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Lilith Queen of the Night

Lady Lilith
Lady Lilith

I have wanted to do a post on this AMAZING lady for a long time.  She is a treasure and a gem to work with. Her radiance and stunning beauty encompass her so perfectly and completely.

Lilith is a Dark Goddess, she is one of incredible power, charisma, and persuasion. She is a mistress of the divine feminine and a true seductress. She is a rare beauty that excites the desires of the flesh and she can bring her lovers to their knees.

Lilith encompasses the night and is the mistress of Darkness. She is a Dark Goddess through and through being able to bend and shift the darkness and stillness of the night. I will admit at first I had a hard time connecting with her but that was because of my own blocks. Once I got past them, her energy was incredibly powerful and healing to work with.

Lilith has many sides to her.  She encompasses the spectrum of divine feminine energies, but first, there are a few common misconceptions about Lilith I would like to clear up…

The first misconception is that some say she is the wife of Satan.  This could not be further from the truth. She is the consort and lover of Samael who holds the title of Adversary. Many people think that Samael and Satan are the same being, but they are not. Samael is not a demon, he is an Angel, a dark angel and one who is not aligned with the group of Holy Angels.

He works with the Darker beings of the Outer Spiritual world, most specifically the creatures of the night and has deep connections and affiliations with those beings who are of darkness.  He embraces and understands the darkness and is aligned with it.  That is where his energy resides and he is the consort and lover of Lady Lilith and her King. He is not Satan.

Samael Sigil
Samael Sigil

Lord Satan is a completely different being. He is a Noble Demon and the Father of Demons and the Demonic Divine. Satan and Lilith have actually never been together and do not have a connection in the outer spiritual world. Lady Lilith is the consort and lover of Samael.

Samael and Lilith have MANY children together, in fact, Lilith is the first of her kind and the mother of many offspring that are like her. She is a beautiful and incredible goddess of lust, passion, seduction, and pleasure.

The second misconception is that Lilith is a harlot. This comes from a human bias on women and their sexuality. Lilith enjoys and loves sex, and that made her in societies eyes promiscuous and whorish. She is actually an empowered woman who is comfortable with her body and also with laying with men and women. This does not make her a whore.

She is incredibly powerful and healing for feminine energies and as a Queen in her own right, helping both men and women to feel comfortable with their bodies and embrace themselves and their truth. She is a Divine Goddess and one of abundance and empowered feminine archetypes. She is incredible and beautiful to behold.  She is a goddess of women embracing their femininity. Unfortunately, to the church and other sects of society who hold women in a more negative regard, that makes her a harlot.

Dukante Sigil of Lilith
Dukante Sigil of Lilith

Lastly, she is not a baby killer. This one cannot be further from the truth, Lilith has a very mothering side and a very nurturing and soothing. She can be very maternal and caring and she is a mother herself.  She has many children with Samael.

She herself is a mother a divine mother and this I think was a story to shame her for being a sexually empowered woman, women can be mothers and also surrender to their desires.  There is a balance to this but the stigma that you can only be one or the other is one of many that Lilith has broken.

This came from history being written by the victors.  Lilith left her place as a submissive woman and so, to paint her in a horrible light, they took away her mothering qualities and made her the heartless harlot they wanted everyone to see her.  The fact remains, empowered women are mothers, who inspire and empower their children and Lilith is an empowered woman who is also an empowered wife and mother, there is no shame in any of these female energies.

Lilith in the Outer spiritual world was one who suffered great abuse and left what she knew. She ventured out into the world on her own relying only on her skill and ability. She met the Angel Samael, and they were smitten with each other. She grew and was infused with the power of the Dark Goddess.  They completed each other’s energies and she embraced her empowered feminine qualities and stepped into the powerful Goddess and Queen that she is today.

