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Rosier, Demon of Love, Friendship and the Sacred Union of the Soul.

(Satan and Sons Sigil of Rosier)

Demonic Dark Lord Rosier

(This information comes from our Priestesses seeking council with him) 

Direction: South
Planet: Venus 
Metal:  Rose Gold
Element: Fire
Colors used when working with him: Pink, Light Rink, Magenta, Purple, Black, Red, Rose Pink, Rose, Rose Red
Incense and Scents used when connecting with him: Rose, Lavender, Peony, Lilac, Vanilla, Red Cedar.
Flower: Rose
Rank: Dark Lord
Species: Divinity Demon
Realm: Divinity Realms

Attributes:  Rosier is a very powerful Dark Lord who is aligned with the vibrations of Love. He is a Demon who knows and understands the depth and complexity of love and how it flows through and impacts our body and soul. He is one who understands the balance of darkness and light when it comes to love and how empowering and profound they are. The Light energies of love elate us and allow us to step into feelings of joy and happiness. The Dark elements of love take us unto deep passion and seduction. The fire that burns within us and flows through us. Rosier is the balance of both of these and he is a Demon who brings us into deep understanding of love, both external and internal love. He can help us to learn to love ourselves and to be comfortable in our skin, comfortable in our own body. We feel heard and empowered walking with Rosier because we learn to love and honour our voice, our power and our words. He is a demon who brings you into alignment with love, deep profound and passionate love.

Demonic Mantra:  “Lord Rosier, Demon of Love, Demon of the Heart, Demon who speaks to the Depth of my soul. Awaken my brilliance, awaken my passion, allow me to walk in the folds of love. Allow me to be guided by and embrace the essence of my soul, the essence of my Core. Through love I am guided. I walk with you, and I learn the lessons of love.

 Demonic Affirmation:  “To Rosier we call.  We ascend into love.  By the fires of your embrace we are cleansed. We are cleansed of self hatred and loathing, we are cleansed and we are returned to the embrace of Divine Love. We know the darkness of love, the dark longings deep within. By your hand we return to ourselves and we return to our power. The deep power of love that flows within. The Heart longs for love, it longs for connection. Reveal to us the secrets of love, awaken the dark longings within and allow us to embrace Divine Love. Lord Rosier, reveal to us the secrets of the heart. We walk with you, Lord of Love, We walking with you Demon of the Heart. We embrace you Lord of Passion. Let us be reborn, let us be cleansed by the chains of self hatred, and be reborn in the power of self love.”

Demonic Hymn:  “Oh Lord Rosier, Lord of Love, Lord of Passion, Lord of the Heart.  He who walks the sacred passages of desire, the halls of longing and the deep sorrow of the soul. He knows how our hearts long for love. He knows the sacred call within. We seek knowledge. We ask you, open the gates of the heart. Open the energies of love and allow them to wash over us. Let us embrace love, deep love of the self and the longing that is within. We are guided to love, love that is found in the core of the soul. Love that is revealed by you. We are Reborn in the embrace of Self Love.”

Sacred Chant of Rosier: “Umeton eun syus, Rosier, tau venue” 

Rosier Demonic Enn (Dukante Enn)“Serena Alora Rosier Aken”

Rosier is a Powerful and Beautiful Demon Lord. He is a Demon who is aligned and attuned to the high vibrational energies of Love. This is deep love. It is a love that flows through the Universe and nourishes, giving life and abundance to those who are touched by it. Love is a very nourishing and powerful energy. It gives us life and it allows us to grow, vibrationally and as individuals. Rosier is a Demon who helps us honour and love ourselves but also grow into ourselves and learn to be comfortable with who we are. He has a very beautiful and profound energy to work with.

The Spectrum of Demonic Love is something that is very pure. It embodies both the darkness and the light aspects of love as Rosier knows and understands the Dark longings that are within. He teaches us balance and teaches us how to walk with both the dark and the light vibrations of love. Love is a force that can reach us in our hardest times. It is a powerful force that cuts through illusions and deception. Love reveals the Truth. When we are lost in illusion and despair, Lord Rosier is a Demon who can reach us and he is a demon who can help guide us back to a balanced and empowered version of ourselves. When we descend into the shadows and the Dark Night of the Soul the Dark Love of Lord Rosier can help us to find our way and also face the shadows that have left us broken.

