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Rashoon, Demoness of Lust, Passion, Desire and Sacred Seduction

(Satan and Sons Sigil of Rashoon)

Demonic Dark Lady Rashoon

(This information comes from our Priestesses seeking council with her) 

Direction: South
Planet: Venus and Sun
Metal:  Gold and Titanium
Element: Fire
Colors used when working with him: Red, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Black, Magenta, Pink
Incense and Scents used when connecting with him: Oudh, Rose, Neroli, Cedar
Flower: Tiger Lily
Rank: Dark Lady
Species: Solar Demon
Realm: Solar and Noble Realms

Attributes:  Rashoon is a powerful and stunning Solar Demoness who is a Demoness of seduction and desire. She is a Demoness of Incredible Beauty and Allure and she teaches the sacred art of seduction. She understands the power of breath and the power of the body and she knows that when we use our body we can move the energies around us and lure those around us to our desire. She understands sacred arts as body movement, dance and the power of the magnetic gaze. She can help empower women and empower them to claim their power and their radiance. She works with the Divine Feminine to allow the feminine to claim it’s power and it’s whiles. She teaches the art of seduction and is one to approach when you are looking to find a partner. She can help awaken the alluring seductress that is within and help the feminine to claim and awaken it’s power. She is a very radiant demoness to walk with.

Demonic Mantra:  “Lady Rashoon, Demoness of Lust, Demoness of Seduction, Demoness of Desire. Awaken my radiance, allow me to breathe the energies of seduction. Allow me to claim my power, find my purpose and walk confident and strong knowing that all those who meet me are drawn to me, all those who walk with me are captivated by me, those who cross my path fall under my spell. I am alluring and I am radiant! By the power of Lady Rashoon I claim my seductive embrace”

 Demonic Affirmation:  “To Rashoon I call. The Goddess of the Desert, Sacred Seductress who knows the power within. I call to you. Fill me with the Rays of the Sun. Fill me with with the power of the Nights Release. By your guidance I claim our power. I claim my body, I claim my movements and I embrace the power of the Radiant Divine. My Body vibrates with passion, I am in control of myself, I am in control of my energies. I command the world around me. I seduce the energies and lure them to my desire. Through my eyes the world falls to my command. I embrace you, sacred demon goddess of the Sands, Let me embrace the powers of seduction and claim the radiance that is within my soul. By the power of Rashoon, I claim my body.

Demonic Hymn:  “Oh Lady Rashoon, Demoness of Passion, Demoness of Desire and Demoness of Seduction. Let the power Rise within me. Let me claim my power and my radiance. Let me walk strong with confidence and charisma into the world commanding it to my desire. You see my beauty, you see my brilliance, lend me your eyes to awaken this sacred gift within. Let me embrace myself, let me through the energies of seduction embrace the world around me. I am seduction, I am magnetism, I am desire! By your embrace I am reborn into radiance.”

Sacred Chant of Rashoon: “Uyevon thy maaun, uyevon resiton, eacun huay seon, eacun mehy zier” 

Rashoon Demonic Enn (Dukante Enn)“Taran Rashoon Nanay”

Rashoon is a radiant and seductive Demoness. She is one of incredible beauty and passion. She is a Demoness who teaches the sacred art of seduction. A skill where you learn to bend the world around you and command it to your desire through movement, glances and subtle energy manipulations with tone and breath. The body is a vehicle of command and through control over our energies we learn to seduce the world around us and bend it to our will. She knows this power and she knows many ways to bend the energies around her to attain her desires. It is an art, a sacred art and those who are masters of it attain everything they desire.

She is a Demoness of the Solar Realm and one of beautiful and alluring dances. She can teach the art of Dance and how to raise your confidence and charisma through body movements. She teaches one to connect to their body and align with their radiant essence. When you embrace the charismatic nature of your soul, you are confident and you walk tall and proud. The world stops and looks at you, it admires you, it even envies you. She teaches charisma and how to command the world around you captivating the attention of those who you desire and pulling them into your world.

Her dance is captivating and majestic. She is known for her beauty and her skill and ability. Her movements are perfect and her dance is uplifting and stunning to behold. The energies that flow around her as she moves raising the vibration and also captivates those around her. She can teach the art of seductive dance and also teach people to feel comfortable and empowered in their body. Confidence is more important than appearing ideal. When you are confident people want what you have and they want to know why you are so sure of yourself. One who is confident with their body can create any opportunity that they desire. She is bold, but also alluring and mysterious, she blends the skills and uses them as needed. She teaches a variety of skills that allow you to have command over your body and over the energies that are around you.

