Bryan Bell

    For an interesting take on Lilith, read Revelations of the Dark Mother. Granted, it’s for a role-playing game, but interesting nonetheless.

  • Yau Hon Keat

    I wanted to work with a good demon , like a companion that will always support and guide me , always be side . I need to know how and what path should I take in order to achieve this . I need a reply ASAP .

  • Maria Pittman

    I just joined your website and I’m ready to be more educated on my place among demons and the dark lords.

  • ВалокПриозерск

    RE:Demon Encyclopedia | Knowledge base of Demons and Working with Demons Валок Lemken Пудож

  • I’m so happy that I found Satanandsuns! I have been reading every book I can get my hands on on Demonolatry! I have many questions and want to learn more. Its very difficult to find people that have the same beliefs as you. I have been very fortunate to have emailed and ask S. Connelly question and she has graciously answered everything I have asked, but I’m sure she has other things to do. Satanandsuns/sons is just what I need! I have many questions and I’m ready to learn.
    Thank you Indi!

    • Thank you Indi :). We are very happy to have you with us on this journey! We are going to getting out a lot more content this year and updating this blog with more demons! We are always here to answer your questions! S. Connelly is wonderful and her books are very foundational and incredible for people wanting to learn about connecting with demons! Thank you again for your comment!

  • Gary Ganas

    I aspire to acquire knowledes as the ancient demonoligists knew

  • How thorough is your understanding of demons? I am finding myself curious of one who has visited me for some time in the past, but I cannot find anything on her because of my lack of ability to search based on appearance and recurring symbols. Would you be able to give me a name? She always appears as a woman, usually very young, dressed in white, with long black hair. She ONLY appears in dreams, and ALWAYS appears next to or with green bell peppers (odd, I know, but our first meeting was in a green pepper field). Who is she?

    • It could be a demon guardian or companion that you have with you. Many people have Demon Spirit guides who walk with them from birth. These demons are unknown to most, but they can become incredible guides and companions to those who they guard. There are many demons who are unknown and waiting to be discovered :).

  • Stephanie

    I was wondering if anyone could advise me
    About 5 years ago I came back to the occult world after a fairly long break had done some spells but nothing serious during that time ,
    A health condition that developed for me and really scared the daylight out of me had in my frustration brought me back to the occult world ,

    anyway to cut a long story short I went looking for answers and came across a spiritualist church I decided to see what I could learn about healing , we were all in a circle doing a meditation cannt remember the reasons why,
    anyway I got an image flash into my head of
    a man in white with blond hair very tall and golden eyes that seemed to be rather like gold fire
    he cupped my face in his right hand and said
    “it’s going to be alright ”
    I got a very fartherly comforting feeling off this
    I still cannt figure out who he was

    I’m not religious in the slightest .
    I think I have always had the ability to hear spirit but it would happen very sparingly I used to call it the voice in my head .

    Dose this discription sound like any spirit that anyone has seen or got impressions of all advice is greatly appreciated

    • That sounds like a beautiful experience. It could be one of your spirit companions. We all have spiritual guides and companions who walk with us on this journey here. They reach out to us, connect with us and guide us. As for what it is that would take more research, but it sounds like this spiritual guide/guardian was reaching out to you to give you a message. I would shield myself, set up an offering space and invite this being to join me and see what can be learned. Sometimes meditating with our companions is the best way to learn about them 🙂

  • Luis Bravo

    Hi there! I’m truly admired by your work. So, the point of my comment is that I want education about the dark world. I crave for knowledge, as many of your visitors, I think. I’m new in this path, but I left the fear so many time ago, also I’m very excited and, when is about to learn something new to me, I don’t give up easly. Plus in my early years I had some… innate “power”, I saw entities I can’t describe, talked to them, but I feared that “power” and stop doing it, also it gave me some headaches. So! I’m here to join you.

    • Hi Luis, That is wonderful! It sounds like you have had quite the plethora of incredible experiences. We have an online discussion forum where we talk about our work with demons. It sound like you have sleeping psychic gifts, headaches are common with an awakening third eye as it learn to translate and interpreter the messages that are being received. I would invite you to join our forum!!

