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Uphir – Lowborn/Mutilation Demon and Master Surgeon of Hell

Demonic Surgeon, Lord Uphir

(This information comes from our Priestesses seeking council with him) 

Direction: North/East 
Planet: Uranus  
Metal: Steel
Element: Earth/Air
Color: Blue, Silver, Black, Grey, and Purple
Incense and Scents:  Copal, Patchouli, Cedar and Amber
Rank: Demonic Surgeon of Hell
Species: Lowborn/Mutilation Demon
Realm: Mutilation Asylums and Lowborn Realms of the Outer Spiritual World
Attributes: One who is a master of anatomy and physiology, a brilliant mind and a brilliant surgeon of darkness. One who understands the ways of the flesh and how it bends and moves. His mind sees what most cannot and he perceives what others cannot, he can move beyond what is common and make sense of even the most chaotic vibrations.

Demonic Mantra:  Uphir, Great Surgeon of the Underworld, Help our bodies grow strong, help our minds be sharp and fill us with Vitality.

Demonic Affirmation:  To Uphir we call, bless us with health and strength, Cleanse our minds and our bodies. Great Surgeon of the underworld with masterful hands, we call to you, heal us through the darkness and cleanse our minds of Taint, addiction, and toxicity.

Demonic Hymn: Uphir Lord of Health, we honor you and your brilliance, your mind and your intellect, show us your wisdom and reveal to us the secrets of your craft. We honor the wisdom that you share with us and the health you give us. We hear your words and follow your guidance, we receive the cleansing energies of your hand.

Uphir Demonic Enn – “Nor Evose Neya Vonta Uphir Ata”

(Enn Channeled From our Coven) 

Uphir Sigil
Our Coven’s Sigil of Uphir

From the Priestess’s of Satan and Suns/Sons ~ The Demon Temple

Uphir is a very incredible and brilliant Demonic Surgeon. He has studied health and wellness and has a very balanced and well-rounded approach to healing and health. His energy healing and psychic surgery techniques are incredible and he is one who can initiate into the secret healing practices of the underworld. His hands are incredibly skilled and he is incredibly focused and patient. He takes his time and makes sure that he explores the depth of the problem before he comes us with a solution. He can teach unique and incredible forms of energy healing and he has various skills and techniques which can be passed to those who seek him.

He is Powerful Surgeon of Hell and a master of healing and physiology. He understands the mind, body and energies and the balance that they all have with each other and a great understanding of the subtleties and complexities of the body and aura. He can see how things work and has a very steady hand and a sharp mind and applies this skill with his working. He takes the approach that healing is both doctor and patient and that one be committed to their healing and growth. They have to take care of their vessel and work to maintain an optimum level of health and wellness.

He works with physiology and to work with him I suggest taking biology classes as he has a huge understanding for medicine and though he sees western medicine as primitive and needing expansion and growth, he has a great deal of respect for it and enhancing it. Understanding Biology and the physiologic workings of the body. I had to go over my old anatomy and physiology classes to work with him because he told me that he would not work with me until I had an understanding of the human body and how it worked. He likes biology textbooks and oddities and he is very surgical in his approach when working with energies, he combines intense psychic surgery techniques along with a VAST understanding of the human physical body and etheric body and how they work and operate together, even the subtle energies.

He is Skilled and knowledgable in medical, anatomy, physiology, pathology as well as various energy healing techniques and practices. The energy healing techniques that he teaches are incredibly versatile and can be used for anyone on any path. They are not path specific and they are incredibly profound. He has a very calculating and logical mind and he enjoys order and structure. He also loves organization and can help one to organize their mind and declutter their life. He likes to help people remove energy, objects, and growths which are detrimental to their development and he can help people to release what is holding them and let go of dead weight they carry around.

Being part mutilation demon he has a unique understanding of abstract views and the ways of the flesh. The way the flesh molds and moves. He understands the flesh and he understands the profound workings of the body and how each system works together and operates. He can help give advice on health and natural healing and he offers great wisdom on diet, exercise, and supplements to health. He can also help one with detoxing and eliminating toxins from the body. He can guide one to various forms of healing that they need to overcome the ailments they have. He is skilled and masterful and he approaches different situations with professionalism and brilliance. His skill when working at the removal of toxic energies are incredible and he can teach advanced techniques in psychic surgeries and holistic healing. He has a balance of both, the holistic world and medical one.

He can help inspire one with ideas of healing and wellness and he can help those who seek him to find answers to questions that they cannot find. The healing knowledge that he has goes beyond our world and he can often help those who seek him to receive their problems from a new perspective. This allows them to tackle their problems from a balanced place. He can remove fear and help one to feel empowered on their healing journey. He can take the fear out of diseases and help one to find the strength from within. He has a very optimistic approach to medicine and the advice he gives fills people with hope and helps them to carry forward. He understands the mind and he can help to counsel those who are troubled and riddled with fear. He can help people to sort out their thoughts and embrace focus and concentration.

The madness of the mutilation realm is one that he knows well. He studies it and he understands the darkness that is there and the darkness that he is. It is a unique darkness and it gives in a unique perspective of things. He can move through the darkness and though he does not draw attention to himself he is always watching and observing. This gives him incredible wisdom and knowledge for he has seen much and he understands much more. It is this understanding that makes his mind so sharp and incredible. He is a master.

Though he can appear very cold and private and is one of incredible brilliance, though not a lot of known about him because he is not very loud. He is quite private and once his work is done he will return to his realms and to his solitude. He enjoys learning and studying new techniques and procedures and enjoys observing different medical practices and will often make comments on them. When he speaks he is logical and he can help one to make sense of even the most complex and chaotic situations. He can cut right through the chaos and bring insanity to order and help reach one in their mind through dreams. He understands psychology and the workings of the mind and he enjoys it, along with philosophy. He enjoys discussion various philosophies and can be quite the debater, willing to point out opposing and at times unpopular views. He enjoys the hard sciences, especially biology and he can teach and reveal the secrets of the deep layer of biology and the natural world. It is his specialty and his passion. He is a unique and incredible demon and one that our coven has had the pleasure to learn about and know.

Appearance: Lord Uphir appears to us as a tall man who is toned and often is seen wearing his doctor’s robes. His hair is black and his skin is paler in appearance. He has long black horns that are more straight and rise above his head. His eyes are a steel-blue, grey color and he often appears very stern and serious.

Offerings we offer when working with him: We will offer Uphir plants with healing qualities like aloe, ginger, and turmeric. He likes herbal teas and teas made with ginger, turmeric and also green and oolong teas. We believe in offering demons tea as a sign of welcome and respect and these are the teas we offer to Lord Uphir. Flowers we have offered him are honeysuckle, violet, and asters.

Colors he likes: Blue, Teal, Silver, Black, White, and Grey

Crystals he likes: Quartz and Quartz crystals with inclusions, black tourmaline, bloodstone, Tibetan Black Quartz, Petrified wood, agate, jasper, and iolite.

Incense  and scents he likes: Lavender, Patchouli, Copal, Amber, and Pine

6 thoughts on “Uphir – Lowborn/Mutilation Demon and Master Surgeon of Hell

  • Aury Satana

    He is the greatest father ever.. Love him very much

  • Matt Vetor

    By the Hands of Lord Uphir, we have Conquered our Very Fear…

  • Does he like animals? If so what are some examples of animals he likes?

  • Kaden (kittyb23_kaden_ on TikTok)

    Uphir is such an awesome demon to work with! He’s helped me in more ways that I could ever imagine. Thank you priestess Alketa for publishing this information about him!

    • You are very welcome! So glad you enjoyed the article ^_^


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