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Andras – Solar Demon Marquis

These are our coven notes from working with this incredible and amazing Demon.  Andras has been incredible to work with, one who brings fast and swift results in many different areas.   It has been an honour and a privilege to work with this amazing demon and learn about his and what he has to teach.

Solar Demon Nobility, Marquis Andras 

Direction: East (Desert Winds, Dark Mist, Low Fog)
Element: Air (Solar Winds)
Colours: Red, Orange, Black, Teal
Rank: Marquis
Species: Solar Demon
Realm: Solar Realms of the Outer Spiritual World
Attributes:  Can reveal the secrets of darkness, and the whispers of the dead.  Excellent and cursing and execration he can remove obstacles and enemies from ones path.  He can bring incredible change and has knowledge of removing blocks and reshaping ones life through drastic means.  He means business and he know how to get results.

Demonic Mantra:
Demonic Hymn:

Priestess’s of Satan and Suns/Sons~ The Demon Temple 

Marquis Andras is a male Solar Demon. He has a bit of a cheeky temperament and be careful when working with him as he doesn’t like his time being wasted.  When he shows up he means serious business and you should have a serious request.

He has great knowledge of how to remove someone from ones life.  He has a VERY dominant personality, he is straight to the point and very blunt.  He has no issues calling people on insecurities and challenging their beliefs.  He also can be very scary and intimidating.  He is not a demon to approach with trivial matters.  He is serious and should be approached with respect, focus and a clear goal.

He has incredible knowledge of cursing and death magick and also bringing ones life to complete ruin to make changes.  If you ask for his help he will get you there, but he might take out your life with it.  He is one the demons that you have to be careful what you wish for.  You might say something like. I don’t want to work at my job anymore, and then the next day you get fired.  He has a very direct method when it comes to his work and will get fast results, but taking the quickest route often is met with unexpected and undesired encounters.

He has understanding of the dead and of the energies of death.  Death being the final end and the final confrontation this is why many of his results and actions bring about swift change.  He literally kills the old life and opens up the energies for complete transformation of the self into the new life.

He is a Demon Commander as well as a Marquis and Commands 30 legions of Demons.  (Though he told me 86)

Andras’s Goetia Sigil

Appearance : He has spiky black hair, tanned skin and black and red eyes that have a fiery glow to them.  He is very handsome.

Offerings we use when working with him : He likes instrumental/battle metal, Cayenne Peppe, Darker Rituals/Casting/Spells, and Blood

Colours he likes : Red, Orange, Black, Teal

Crystals he likes:  Fire agate, obsidian, black tourmaline, meteorite

Incense he likes :  Amber, patchouli and dragons blood

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6 thoughts on “Andras – Solar Demon Marquis

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    • Thank you so much!  I added your website to our resource list for people looking for more information on Demons.  Your site is wonderful and a gem of knowledge.   

      Anyone looking to learn more about demons needs to check out V.K. Jehannum.  He has a most excellent web resource on demons.  So much information and personal experiences!

  • I noticed there’s some misinformation and I thought I should help if you’re alright with that. His correct element is fire, teal is not one of his colors it’s only red, black, and orange. He does not have spikey hair though it is short and darkly colored. He is darker than tan in skin tone and he is incredibly incredibly muscular as he is a powerful warrior. He does not do magick per se but he is unmatched with any and all weapons besides magick. He is also associated with war, bloodshed, and power as you know I think?

    • I do appreciate you insight, however I have my own thoughts on this. First of all, you are working with an inner spiritual world aspect of Andras. This article I have written about is on the Andras form the Outer Spiritual World. The difference is that while the Inner Spiritual World aspect of Andras does not do Magick as you have said, the Outer Spiritual World Andras is a specialist in execration work and destruction. Due to the Desert Element and the Air element (though I agree that Fire can Also be an Element of Andras) we can see the combined essence of magick and war. Air though, is more appropriate because of the Violent and Destructive Nature of the Solar Winds which are of incredibly heat and incineration, Air is more appropriate from an Outer Spiritual World perspective) It is actually important to note these distinctions to know what it is we are connecting with. I actually have an article written on it here.

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