  • Ivan Kandinsky

    Good evening, Dear
    Firstly, I’m completely impressed by descriptions, which are completely amazing and rich in details. Great work, my respect. Your page was exactly what I wanted to find. I have only one question: Is that all (I mean details in descriptions e.g. Tarot card, color, incense) based on your experience or are there any other “origins”(I’m not sure if I used right word)?
    I’m interested in connections between Ancient Gods and Demons, Demons and Tarot etc., so I’ll be really thankful for your answer.

    • Hi Ivan, Thank you so much! That is a very detailed and layered question. It really does depend on what you believe. The evolution of old gods to demons is something that many people have researched and their connections to them. The origins of them and my own theories around is are something that I am still formulating. I have been in the process of writing books and in a future book this topic will be covered. Everyones origin stories, there are the legends of the old gods but there are also what they reveal through gnosis and through my conversations with them. It is a huge topic and something that I am researching and will be writing more on. There is a lot there! Thank you so much for your comment!

      • Ivan Kandinsky

        Hi, thank you so much for a response. I hope I read your book soon, good luck! Working with them is unique experience. I had some situations, when intuition came before knowledge and now this is normal for me. And I’m really happy if I can compare my own experience with yours, others and myths, also. Thanks again:)

        • You are very welcome! Thank you so much! I do love my work with them and am so happy to share it with others! I would love to hear about your experience with them!

  • Stephanie McPherson

    Hi. I’m Stephanie and I’m just beginning my journey on the Left-Hand Path and there isn’t anyone I know in Houston,Tx that shares my belief. Any advice or help given is appreciated

    • Hi Stephanie, We have an online forum where like minded individual talk and share experiences. It is a good place to learn and we are really open and accepting. You can ask any question that will help you on your journey and membership is free, you are more then welcome to join! Hope to see you there with us!

  • Hello:
    I have submitted my request to join, but am waiting for Admin approval before being able to fully participate. I look forward to shareing my story with other board members at the appropriate time and in the appropriate place. There is no need for me to go into any of that here.

    What I am wondering at the moment is…where is your Table of Contents for this encyclopedia?

    • Hi Edward, Thank you so much! Your account should be approved now. I am looking forward to reading your story when you are ready 😀

      Our Table of Contents is on the side of the website. They are organized in Alphabetical Order. I see what you are saying though and what you are looking for and we will have to make one! Thank you so much for the suggestion, it is a good one!

      • Found it! Thank you. This is an amazing site! That so much of what you offer is the collective result of your Coven’s “Hand’s on” experience, and the experiences of others who SERIOUSLY walk the Left Handed Path…It’s inspirational.
        I have MUCH to learn, not the least of the lessons I need to learn is…How to get out of my own way. I really am my own worst enemy when it comes to learning at this level. I trip myself up in ways obvious, and not so obvious.
        The “not so obvious” is the worst.

        • You are very welcome and thank you so much for your kind words! I actually think that is one of the biggest lessons here, getting out of our way. Mammon always tells me it is the stories that I tell myself that are my worst enemies and that if I change the stories I will change my entire life. He is right and so often we do sabotage ourselves feeling like we are not good enough or don’t know enough. Sometimes it is just good to dive in and take the plunge! Even if it doesn’t go right you will be wiser for it ^_^

  • Hallow

    I have a sincere question.
    What are your views regarding Joy of Satan Ministries? I personally find them rather… well… crazy. Very crazy. I also understand if you choose not to answer this question.

    Also, do you have any tips regarding those new to demonolatry who can’t distinguish easily between actual information and people talking nonsense? Unfortunately most of the information I tend to come across is complete crap, and makes learning extremely difficult.

    • To be honest, I don’t align with them, in fact I stay away from their site because it really doesn’t resonate with me.

      That is a good question though on helping people who are new to the path. I would say they need to question everything that they are reading, ask if it is right for them, ask if this resonates and aligns with them. Even when I first started all those years ago there were things I read that just did not feel right. I always say to trust our guts and if something feels off don’t be afraid to explore that and question, a person who speaks their core truth does not fear questions and they do not get upset when people don’t follow their path or their words.