She is one of Mammon’s Wives and together their energies are empowering. With his magnetism and Captivating dominance and her radiance and seduction they have unique and powerful abilities that build empires and create vast opportunity. She can teach how to be noticed, how to stand out and how to walk into any situations and get what you desire. She can teach how to stand out from the competition and command the energies so that everything you desire falls to you. She also teaches the art of speech and talking to people in a way that draws them to you and makes them curious about you. She knows how to get peoples attention and keep them curious about her.

She teaches the art of Magnetism. It is a skill that she is incredible gifted in. Her eyes are known, she is a seductive beauty and through her eyes she teaches one how to command the world around them. When she looks into your eyes you are bewitched. Her gaze and subtle glances implant thoughts and ideas into those of weak mind. She knows the art of mind control, she is a master of it and she can teach those who walk with her how to command the minds of those around them. She does this through her eyes. She has such control and command of the energies that she subtly implants thoughts and ideas into those around her. She uses the power of her eyes, the majestic embrace of glance. The eyes are powerful, they command the energies and they command the world around you. You can change your entire world through mastery over the energies flowing to and from your eyes.

She also can help people to embrace their passion and to find opportunity. There is an abundance of opportunity out there, we have so may options it is merely a matter of what we wish to put our attention on. She can help those who walk with her to uncover their hidden passion and desire and to claim power from that. When you claim your passion and rise in confidence nothing can stop you from attaining that. She also teaches seduction in finding a partner and embracing love and intimacy. She can help those who walk with her to seduce those around them and bring them to states of longing and love. She also knows the desires of lust and she can help those desires to be sated and filled. Her abilities of seduction are incredible and she is a radiant and beautiful teacher.

Appearance: A beautiful demoness of seduction, Rashoon has tanned skin and long, silky black hair. Her eyes are a vibrant orange and pink colour and look like the sunset. She has black horns with pink tips and a matching tail. Her wings are black with magenta undersides. She wears incredible, seductive feminine outfits and radiates beauty and confidence.

Offerings we offer when working with her:  Candles in colours she likes, along with incense and oils are wonderful offerings. Crystal spheres, obelisks and crystal flames are also wonderful offerings. Golden objects and statues that are decorative and reminiscent of the sun and solar energies also make great offerings. We offer spicy teas like masala chai as well. Crystal perfume bottles and decorations and flowers, especially those that are colorful and exotic are things we offer. 

Colours she likes:  She loves Black, Pink, Gold, Red and Orange

Crystals she likes: Carnelian, Fire agate, opal, pyrite, rose quartz, rhodonite, cacoxenite, smoky citrine, garnet, red tigers eye, obsidian

Incense and scents she likes:  Rose, Oudh, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Frankincense, Myrrh

Rashoon Pin Friendly Pic

A lot of the information we have written about comes from our own personal work with Samael. There are other places where you can future read about him if you are interested in learning more…

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8 thoughts on “Rashoon, Demoness of Lust, Passion, Desire and Sacred Seduction

  • Alex Seldes

    If she’s a demon of lust, then does she look down on men as mere playthings?

    • No necesariamente. Son dos cosas distintas la lujuria y el maltrato(?

    • No. Any demon that truly lives in peace with themselves is balanced…They don’t look down on anyone.

  • hello madam, can men also be friends with lady rashoon

  • Hello Akelta, I have a question. Is Rashoon equivalent or related to the goddess Aphrodite Venus?
    I have read about both and I am in doubt that they have the same energies since love, sensuality, lust and seduction characterize them and if they turn out to be different, I should choose rashoon or aphrodite or I can work with them at the same time
    I wait your answer thank you

    • Hello ^_^ From my work with them, I see Rashoon as separate from Aphrodite and Venus. Rashoon is a Solar Demoness and a Demonic Goddess whose energy is different from Aphrodite’s. As for who you should work with, you can work with both at the same time. I know people who work with Olympian Gods/Goddesses while working with Demons. If you only want to work with one Meditate with both their energies and see who you feel most drawn to and pulled to.


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