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Unsere, Underworld (Lowborn) Demoness of Fertility, Childbirth, and Life

(Sigil from the Dukante Hierarchy)

Demoness of Childbirth, Fertility and Life

(This information comes from our Priestesses seeking council with her) 

Direction: North
Planet: Venus/Pluto
Metal: Silver, Platinum, and Rhodium
Element: Water/Earth
Colors used when working with them: Blue, Silver, Green, Grey
Incense and Scents used when working with them: Lotus, Sandalwood, Cedar
Rank:  Lady, Empress
Species: Underworld (Lowborn) Demon
Realm: Underworld (Lowborn realms) & Abyssal Realms

Attributes:  Unsere is a Demoness of Fertility and Childbirth. She is one who is there to attend mothers during this vulnerable time and assists them during their delivery. She can help to be peace to mothers and help them to experience pleasure and joy during childbirth as they bring new life into this world. She can help those who are giving birth to learn Hypnobirthing and other natural methods to assist mothers with birthing. She is the life giver and is known to bless babies upon taking their first breath. She is a demoness of life and living and can help those who are walking here to find happiness and pleasure in the small moments. She can help one to stay present with themselves and to enjoy the moments that life gives them. She can help with chakra arousal and helping one to experience joy in life that has been forgotten. She is also a demoness of sorcery and Magick and is incredibly skilled at weaving the energies of the universe and the world around her. She world with the arcane elements and she knows how to craft and create, forging powerful ritual of abundance and manifestation. She is an incredibly skilled demonic sorceress and being an underworld demoness she has connections and access to the underworld. She can return life to those who have left and help heal the souls of the dead as they cross, returning vitality to them and guiding them to the places they will be reborn.

Demonic Mantra:  Lady Unsere, the life bringer, the rejuvenator. Breathe life into me, breath life into my body, breath life into my soul. Help me to be present and help me to feel the pleasure that each moment brings. Inspire my life with Magick and mystery. Inspire my life with Joy and Happiness. Help me to feel alive. I call to you Lady Unsere, revive my soul and return me to the pleasure in my life.

Demonic Affirmation:  To Lady Unsere, Empress of Life, guide me through this journey I am taking, guide me to my destination and help me be fulfilled. The journey is dark and the road is long, I walk knowing you are with me, I walk knowing that you are supporting me. Lady Unsere guide my footsteps and show open the path before me. Help me to see. Help me to hear, help me to speak. I walk the path of my truth, I walk the path of myself, I walk the path of my life. Help me stay true to who I am, help me stay true to my journey. Lady Unsere, Lady of Life and Sorcery I walk with you through birth, life and death, I walk with you on this adventure.

Demonic Hymn:  Lady Unsere, the babies smile at you, we look to you for sacred breath, the breath of life, the breath of longevity. Help me to live a long and prosperous life. With each breath, with each step, help me be fulfilled and find purpose. Allow my journey to be long and joyful, from first breath to final, let me walk with you in guidance and wisdom.

Sacred Chant of Unsere:  Yevah annura eyun ei ivun Unsere, viy sadoss

Unsere Demonolatry Enn – “Unsere tasa lirach on ca ayar”

(Enn from S.Connolly “The Complete Book of Demonolatry”)

Unsere is a beautiful and incredible Underworld (also called Lowborn) Demoness who has incredible skill in Magick and sorcery. She is one who works with the energetic aspects of Magick and knows how to command and work with the vibrations that are around her, She has a very focused and powerful mind and she bends and moves the energies to her will. She is incredibly beautiful and radiant and is one who is very feminine and sensitive. She has deep empathy and understanding of emotions and she can help those who are going through challenging times, offering them comfort and compassion. She has a very soothing voice and she can help those who are lost find their way, breathing life and hope back into their crumbling and shattered worlds.

Some sources have said she is the wife of Satan. We actually have experienced her as the Wife of Leviathan and one who is very closely connected to him. Just like appearance there are different accounts to demonic connections and looks and this is what our coven has personally experienced when working with her. Her energies we have found work incredibly well with Leviathan and there are many duel spells and rituals that can be performed with both of them. They have incredibly complimentary energies and there is a very deep and powerful bond between them.

She is wonderful to work with and very skilled in teaching the art of Magick weaving. She can reveal how to weave the energies of the universe and direct them where you wish to go. She uses a combination of movement and mind power drawing from both to have powerful and profound effects when weaving her spells and rituals. She has a very mystical energy to her and many times connecting with her can take you to incredible worlds and places. She brings powerful and profound visions and her energies open up various gateways. She can help with dream walking and also with traveling through the spiritual world. She is a traveler herself and enjoys exploring and discovering the different realms. She has a curious and free energy to her that often seems to inspire those who connect with her to follow their hearts and fulfill their dreams.

