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Marbas – Demonic Underworld President

These are our coven notes from working with this incredible and amazing Demon.  Marbas has worked with me personally for many years now and has aided me in healing and helping many members of my family.  One who is gifted in the healing arts and the workings of the body, Marbas is an incredibly skilled and brilliant healer and one who I have had the pleasure of working with.

Solar Demon Nobility, Duke Aim 

Direction: East (Desert Winds, Dark Mist, Low Fog)
Element: Air (Solar Winds)
Colours:  black, gold, orange, yellow, silver and blue-grey.
Rank: President
Species: Solar/Mutilation/Lowborn demon
Realm: Solar Realms of the Outer Spiritual World
Attributes: Healing, knowledge of diseases and their cures, secret knowledge and wisdom, He can also curse, they say the best healers make the best killers.

Demonic Mantra:
Demonic Hymn:

From the Priestess’s of Satan and Suns/Sons ~ The Demon Temple

Marbas is a Solar/Mutilation/Lowborn demon who has a very unique understanding of the world and of health and wellness.  He is a doctor and a surgeon, having a vast and deep understanding of the treatment of various diseases and conditions.  He is a specialist.  He enjoys studying diseases, especially ones that rot the flesh and eat away the body are of particular interest to him.   He is familiar with both the physical effects of diseases as well as the energetic layers and how they influence and twist the energies and the physical bodies.  He can and does work with the energies and can perform incredible healing workings.  He enjoys and understands various physical treatments.   He enjoys dissecting things and seeing all the different parts and how they are all connected and fit together, he has a great deal of knowledge and understanding with anatomy.  

He enjoys studying decomposition and how the body breaks down over time.  He understand the process of decay and enjoys studying the stages.  He knows how to shift the energies of time to speed up the decomposition, but he can also slow it down and reverse it, bringing ones decayed energies back into a state of wellness and health.  He can also bring decay and rot and curse those who cross him.  He enjoys Taxidermy and dissecting things and preserving them using Plastination which is the process of halting decomposition and preserving the body in a liquid polymer solution so they can be posed and displayed.  He enjoys the Plastination process immensely.   

Being a President he is connected and works in the death realms of the underworld and is connected to the underworld council.  He governs 36 legions of spirits who cross with the dead and can cause infestations and diseases of the soul.  He does not govern legions of the demonic military, these entities who he oversees assist him in his duties of chartering the dead and making sure the bodies are empties and the energies released for the soul to pass on to it’s next destination.  

He is part of a group of specialized surgeons of who Hell’s Surgeon Uphir is also a member of.  He is an exceptional healer and he is one who can reverse the plight of illness and bring one back to a state of wellness. He is a wonderful demon to seek council from when one needs guidance in areas of healing, especially from disfiguring and horrific diseases.  His twin brother is Marbuel,  Marbuel is a Darker of the twins.  

He enjoys the mechanics of things, taking them apart and putting them back together.  Learning about how they work.  He is a huge proponent of knowledge and learning.  He enjoys teaching and helping one to embrace a passion and enthusiasm for learning and can assist one with working with their mind to increase their memory retention and comprehension skills.  He also enjoys studying how the mind breaks down, diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia, and the relationship between mind and body decay and decomposition.  His knowledge of this he can both heal and destroy.  He is brilliant and has a vast spectrum of knowledge at his disposal and can help illuminate one to the trust especially when they are missing knowledge.  He can reveal knowledge and wisdom and help illuminate the ignorant.  


Appearance:  He has Steel blue/grey/silver eyes, white/platinum blonde hair that is very light.  He has tanned skin and a set of grey/blue horns on top of his head.  He also has wings that are a mixture of blue, grey and black, and a black tail.   He is taller and has a toned/fit build.  

Things he likes:   He likes Taxidermy and Plastination, and knowledge on diseases that cause rot and decay. He enjoys classical music.  He likes Turmeric, Juniper and valerian root.   His favourite tea is puu’erh tea, darjeeling tea, and ceylon silver tip tea.

Colours he likes:  He likes  black, gold, orange, yellow, silver and blue-grey.

Crystals he likes:  He likes sardonyx, nephrite jade, bloodstone and howlite

Incense he likes:  He likes Storax,  Chamomile, and Cedar

Priestess Akelta… Marbas is an incredible Demon to work with.  I have asked for his aid in healing family members from serious illnesses and helping to cure my own ailments at times.  I have worked with him for many years and knows that if a relative can be cured he will see it done, and if they cannot he will be honest and truthful. 

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    • Hymn/mantra
      Renich tasa uberaca biasa icar marbus

    • Samuel Asare

      I want to walk and work with Marbas

  • Marbasla iletişim kurmak istiyorum nasil davet edebilirim

  • Can I contact him in other dates or I must contact him in the spicific given dates?

    • Anytime but he is more powerful on the given dates.

  • Leonora

    Thank You for such helpful information and guidance! I have been seeing His name and Sigil pop up repeatedly. I will organize a Ritual to Him and see if He wishes to be part of my Path.


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