Her power and radiance shine on those who work with her and she has learned about the feminine archetypes and is empowerment for women, she understands greatly the darkness of all sides of these energies, the great empowered darkness. Her feminine energies though are not vindictive or damaging in any way to the masculine energies, through Samael she finds balance with the masculine divine and she can be empowering and nurturing for Masculine energies as well.

Lilith Sigil
Lilith Sigil

She is balanced and beautiful. She is one who seeks to empower women while still allowing them to be women.

She can be vicious and violent, one who will defend herself and her family and one who will not let anyone push her around. She rises to the challenge presented to her and she will defend herself with the sheer might of the goddess she is.

She is a Queen of Darkness and understands the powerful energies that sleep in the night and can bend them to her will.  She hears the dark whispers of the forgotten night.  The sleeping Dark mother who calls to the creatures of the nights and nurtures them in blankets of moonlight.

She is a healer and a lover and one who can provide comfort and support to those in need.  Her night energies provide rest and comfort and she can inspire those who work with her with dreams.

She empowers those she works with.  She can awaken our power and help us to claim who we are and our space and become the people we desire to be.  She reminds us of our truth and the powerful individuals that we are.

She is all this and More.

Lilith has incredible power and ability to see through illusions and uncover the truth of false accusations. She is a very powerful sexual and bold goddess who can work powerful sex magicks and sex rites.

She is very pro-independence and helping people to rise up in their power and increase their self-image and self-confidence. She is the protector of women and children (especially babies) and helps to empower people in all areas. She seeks justice and abhors slanderous gossip and bullying. She is gifted on the areas of divination, healing, black magic, necromancy, and bending dark energies to her will. She knows how to work with the energies of blood and the life force contained and can assist anyone who is called to work with her in learning these skills.

She is Lilith, the Dark Mother and the Dark Queen of the Night. She is incredible to work with!

I like to work with Lilith during the night as I find her power and presence shine through, her energy also seems to change with the moon phases.

Offering for her:  blood, roses, pomegranates, hibiscus, nettle, almond, mugwort, hazel, moonwort, mistletoe, juniper, pumpkin, gourd, beetroot, white and red sandalwood, lime, hemlock, cocoa (yes chocolate), weeping willow, dragonwort, nightshade, amaranth, cinnamon, chrysanthemum, lotus, rosemary, saffron.

Incense she likes: Jasmine, Lotus, red and white sandalwood, dragon’s blood, cinnamon, olibanum, camphor, myrrh, jasmine, frankincense, golden copal, amber, saffron.

Crystals she likes: Moonstone, fire opal, chrysolite, aventurine, aquamarine, diamond, ruby, obsidian, onyx, jet, topaz, and garnet.

Colours she likes: Black, Purple, Orange, Gold, Red, Magenta, Dark Pink, Blood Red, Silver, Dark Grey,

Lilith’s Enn is – Renich viasa avage lillith lirach

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58 thoughts on “Lilith Queen of the Night

  • An amazing read thank you

    • Thank you for not being a sheep. I had to write to you. You don’t need to believe who I am. Just know that you are amazing. And I love that you understand. And your words are so powerful. I couldn’t have asked for anyone else to write the truth.
      The moon is full soon, I will be sending you something special. :*

      • Bridget Ume-Sky

        Interesting.. will love to hear more of this.. Tnx 4 d article

        • Isa black

          Gracias por hablar de mi señora con ese Respeto que se merece, y que quienes la quieren silenciar le han quitado

      • philippe

        Tout mon respect pour vous chére Déesse, qui redonnez de l’espoir et la force aussi.


      • philippeNO7

        Bonsoir déesse.

        Pouvons nous vous contacter autrement qu’ici?
        Merci a vous d’exister !


