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Verrine, Divinity/Devotion Demon of Health, Wellness and Holistic Healing

(Sigil from the Dukante Hierarchy)

Demon of Health and Wellness

(This information comes from our Priestesses seeking council with her) 

Direction: West/East
Planet: Uranus/Neptune
Metal: White Gold /Mercury/Iron
Element: Water/Air
Colors used when working with them: White, Green, Blue, Silver, Gold, Lemon Yellow, White Gold, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold
Incense and Scents used when working with them: Palo Santo, Copal, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Mint, Echinanea, Ginger, Juniper
Rank: Divine Healer
Species: Divinity/Devotion Demon
Realm: Devotion Realms of the Outer Spiritual World

Attributes:  Verrine is a Demon who is committed to health and wellness, the restoration of the self and the restoration of the soul. His approach to health is very holistic, drawing from multiple sources and seeking to help balance the body and realign it back with its natural self. Working to elevate the energies of the aura he raises the vibration of the soul and returns one back to their source energy. His unique mix of energies allow him to blend working with the darkness of divinity and also the light in an incredibly balanced and profound way. This makes him an incredible healer for anyone on any spiritual path. His energy is lighter and it is very aligned with the higher vibrational demonic realms. His approach to health is individualistic and he says that each body is individual and has very specific needs and those needs should be honoured. He advises us to sit with our body in silence and listen to it and hear the messages that is has to share. Many times the body itself knows what it needs and it drawn to release damaging energies and return to its natural state. He does not talk a lot and is one of the quieter demons I have worked with, but he is incredible brilliant and wise.

Demonic Mantra:  Lord Verrine, help us to heal our bodies, help us to heal our minds. Bring balance of the self. Bring balance of the body. Return us to our divine vibration and help us to live free of pain, sickness and sorrow. Return us to our divine essence and allow us to exist in balance and peace. We call to you Lord Verrine, help us heal and to be whole.

Demonic Affirmation:  To Verrine we seek guidance in the ways of health and wellness. We seek understanding and unity with our soul. Ascend us to the divine sphere and help us to embrace our authentic and holistic self. Remind us of our brilliance, illuminate our minds, bodies and spirits. Bring clarity and focus to our minds and help us hear and receive the messages of our higher guidance. Help us to reconnect with our higher self and to receive the wisdom and brilliance of our ages. Help us to live authentically and to receive the gifts of creativity and excellence that are within. Help us awaken our gifts and walk inspired hand in hand with our divine essence. Lord Verrine, Lord of Health, Wellness and Ascension, guide us in your divine light.  

Demonic Hymn:  Oh Lord Verrine who opens the gates of Ascension, the higher calling and purpose that is within. We seek the journey, we seek to ascend to the higher state of our being and to realign with the divine accept of ourselves. For truth, health and wellness. Verrine help us to live free of pain and agony, help us to find peace and prosperity and to achieve tranquility and serenity of the self. We walk with you and are guided by your loving hand.  

Sacred Chant of Verrine:  En nor ray, ieon Verrine, ruton korvash Verrine, en ruetei Verrine.

Verrine Demonolatry Enn – “Elan Typan Verrine”

(Enn From S.Connolly “The Complete Book of Demonolatry”)

 Verrine is a Devotion/Divinity demon who is on the lighter spectrum of demonic dark vibrations. He is an incredibly skilled and brilliant healer who is aligned with both the light and the dark of divinity. He exists in a state of perfect balance. He understands the evils of light and the purity of darkness. To be a healer as he is, he has taken himself into all places of divinity, to help those who are lost find their way back and be rejuvenated.

He believes that healing is balance and that lack of health happens when we fall out of balance so in all his healing practises he seeks to return the individual to their element of balance and help them to preserve this state. He has a very holistic approach that works with the body to help it learn to heal it self with the assistance of the divine energies. He also will help those who work with him to learn to listen themselves and the inner dialogue that is within and listen to the needs and wants of their body and learn to balance them. Listening to the inner dialogue reveals much of what is going on and always leads to the imbalances that need to be healed.

He teaches his own methods in energy healing and has many different techniques and abilities which he can share. He knows much of energy healing and working with the subtle levels as well as working with the complex energies of the mind and the nervous system. When restoring balance to the system you have to be mindful of the energies and systems and how they are compensating. Balance needs to be looked at as a whole for restoring balance in one area might lead to an imbalance in another area if this is not considered. Balance of the whole needs to be the goal and it is important when working with someones energies to be mindful of this. He can transform energies into their highest vibration and in a way is an energetic alchemist. He also can help one to empower the healing powers within the body.

Verrine is a Demon who has walked in the corrosive light and the horrific darkness for he has gone there at times to find those who are lost and help them to ascend and redeem their energies. Not redeem themselves to others, but redeem themselves to them. Many times, he says, people stay in the shadows because they believe they deserve to suffer, they do not believe they deserve better. Redeeming someone in their own eyes is the first step to finding balance. Helping them to feel worthy of balance and healing. This is also one of the first steps to ascension.

He can help those who walk with him to ascend to the highest versions of themselves. He can help them to reconnect with their higher self and embracing the high divine being that they are. Ascension has many different levels to it and there are many ways to ascend in energy and in awakening. He can help one to ascend into their truth and find their core essence and the truth of themselves and who they are. He also believes that healing comes from knowing who you and accepting that. Acceptance and embrace of the whole self. The healing energies that he uses are very pure, there are dark elements within them and he can work with those on any path.

He is a very creating demon and he enjoys building up and helping those who work with him to rise and repair what has been damaged. He can shift ones alignment into their divine vibration and elevate them to their natural state. He also can help one to calm their mind and experience moments of relaxation and clarity. He can help with meditation and also with calming the senses and anxieties. He can help one to look inside and receive knowledge and guidance from the higher self.

He has a very calming energy to him, when we hav worked with him we always feel better, more relaxed and calm and he brings with him peace. He is not one who is very talkative but there is a depth of emotion to him and he has incredible empathy and understanding. He feels the darkness and the voids inside and he sees the underlaying issues that need to be repaired and healed. Working with him is a joy and even one meeting with him can have a calming effect. He brings balance and understanding of the self and he works with the different elements and aspects of the body to restore it to its natural balance. Working with him is incredible, he has such powerful and profound insights to share on health and wellness and energy healing. He is an amazing Demon.

Appearance: Verrine most often appears to us as a handsome man with a slender build, pale skin and black hair. His eyes are blue-green and he can also appear in a green mist energy. He sometimes appears with white hair and can take on a human appearance or a more demonic one. In his demonic appearance he has gold and black tipped white horns and a matching tail. His wings are grey and black. 

Offerings we offer when working with him: Offerings of fresh water, white flowers and essential oils are wonderful for him. Offering fresh herbs and plants as well, rosemary, eucalyptus, chamomile, echinacea, mint  and others depending on the work you are doing make great offerings. Lily and morning glory flowers, along with palo santo wood are among those we most often use.  He enjoys calming and soothing music and creative offerings like songs, art pieces and activities that bring one into a calming state of mind.

Colours he likes:  White, Green, Blue, Silver, Gold, Lemon Yellow, White Gold, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold

Crystals he likes: Onyx, Obsidian, Amethyst, Lepidocrocite, Selenite, Quartz, Smoky Quartz

Incense and scents he likes:   Lavender, black copal, musk, sandalwood, vetiver, myrrh

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