Dark Love Cuts through the shadows and it finds us. It finds us and if we allow it into our hearts we will find our way. Rosier is a powerful guide through the hardest times of our life. When we are left feeling alone, when we are sad and depressed and feel lost in our own sorrow, his energies can cut through and reach our hearts. Working with Lord Rosier through the dark healing times is empowering. He does not judge, he listens and he honours us and where we are. He is a Demon who will listen and who will help us to open our hearts filling them with love and raising them to empowered places.

Personally he is a shyer demon who does not talk about himself much. He tends to focus on the individual who he is working with and keeps his story to himself. He is very focused on the ones who he is working with and as we honour him, he honours us by giving us his time, his space and also his energies. Walking with him one has an opportunity to claim their own power through Self love and embrace the core strength that is within. He does not talk much about himself but instead focuses on the individual and what they need to overcome their own blocks and their own feelings of inadequacy. He is very good and helping us to appreciate our worth and accept that we are beings of value. Our lives are important and we are important as well. Our individuality makes us beautiful and unique and we all have gifts that we can share with the world.

The Darker Paths are paths that honour the self. They honour the individual and our unique contribution to the world. By walking with Lord Rosier we learn to honour who we are and how powerful we are. He teaches self love and learning how to let go of shame and our inhibitions. He teaches us that we are beings who are worthy of love just because we are. He is a very powerful teacher of self love and self appreciation. If you struggle with Self hatred he is a demon who can assist in this area.

Due to his deep understanding of love he can show us how to open our hearts and find one who will love us. He can help us with intimacy and connection and remove the blocks that we so often erect between ourselves and others. He can help guide us and reveal to us those kindred souls who would love and honour us, as we would love and honour them. He can connect us to our soul group, our soul loves and those who will walk with us in an empowering way. He also teaches us to honour ourselves and to set good boundaries against those who drain us and do not respect us. When you walk with someone who doesn’t honour you and who continually cuts you down then they are someone that needs to be removed. He can help with gentle banishment that removes the connections and the energies and allows you to walk away clean. It is a way of banishing through self love, you love and honour yourself and are making a decision to preserve your energies and your own health. When you love yourself you take the steps to honour yourself.

He can help with the journey of the Sacred Union of the Soul. This is a deep Ritual Journey where you honour yourself and create a space of deep longing and sacred love for who you are an as individual. He can help those who struggle with Self Hatred to begin the journey and walk with them as they embrace who they are and find the rare and beautiful qualities that make them who they are. When you unify with your soul in Sacred Union you are brought closer to your own essence of Divinity and your own Core Power. It is a profound and magnanimous ritual.

He is a demon of profound healing and embracing the sacred treasures and the power that is within. Love is a powerful healing Energy and Lord Rosier can bring us to deep states of Dark Healing. The Dark Vibrations of love are ones that allow us to be true to ourselves and embrace the core essence. When we are aligned with the vibrations of darkness and love we value ourselves and we value who we are as individuals. We honour who we are and we are willing to take the steps to preserve our essence and also our space. We honour those boundaries and we honour our own will and desire. It is important. You cannot manifest what you desire if you are being pulled by those who are around you. He can help heal shame and he can help us embrace and love the unique and powerful individuals that we are.

Appearance: He is a handsome demon with black hair and tanned skin. His eyes are warm and shades of lavender mixed with pink. He has black horns and a matching tail. His wings are black with purple undersides. His energy is very calming, soothing and uplifting.

Offerings we offer when working with him:  We offer candles in colours he likes, or in colours to complement the type of work we are doing with him. Incense and oils are also great offerings. Images or statues depicting love, crystals he likes in the shape of hearts, orbs or points are wonderful as well. Flowers make a great offering, especially roses, carnations, peonies and chrysanthemums. We offer herbal tea, especially tea with rose petals or hibiscus tea.  

Colours he likes:  Red, Pink, Violet, Black, Gold

Crystals he likes: Rose quartz, kunzite, morganite, rhodochrosite, amethyst, ametrine, selenite, flower agate, garnet, thulite, ruby

Incense and scents he likes:  Rose, Vetiver, Musk, Vanilla, Lavender, Oudh, Nag Champa, myrrh

Lord Rosier Pin Friendly Pic!

A lot of the information we have written about comes from our own personal work with Rosierl. There are other places where you can future read about him if you are interested in learning more…

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~ Michelle Belanger. “The Dictionary of Demons: Names of the Damned”

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        • There are many different layers of the spiritual world and the sigils are different because they connect to different layers. Gaze at the Sigils and work with the one that resonates most with you 🙂

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