        • Thank you so much for all of the information. Ive heard poor things and Amazing things so I appreciate you speaking the truth about who she really is. She sounds beautiful and I hope one day I will be worthy of working with her. Blessings

      • Rocksuccubuss

        You are so beautiful thank you so much for everything I have a question I have three succubus queen princess that are bound to jewlery and one that is bound to me a spoke to Lilith but only liltle feeling no sex please help thank you rocksuccbus

      • Thank you. I’m definitely no sheep but would like guidance

    • I agree, amazing! I just recently turned to Lilith as my primary deity, she always was in the top 5 of my deities but feeling her power and knowing she shows me that all humanity is divine in time… plus all the other powers and honesty she gives to us, idk why I hadn’t seen the total light she bares .. untill recently

  • Nathan

    Lilith is a wonderful being to work with, for guys one can offer semen to her sexualy if you don’t have a partner to work with as long as you offer it with the respect she deserves if one gives her the love and effection as how one love another lover she will show you the same back but her energy can be addicting at times but if you show your love and effection to her she and you shall have an unbreakable bond that will last forever she is also known as the mother of all vampires and can help people in the practice of learning and understanding the ways of it she appears to me with long wavy red hair red lips beautiful captivating emerald green eyes that one can be lost in her gaze fair skin valoptous breasts absolutely perfect body she likes wearing sometimes a scarlet tunic with gold trim that is thin and can see alost threw it or she doesn’t wear anything at all she is an amazing woman and goddess to work with i love lilith.

  • evebroughtanaxthistime

    Uhrm, every time I brows up on my Sister, she seems to have changed her background and life-story. Maybe we’re not talking about the same woman. Possibly, because the one I’ve known of forever, the one my grandmother meant when she very discreetly called me ‘Jou klein Lilith’ (you little Lilith) when I was about 5 years of age, was a slightly different character altogether. Are we talking ’bout the screech-owl? The one who got born siamese-style, back to back with Adam – his first wife, whom he betrayed by insisting that she be subordinate to him, prompting her to give him and His Invisibleness the finger and diving into Hell to go play with the demons (downtown angels, if you must)? There’s another story that His Diaphanousness booted her booty through Hell’s back door, but since there is a choice, I prefer no 1. As far as I can remember, this Lilith (adam’s equal – in a far more illustrative description than that of Eve’s bone-marrow, stemcell cloning) is still human, making her ‘very old’, as is mentioned with relish every time people would whisper about her in corners. Yeah sure, go for the insults, yeh friggin sexually lopsided cockworshipping goddess-fearers. It only makes that invisible creator-dude look more like a grumpy old fossil, as he’s even older than her. Haha.
    Apparantly the new thing is that she’s going to be taking over the world. Yeah sure, after what has been done to it so far, pretty soon nobody will want it, so I really don’t think she’ll bother after all this time, except if she’s some psychotic mother theresa. Go grrrlllll.

    • Some of that info is true about Lilith but her and Satan do have offspring together has she does with plenty of others they both are powerful but no longer on the same side from what I know. I don’t recommend ever summoning her because she will plague anyone with demons! A lot of offspring has left her going back to the Almighty father. Lilith is married to more then just one being many others so to speak. As it is all about power and she loves power nothing else! Also whoever “Nathan” is Lilith doesn’t have red hair her hair is gold lmao not many even know the truth about her and wikipedia or any other online site is not a truthful resource. And another thing Lilith is not the wife of Adam lol how insulting that is to her then again all humans believe “God” is there maker well guess again! I can guarantee I know more then those who are actually devoted to her.

      • This is your experience with her, but it does not resonate at all with the work that I have done with her. People connect with different layers of the spiritual world and have different experiences. To anyone reading this comment. If your experience with Lilith doesn’t line up with another’s do not worry, there are many layers of the spiritual world and you are connecting to the one that resonates with your energies. As long as you are finding empowerment and your experiences are helping you, then keep following it.

  • Great post! I’ve been studying Lilith and haven’t found anything as profound as this. I’m going to look more as well as things on her with Samael. I would like to work with them for me and my husband.

    • Thank you so much! Lilith is amazing to work with and the combined energies of her and Samael are incredible!