She can teach spell crafting and ritual work and help people to train their minds to handle the power of deep and profound rituals. Her magickal work is life changing and she reads energy vibrations incredibly well. She has her own style of divination from her ability to read energy vibrations and she can make sense of what is going on in a situation and the energies that need to be infused within it to change it. She can teach meditation and learning to direct the mind to where one wants to go. She is a powerful sorceress and she is one to go to if you would like to learn advanced and powerful Magick and ritual work.

She is a demoness of life and can help those who have lost hope and lost life to reclaim it. Those who have forgotten who they are and have lost their dreams she can come to them and rejuvenate them. She can remind them of their power and also help inspire new life into them. She is a very inspiring demoness to work with and she often encourages people to pursue their dreams and helps them to find the path that calls to them. She can remind them of their dreams and desires and she can help them to follow those dreams. Desire will always open the door and action will allow you to walk through it.

She is a demoness of women and childbirth and attends to those who are in labour. She is there during the labour process and helps to ease pain and make the birthing process joyful. The birth of life and a new baby are always causes to celebrate and she is one who is there to offer protection to those in labour. She also protects pregnant women as this is a time when they are very vulnerable. When the child is born she blesses them and ensures that they are safe and protected. A blessing from her is that a child will be healthy and strong for many years until it is the time when they return home. She loves children and is very protective of them. She protects babies during the night. Akelta had Unsere’s Sigil places in the room of her children when they were new borns to keep them safe and breathing in the night. She also asked for her blessings to keep them protected and happy. Working with Unsere when you are expecting or close to labour will bring many blessings and help make sure that everything is ok.

Being a demoness of life she is there from the first breath to the last. She can help bring peace and comfort to those who are passing and help them to continue their journey and be reborn in their next destination. She can help the reincarnation cycle and help the souls find their way to another baby. She can help them to settle when they are in the womb and help them to become familiar with their new surroundings. She also can help them to find peace with troubles and pains in their previous lifes and let go of old attachments. She is very big on embracing the new and letting go of what is past. Her energies are incredible and she is very nurturing and healing to work with. She can take you back to those special places as a child when you felt safe and protected and cradled by the blankets of the universe.

Appearance: Unsere is a beautiful demoness with black hair, blue eyes and silver-grey horns. She has black, blue and violet wings and a matching tail. Her skin is pale and she often appears in clothing that is more feminine and mystical in appearance. 

Offerings we offer when working with her: We usually make offerings of blue and violet candles, crystals that are blue or violet in color or green if we are working with her on sorcery. We also will make offerings with pink and light orange for her other aspects related to childbirth and motherly energies. Pink and white flowers such as carnations and baby’s breath are wonderful offerings. Crystal spheres or orbs, as well as fenugreek, lavender and ginger are things we like to offer. We also have offered her antique mirrors and silver items.

Colours she likes:   Blue, violet, pink, silver, black, white

Crystals she likes: Tigers Eye/Hawks eye, Tibetan Black Quartz, labradorite, fluorite, chalcopyrite, chevron amethyst, dendritic agate, rose quartz, plume agate, sugilite, boulder opal and moonstone. 

Incense and scents she likes:   valerian, vanilla, musk, rose, plumeria, sandalwood, nag champa, lavender, juniper, lotus, and lime

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  • Kathleen

    This is awesome, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication so others can learn about other demons I personally have never heard of. One question: How does one pronounce her name? Is it like Seere with the un sound in front of it?

    • Hi Kathleen, thank you so much for your kind comments. This is our passion and we love doing it so I am so happy that everyone enjoys the site. Many people pronounce her name differently, some say… un-see-er … while others say… un-ser-e. We are actually going to be releasing her Enn chanting video in the next couple of days with how we pronounce her name, I will link it here when it is up! I hope you have an amazing day 🙂

  • Brittney

    I just want to thank you for adding me and I’m so glad I found this site it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. There are so many fake or slanted information out there I was beginning to think I’d never find true information let alone ur site is amazing and couldn’t of found it at a more pivital time in my life, thank you so much

  • Does Unsere have any animal correspondences? I’ve been looking everywhere for them and i can’t find anything

    • I can not thank you enough for adding and finding this site is like opening up my life and world to different possibilities. I feel like a child in a sweet factory. Thank you ever so much. I made your site a place of learning and I can not thank your enough.

    • Lily

      Me too!!! I know she plans to work with me at some point and the current female deity reaching out to me is majorly associated with sharks, I didn’t think it was her at first, but now she’s all that’s on my mind and I can’t find animal correspondences


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