  • I am very grateful for your knowledge SATAN and SUN. I live by the satanic laws and I practice pagan beliefs. I worship the SUN LORD LUCIFER. I have LUCIFER placed the highest for HE is GRANDFATHER SUN. I am dedicated to the EARTH GOD BELIAL for reason that he can provide me courage and strength. I was not interested in the materialism so much, and on the spiritual side nature protects me and gives me energy. I want to thank you admin for your fine work in helping people find what they need.

    • Thank you so much Bethel ^_^ It is our pleasure to offer this resource and thank you for sharing your path. I believe that everyone needs to find the path that aligns with their heart, I share my path in the hopes of helping others to find theirs and I am so happy people are enjoying the resources.

  • Thank you so much for the video on Prince Vassago. I used this only today but look forward to sharing the results with you if that would be okay.

    • You are very welcome Jessica! I would love to hear your results ^_^

  • I’m looking to find out what is engraved on the back of a murmur cross that I found in my mums possession after she passed away etched on the back of it is oreal do you know what it means?

  • Lupus Prisma

    I will not give my real name but call me Lupus Prisma, I am a Wiccan healer. A friend of mine woke up something when she and her brother, who does witchcraft, walked into an old house. They we’re chassed out and saw a black figure with red eyes chasing them, it now -two, almost three weeks later- follows her around and growls at others come near it. Her girlfriend has seen a grey figure with blue eyes, it has come to my friend once and was run off by the one with red eyes. I don’t know who they are or what they want but I want to protect my friends. Is there anything you can tell me?

  • Shelley Johnson

    I need area help with someone to personally help me. I need guidance but this is falling into place.

  • DianaNesem

    Hello.I’m a Turk and a witch. I read your article about the agares Demon . Let me ask you a question. How do I contact agares?How Can I call him?
    answer this question by e-mail, please
    thank you 🙂

  • Hello, I’ve been struggling with RA, rheumatoid arthritis, for the past year and am tired of my medication, it causes me to feel depressed and have anxiety. I’ve changed my diet and have tried natural remedies along with acupuncture but nothing seems to help. I saw that you had worked with Marbas and was wondering if you could teach me more about him. Thank you.

  • Nataushia Johnson

    My name is Nataushia and I’m curious if anyone has the same feeling. I seem to walk in the gray. I am drawn to both sides. Pagan/native American dark and light. I look for the greater good. I have looked into deomonolgy since I was 9, however I have come across a new view then the mundane view that demons are all bad. I’ve always wondered due to a hierarchy on both ends. Has anyone walked with both sides?

    • Hi Nataushia, I have met lots of people who walk many different paths and combine elements of different paths. We have an online community of like minded people who walk many different spiritual paths. Membership is free to join..

  • Hi, I am new, is this group still active, I have been reading your write-ups on demons and love it, best wishes.

    • Hi Mark, Thank you for your comment. We are indeed active, we have new articles which will be coming soon and we also run an online community forum to help people connect with and work with demons :). Membership is free to join!

  • Dominic


    I’m a Christian man who finds it hard to understand why anyone would happily choose good over evil, why is it? I’m not judging just want to understand

    • Hi, You are making darkness synonymous with evil. In our philosophy, darkness in not evil. Darkness can be evil, but so can light. Darkness also has incredible brilliance of creativity and inspiration within it. It is a force that contains deep and profound wisdom. When I found this path my heart was elated and I felt the beauty and love of the darkness flowing through me. There are many paths on this world and our philosophy is that it is up to the individual to find the one that is right for them 🙂

  • Pedro Martinez

    Do I need to make a pact to work with Demons, or just connecting with the Spirit by ENN’S is all I need?

    • Hi Pedro, Thank you for your comment! Some people have amazing results using the Enn’s and Sigil gazing to connect. Others enjoy the structure of a pact. This is personal to your path. I would explore and experiment with the different methods and see which one works for you!

  • Heath

    I am in a situation right now. I need assistance in money because something happened and I don’t want to move back to Texas, I been through hell, my family likes to try and tell me what to do well most of them but I am at a place to tell them to fuck off and I am a trans man and have been involved in demonolatry. I have bad feelings about going back to Texas and I want to stay in Florida. I have no sources of income to help. Even though my full time job isn’t enough. I desire to plant my roots here in Florida. Any suggestions?

    I’m not asking for spells or anything but I was wondering which demon might be able to help me?


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