      • Jessica

        How do I summon or connect with Lilith ..I have been trying but nothing ever happens

  • Thank you so much for the information on offerings, incense and Enn. I am sorta making this up as I go along, but I wanted to consecrate an object to Lilith and had not the foggiest notion where to even start. Well, that’s not totally true, I did have a message, “Be sure your heart is in the Right Place”
    Which is Really Sound Advice! But I do worry about form and ritual. I don’t want to be the bull in the spiritual china shop.

    • Hi Edward, that is sound advice and thank you so much for your comment! Sometimes when going into this they will guide us and even when we make mistakes they are meant to help us to learn and build deeper connections. I have found that it has been through my experimentations and just going for it, even when it doesn’t go according to plan that I learn the most from. Following your heart and going for it sometimes yields the best results. They really are very understanding and I have found that as long as you approach them with respect they will guide you and help educate you along the way.

    • mary smee

      What does enn mean? Genuine question as we all have to gain knowledge. x

      • Janie

        It is similar to the name of the Demon you are invoking. It needs to be chanted about 108 times out loud or quietly in your head until the Demon is invoked.

        • philippeNO7

          Comment faire pour vous contacter ailleurs qu’ici ?


  • Jerry

    Wow, after being told that a deity was calling me, it all pointed towards the Goddess Lilith. Started researching her (I’m new the LHP/RHP stuff) and found so many articles with one-sided crap. Good to find a site that put something positive about the goddess that the elders could not admit to the world.

    • Thank you so much Jerry. Lilith is honestly amazing to work with, I find a lot that is written about her to be untrue and disrespectful to what she represents. She is a goddess of empowerment and freedom, and incredible to walk with. I wish you an amazing time working with her!

      • GeminiQueen81

        It’s absolutely weird that her belief’s, the offerings she likes, scents, colors, and Crystal’s that she likes are also what I like and use for hoodoo. I’m afraid to work with demons bc I fear going to hell. I come from a heavy Christian background and I’m still very much indoctrinated. Do y’all fear what will happen to you in the afterlife? Why chose demons over heavenly angels? Both are from Christianity. I just want to understand as much as possible. Thx in advance.

  • Bellamii

    What are good colors to use, like for candles, when working with Lady Lilith?

    • I personally like using black, blue, red or pink when working with her 🙂

    • In all honesty, it doesn’t matter what colour you use. The point of the candle is to act as the only light source in the room, leaving large swathes of the room in shadow. It has a greater meaning beyond the obvious aesthetics, and a meaning you have to discover for yourself.

      Just an FYI, never demand anything from her as she is the embodiment of free will and equality. Be respectful and ask her for help.

  • Hello, thank you very much for such lovely adoration. I’ve always been attracted to Divine Mother, Kali, Durga and for some reason today Lilith occupied mind and stumbled on your article. I’ve noticed that there is sigil for Saturn in the sigil for Lilith. What is the relationship between both? Saturn being the ascendant planet and chart ruler I have love hate relationship with him/her. I attribute the male gender onto Saturn and abuse him profusely for making my life miserable with no love. But I always feel guilty and go back to him begging for forgiveness. So whenever I want to work with Kali I always feel guilty because I abused Saturn, an aspect of herself. If Kali is same as Lilith, I may be wrong, I will have the same mental block that how can I work with Lilith, whom I call names and abuse. Please help, thanks!

    • Personally I see Kali and Lilith as independent of each other.  Also, in regards to sigils, I posted the sigils here because these are sigils that people use to connect with them.  The sigil that I use is actually different than these and is a personally channeled one.  I will be doing a post on my work with Lilith where I will post the sigil, as that is the one that I use to connect with her.  A lot of times, many of the sigils that correspond with them do not resonate with me so I either use my own or find sigils that do.  I put the variety here though because everyone is different and where I may not resonate with one sigil, someone else might.

      • Thanks, I will look forward to your post. So there is no relationship between Saturn and Lilith?

