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Aim – Demon Duke of the Solar Realms

These are our coven notes from working with this incredible and amazing Demon.  Aim has worked with our Coven for many years now and has been an incredible source of creativity and inspiration.  One who is gifted in the creative arts and has an eye for style and beauty Aim has assisted us in many of our artistic endeavours and is an incredibly creative demon.

Solar Demon Nobility, Duke Aim 

Direction: South (Desert Winds)
Element: Fire (Solar Fire)
Colours:  All Colours, Golds, Oranges, Yellows, Reds
Rank: Duke
Species: Solar Demon
Realm: Solar Realms of the Outer Spiritual World
Attributes: Demon of Creativity and creation, removing blocks, inspiration, writing, uncovering ones inner genius, charisma, charm, grace, helping one to charm those in a social setting.

Demonic Mantra:
Demonic Hymn:

Priestesses of Satan and Suns/Sons~ The Demon Temple 

Duke Aim is a very beautiful and incredible Solar Demon.  He is a demon of creativity and one who is incredible for working with the creative energies of the universe.  He can remove creative blocks and open up the flood gates of inspiration.  He can inspire one to uncover ideas for original art projects and embrace the creative nature of their soul.  He is a visionary and innovative when it comes to any artistic venture whether it is fine art, fashion, various crafts or anything that involves creative ventures. 

He is an accomplished writer as well as orator.  He can help one to awaken their inner writer and inspire them with ideas for books and other writing projects.  He is a very gifted writer and can act as a muse for writers looking for creative and original ideas.  He offers incredible ideas for stories and character development and helping people to enter a meditative writing state where the words and ideas just flow.  He loves to try new things and has a skill for bringing an essence and flair of creativity to anything whether it is art related or not.  He can add creative inspiration to anything such as cooking, party planning, interior decorating and he knows how to liven things up and create a positive and fun space full of excitement and passion.  

He has an incredible personality.  He is witty and has a wonderful sense of humour.  He is patient and wonderfully charming to work with.  He is a very social demon and is very confident in his skills and abilities.  He is very friendly and social and very talkative, full of ideas and inspirations.  He is a great demon to collaborate on creative projects with and he is always full of different ideas and perspectives.  When approached from a respectful place he is kind and talkative, ready to share his ideas and act as a creative muse.  

Being a Duke he oversees 26 officials (some sources say legions, though from our experience they are more assistants and not military) in the kingdom that he resides.  He is responsible for the various operations and ensuring that things run smoothly.  He is quite organized and handles the duties of a duke with pride and dignity.  

Appearance: He is very handsome though he seems to change is appearance a lot.  We have seen him with brown styled hair that changes,  black hair and also blond hair,  he has Green and Orange eyes and tanned skin that appears golden.  He really loves to change his appearance and style.  He is medium height, and has a bit slimmer muscular build.

Duke Aim
Duke Aim’s Goetia Sigil

Offerings we use when working with him: He loves citrus scents,  Earl Grey Tea, and Herbal Teas with Citrus.  He also likes honey and anything that is gold.  He loves gold.  

Colours he likes: He likes all colours and depending on what one is seeking assistance with we suggest meditating with him prior to determine what colours would work best.  

Crystals he likes: He likes amethyst, emeralds, herkimer diamonds,  alexandrite and tanzanite

Incense he likes: He loves Sandalwood,  Jasmine and Chamomile incense and also lemongrass.

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7 thoughts on “Aim – Demon Duke of the Solar Realms

  • At the risk of putting the cart before the horse, it’s going to be a good while before I can even contemplate working with a Being of this stature….what is the proper salutation for a Duke?

    • Hi Edward, When you first start working with them it can seem like there is a long way to go, though once you start it is not so bad. When approaching any demon I like to create an altar for them and define sacred space, which means create a space where you can invite them to join you where you won’t be interrupted. I will address them by their title and speak very respectfully to them. I also like to do a pre meditation prior to my rituals to see if they would like anything special as offerings. I will sit in meditation with their sigil and just ask if there is anything special they would like. They are very helpful when we are learning and I have found that any mistakes we make in the beginning, they will use those to educate in a helpful way. I really have not had trouble when working with them.

      • Kathleen

        Thank you so much for your website and all of the information you so freely share. It is truly amazing. I found you on youTube while looking up Enns to help me connect with the demons more. I have a question. It’s probably a really stupid question but I am gonna to get over myself and ask anyway. I read your articles about tea as an offering. Do I prepare it and put it in a cup for them? Or do I leave it out either loose leaf or a tea bag. If I do prepare it, do I add honey, sugar or milk? See? A silly question but one I don’t know the answer to. Thanks so much!

        • Hi Kathleen, you are very welcome! It is our pleasure and we are so happy you enjoy the site and the Enn videos! That is not a stupid question at all, that actually is a really good question! I usually have a special tea cup that is for them when I do offerings and with the tea I usually have a special blend for them. If it is loose leaf I use a special tea pot to prepare it, or if it is in a bag I use the bag directly in the cup. For most, I prepare it without milk, honey or sugar unless they request it. Sometimes they will guide me to specific ways to prepare their tea, but for the most part I prepare it black. Thank you so much for the great question, it was not silly at all!

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  • Andreia Martinez

    Hello! Congratulations on the site! I would like to ask about Aim, some authors describe that Aim causes fires. How should I interpret this information?

    • Chatty Matty

      Priestess Akelta
      I absolutely Love Aim! Sometimes I have to deal with the Narcissist Types of people, you know the ones! Those that always try to leave you speachless…. This Demon’s sense of Humor is just utterly Amazing! So when dealing with those types of people I just merely think his name, and then just simply walk away while listening to their laughter…. No one deals with narcissism like this powerful Beautiful Demon….


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