  • I agree that demons do exist, but would I believe in them…. not quite, As a believer of Christ I only serve my God who is my strength, demons, witches etc. seem to please may here I see… but are they are the truly right. You know how they say you can’t see some stars with a naked eye look deeper and you’ll find the truth…..

    • Yet here you are, on a Demonic site, perhaps you are curious, perhaps you feel the call of the darkness and want to know more. Yes you cannot see some stars with the naked eye, until you learn to walk in the darkness and find balance and peace. Peer into the darkness of space, they are all there, the answers, they can be found in the darkness. One of those stars… the Morning star… is Lucifer…

      • Well played sister. I wanted to do the same thing. Christian trolls 😉 blessed be.

    • Justin

      Then why on earth are you on this website at all? I smell trolling!

  • Lilith isn’t a demon, despite what people think. I suppose you could say she’s a free spirit, although that title doesn’t do her ample justice (there is no human word for the term i’d use). I’ve known her for time immemorial and she’s nothing but kind and considerate, fighting for the freedoms that should be freely given. If someone is trapped or in need of guidance, she’ll be there to fight by their side. It’s one of the many things I love about her.

    Like I said before, she isn’t a demon. They are a completely different kettle of fish, and calling her one of them is like comparing a human to an insect or lizzard. The two are not the same. They may live alongside each other, but their makeup is utterly different…so is their lifestyle.

    Humans live in what I’d call the physical plane, and everything that exists here follows that physical rule. Where I’m originally from is the nonphysical ‘spirit realm’. I would add that I only call it that for your sake. There is no correct word to describe it, as the place is only truly understood via feelings.

    The “spirit realm” as I’ll call it from now on, is a place without time. The past, present and future are all intermingled, mashed together in a seamless jumble. It exists directly alongside the physical realm, interwoven like a blanket. This is why those who are attuned to the Spirit realm are able to communicate with other entities. I would just like to add here that there are entities that pretend to be others, such as Lilith. They
    mimic the name and fool humans, often siphoning energy away without you noticing. If Lilith ever demands some form of payment, then you are not communicating with her.

    I know several books state that the physical world was created in a day, but that’s not true, it was the spirit version that was. It was a blueprint of sorts, a guide to how things would eventually fit into place. Within this spirit version of earth (where time doesn’t exist), is a forest. It was there that Lilith was created, alongside a male counterpart that you would come to call Adam. The two of them were made out of the mud of the earth, and were to remain in the forest, to eventually grow up and help seed this new physical world.

    I was tasked with guarding them, to make sure they never left and wandered into trouble. But when I say tasked, it wasn’t an order given by someone…more like a deeply ingrained need to do it. I was designed to guard and protect, that was all. God as you would call it, isn’t a speaking person who sits on a throne, its just a force of unfathomable sentient energy.

    I wasn’t the only one guarding that forest, there were others too, and I suppose you could liken us to angels. Although, we never had wings and certainly didn’t wear white gowns. We were young in appearance, looking no older than 10 or 11 years old.

    The first time I met Lilith, was when she’d wandered out of the forest and into the patch of land beside my home (which was a cobbled street with several houses, each varying in size, style and age (remember, time doesn’t exist). She was a thing of beauty, and her energy was captivating.

    I eventually managed to convince her to go back home to the forest, but not after a long talk. She was curious, even back then, and I had a hard time trying to answer her questions. In truth, I knew almost as little as she did. I never left my little street, and anything beyond my borders was a mystery to me. I could only tell her of the wandering denizens who sometimes passed through, or the tree spirit that served as my only form of companionship. Well, he had been my only companion, until Lilith began to regularly visit.

    She became a friend of mine and I looked forward to our chats. She told me of her life inside the forest, and of Adam. Her relationship with her male counterpart was tenuous at best. The two routinely fought with each other, which always ended in Lilith running away. Despite being made from the same earth, they were completely opposite in personality. She was a free spirit who couldn’t be caged, ever curious and adventurous. While Adam was content to just live his life in the forest, not questioning anything. This behavior later led to him becoming quite controlling, fighting back against Lilith’s free nature. This is what eventually drove them apart…and led her to me.

    To say I fell in love with her would be an understatement if ever there was one. After she ran away from Adam, she came to visit me. In the interest of protecting her, I took her into my home for a time, intending to eventually lead her back to the forest, where it was safe…where she belonged. But that never happened. I allowed her to touch my hand, and something changed within me, creating a spark of something new.

    I felt different…free. And after that day I stopped devoting myself to returning her to the forest, and instead allowed myself to selfishly pursue my own affections . She gave me the gift of freewill, and showed me that there was more to existence than just servitude, something I’ll always thank her for, even if it did eventually lead to tragedy.

    You see, I decided to run away with her, abandoning my duties. We explored the spirit realm and grew so close to each other that we eventually coupled together. This was forbidden and the fact I’d done this with her, got me severely punished.

    The others caught up to me and when they found out what we’d done, I had my form ripped apart and banished to the physical realm, far away from Lilith. I was to eternally live as a mortal being, stuck in an endless cycle of life and death. Each time my memories wiped clean, just like everyone else.

    I would’ve remained like this forever, lost and trapped, were it not for Lilith. She always manages to find me, nurturing me as I grow up so that I eventually begin to remember things. She offers me flashes of memory, from past lives and of our time together.

    I recently did a regression to find out more of my past lives, and I saw myself as an old man, a writer and spiritual advocate. In that life I had changed my name to Samael, and gone on a spiritual journey to find an answer to my plight. I foolishly believed I could undo my punishment, to break the cycle and continue my work, with my mind intact, yet I failed.

    I’m back in another life, but this time I won’t make the same mistakes again. Lilith’s been helping me with that. Not only has she helped me remember who I am again, but she has a plan of her own. If it works I might finally be free of this torture. I long to feel her properly, not this disconnected feeling I experience daily over here.

    I didn’t have to offer you my life story, or reveal the truth of things, but Lilith suggested that I did (and I have to agree with her). If one person finally sees past the veil, than that is a delightful success.

    FYI, if you’re ever helped by the real Lilith, keep a little bit of Obsidian around for her. She likes its energy, and she’ll thank you for it.

  • Flore

    Sorry if I’m asking this question after a long time from the previous one. I also haven’t read all the comments, sorry if my question is among them.
    Does someone has a reference book for the Samael Sigil?
    I’ve searched on the web, found it in different shapes, but I haven’t found any reference. Does someone has one? Did it appear in the XVI-th century, like the Lucifer Sigil or much later?

    • In the Sumerian epic, she is called Tiamat.

      The ENTIRE phantom matrix of the demiurge is built on Tiamat’s “pain”.
      Tiamat is a dark goddess, a wounded, enslaved, defiled and insulted female archetype in the holographic matrix structure used to distort women and the feminine principle on this planet.
      She was split apart by the Lunar Chain clan and Marduk, who used her essence to recreate the lunar forces, replicating her essence in flawed-altered formats. Marduk gave this mind to Enki – Ea, who decided to invade Sumer and play the role of God with the Anunnaki, offering people his version that Anu created people, and therefore they are the Gods of this planet. It was a way to make people slaves.
      Tiamat, torn apart, is frozen in a false phantom body, and is “used” as a dark goddess and a forced-forced female partner of the male Nibiru.
      Tiamat pain is part of a concept used as a phantom system to artificially evoke these painful memories and their remnants in the human race. Some of the fragments of her wounded body are tossed in two dimensions, and her consciousness is used to enter and exit in time portals. This design has something to do with the power line of the Nephilim Reversible Network (NRG) at Stonehenge, and is what holds  Vesica Pisces by reverse feeding and distortion of the true sacred marriage of divinely equal, such as in the Crystal Star, the Union of Wholeness. Nibiru, the planet of the Anunnaki, used the female planet Tiamat after the explosion as a “female balance” to activate its artificial mechanism, which supports its movement near the Earth, in an artificial orbit.
      This is the Matrix of a Living Being, reminding us that we must revive its essence again in the planetary body, and then, accordingly, in our own physical body.  We are able to access this incredibly ancient part of ourselves. The tenth chakra has lines in our LEFT side, and its main portal is a network from the top of the left ear, to the top of the head and to the Soul Star directly above our head, about 15-20 centimeters above the head. This is a connecting portal with our consciousness of the higher Self, and without this communication center in our Etheric body, we would not be able to feel the connection at the frequency level.

  • can one advise on how to call for Lilith, I have on my altar her statue, her sigil, black and red candle, and i have a beautiful prayer that read and also simply call her name “Lilith” but fail to feel her presence or her energy. can anyone help on what more i could do? Thank you in advance

    • My experience with lilith was beautiful I didnt even know of her or her history & yet she still came to me through one of her children 1st then samuel before she reviled herself to me.. every since her sons coming into my life, my life has changed for the better a cfc 1000 fold.. now I just pay my respects and adoration to lilith and her dark light glows guiding my life and it only is getting better every day, so just try and find the truth that is you be that real self and when you start really embracing that she will come and you will fill her energy.. that’s all I was doing was finding and embracing myself and the beauty of myself and sexuality on a true level & she rewarded me for facing and embracing the truth of me…

      • Rockhard

        Lilith will come to u if you believe in her read about her talk to her every day even if you can’t see her say her chant thank her for being there give her coffe and chocolate leave it over night on alter or when I drink my coffee I offer to her and I drink it you will feel it the best way is use a penjilum any thing will do I use my keys ask her questions it will spin yes and know answer give it time she will come

  • In my experience Lilith has been very nice and compassionate to me, but she also liked to test me and see what I’d allow her to get away with and wanted me to promise certain things. I have angered her by saying things I meant in the moment, but changed my mind afterwards, because I didn’t feel comfortable going thru with what I said I’d do concerning our relationship at the time. The last time I tried to apologize, I woke up with a totally dead arm that scared the crap out of me. Haven’t called her nor interacted w/ her since. She has helped me in many ways even teaching me some things in the past and I truly am sorry that things didn’t work out between us, but I will not take any abuse from anyone no matter how disappointed or angry they are with me.

    • Jessica

      How did you call Lilith

  • I am curious what this Enn means,
    Renich viasa avage Lilith lirach
    Before I say it aloud or think on it, just curious. Lilith came to me on the New Moon of January this year. I have been working slowly with Her.
    Would you know? Or can you point me in the direction of having it translated?
    Thank you

  • SonOfSamael

    Lilith came to me when i was a teen, and i accepted her as my new mother she saved me from the terrors of the night at that time my family banished me from home , at that time lilith taugh me everything i have today . but suddenly after 2 years of devotion i dont feel her presence anymore.
    help me please what can i do to let her in my life again , beacuse i dont know what happened.

  • Mycaenean Warmonger

    There is one very deep question someone must make to himself.
    Is the Universe just a consequence? Maybe. What does it matter anyway.
    So let’s pretend it is or it isn’t either way could there be beings of high conciousness?
    How? Doesn’t matter. Especially when people can create with their imagination a symbolical figure of certain aspects of life than name it than worshipping it and take what they need from it just by feeding themselves with their neccesities from the entity they created.
    That of course if there arent beings of high conciousness.
    If there are. What do people do with them? Share. Giving a gift and taking a gift for example.
    Good that’s fine. I don’t see any reason to call one entity bad or good since there is no good or bad in the universe just the ”Purpose” and ”Will” and the ultimate ”Neccesity” and the ”Nemesis” which comes with it do bring the neccesary balance which is needed for a Purpose wether it’s stasis or change or balance (again) with the ultimate purpose of life which is Evolution and the continuation of creation!
    So it appears we dont need dogmas or religions at all. Just pure logic!
    Could there be ”entities”?
    Maybe… Should i care? Perhaps. Perhaps there is a benefit between an entity and another entity by sharing with each other. Sure.
    Do i need it?
    Problem is. There isn’t much real knowledge on the subject around.
    So we don’t know what we do and the consequences.
    Should we be afraid. No. Not at all.
    But before approaching a communication with an entity we need to understand it’s nature and it’s purpose.
    Since that’s not currently possible for many reasons i am afraid it won’t happen.
    Besides every human is different and those focusing more on mundane strength like warfare for example which also depletes alot of our psychic and spiritual stamina might find it difficult to focus on more spiritual matters.
    And if you deplete your strength there than you won’t have enough for the effort to focus on more mundane afairs. But hey. Neccesity comes first right? So whatever happens for whatever reason.
    We choose our fate though so we can choose to focus on one way of life or the other.
    Or on both depending on time. The more things we study the more we evolve our skills the better.
    In the end.
    You discover slightly that you don’t need any entity.
    Of course what fool would deny sharing and gift for gift kind of stuff right? It’ a relationship.
    It’s what we do with humans anyway…
    But what if the entities have a purpose that might be good for us or not?
    Should we worry?
    Well humans have also purposes good or not. Do we worry?
    No. We take safety measures do be capable do deal with whatever comes next.
    It appears these relationships with entities is no different that relationships with humans.
    So i conclude that as you respect and talk to a human also depending his personality and his behaviour you should do with entities.
    And if they are interested in sharing and you are interested in sharing everything is good.
    Purpose. Always keep that in mind. No one does something just because.
    If the purpose is sharing we are good. If it’s something of mutual benefit we are good.
    If not than leave that entity alone and don’t bother…
    Oh and never ever enter religious sects or any other ”Dogma”
    Most of them have just mixed every mythology together they have forgotten what comes from where…
    By the way. I don’t know the creators of the language of the Enns but they better open their cards openly on the table since the poker round is over and someone has to win and someone loose.
    Meaning either legitimize or dismiss this strange tongue reminding of Sanskrit (The first language of the Aryans, the predeccesors of the Yamna culture which are the direct predeccesors of my people who adopted the Linear A from other Southern Aryans descendants of the Mesopotamian Civilisations and wrote their language in the Liner B script).
    Yeah it appears religions from Babylon to Rome were never something much different. Not even the bloodline has much changed except of mixtures with Semits in the M. East.

  • philippeNO7

    merci à tous.


  • Davey Alan

    Thank you for this, I connected with Lilith through meditation, she answered all my questions, I’ve contacted Lucifer once, but haven’t been able to since, she told me I have to connect with my inner flaws, and I have tried and failed with Azazel as I am not intune with my emotions, she agreed to help me with both as both goetia will work with me once those are fulfilled, she just asked I make her love and teaching known to others and spread her word, she asked me to contact her every night at 10:20pm, “there’s a fine line between ignorance and arrogance, and even finer between standing your ground and avoiding these flaws, learn to know the difference and respect and love it.” My pride and temper get in my way, and that’s her way of telling me that. She also told me Bael is my guardian, and to talk with him as he has the insight I need.

  • Alex Seldes

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but now I kind of admire her. I’m a boy, okay, but I accept the concept of a woman being both a lover of sex and a mother.

  • I begun working with Lady Lilith in the past few weeks. I must say she is indeed amazing and wonderful. Her presence fills me with joy and happiness.

  • Thank you so much for this information 🙂 As someone who works with Lilith, I find this to be incredibly accurate and a spot on resource for who she is at the heart of all the information looming around the internet about her.

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  • Sherida

    I found this website while searching for a way to ask Goddess Lilith for her help. There are so many different articles on her that I am scare to even try. I loved the part where your article says that Lilith hates gossip and slander and bullying, because it is for this very reason that I would like to ask for her help.

    • So glad you loved the article! She is amazing to work with ^_^


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