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Metatron, Puritan Archangel Of the Divine Archives and the Tree of Life

Angelic Celestial Scribe of the Divine Archives

(This information comes from our Priestesses seeking council with her) 

Direction: All Directions
Planet: Earth
Metal: White Gold/Silver
Element: Ether
Colors used when working with them: White, Light Blue, Light Gold, Light Yellow, Pink, Silver/Grey, Light Green
Incense and Scents used when working with them: Frankincense, Myrrh, Benzoin, Balsam, Elemi, Camphor
Rank: Celestial Angelic Scribe
Species: Puritan Angel
Realm: Angelic Realms

Attributes:  Metatron is a very powerful and incredible Puritan Archangel. He is one of the highest of the Divine Sphere and one who records and oversees the Divine Archives. He presides over the Sephiroth Kether on the Tree of Life and knows the secrets of Sacred Geometry. He holds knowledge over the sacred aspects of the universe and holds the secrets of the universal mathematics and the secrets of life. He can help one to awaken their gifts and to embrace the ability of the higher mind. He is clear and focused and is one who brings powerful mental discipline and clarity of mind. He can help one to sharpen their senses and awaken their divine and spiritual gifts. He can also help those who call on him to master and understand sacred geometry and to understand Quantum Mechanics and the Complex Mathematics of the universe. Metatron is a powerful guide to enlightenment and help one to understand the mysteries of life and the universe. He observes and records and the Akashic or Divine Archives hold the records all that has been observed. The records of all are there, and the records of our soul and our self can be found within.

Metatrons Cube

Our Work with him: Priestess Akelta began working with Metatron at the suggestion of her mentor. She was confused at first but after meeting Metatron for the first time realizes that in the grand scheme of everything, nothing is black and white and it is very possible for a Demonosopher to work with an Angel. Our philosophy is one that believes in all spiritual paths and connecting and working with deities and beings that align with you. When connecting with Metatron he will raise your vibration and your mind will open up and expand. The knowledge and profound insights that will be downloaded into your mind will change you and change the way you look at the world, yourself and the path you are on. It will challenge you and what you think you know. Working with Metatron can be a very profound and life altering experience.

Metatron is an angel who brings incredible wisdom and the secrets of Ascension and awakening. Ascension and enlightenment raise the vibrations of the body and allow one to activate the spheres of Divinity where sacred knowledge is attained. The sense of knowing and understanding comes from working with these energies and Metaron can guide you to deep understanding of the questions that you have. He can help one connect to their source and also help those who are returning to source to return to their energy.

Metatron’s Cube holds the secrets of creation, and he himself holds the secrets of the universe and our journey. Though often working with him will lead you to puzzles and enigmas as he guides you through the lessons of growth and understanding. He usually does not just give information away, you have to work with him and solve the puzzles that he presents to earn it. Once you do though you will see why, as the journey to get there revealed more knowledge and wisdom then it would had he just told you. His mind is brilliant and he is in many ways a herald for the gifted and profound children who have deep knowledge of the world and see the universe in incredible and profound ways. He can help children to activate their gifts and to awaken the sleeping sense that are within. He can help children who are spiritually gifted and help them to hone their gifts and skills and feel empowered. He can also help children not get destroyed by the crushing low vibrations that so often rob them of their sacred gifts.

He can also help individuals to spiritually transcend and awaken and help them through the painful transitions that follow. He can help with Kundalini awakening and opening of the higher chakras within the body. He can help one to unlock the nature of their high spiritual chakras and help them to ascend and rise into the most ascended version of their being. He can also help one to one up the high heart chakra and feel the divine love from the universe and the spiritual world. His energies are very elevated and working with him takes you to incredible and new levels.

He can help those who work with them to access the archives and to learn about themselves and their history. The journey that we have taken here and answers to the questions that we long for within our soul, can be answered by working with Metatron. He is a powerful guide and teacher and one who has incredible knowledge and understanding of the universe. He guards the tree of life and can grant one passage on the journey, helping them to understand and discover and walk this transformation and sacred journey.

He knows the secrets of the inner spiritual world and how the structure was crafted and created. He is the guardian between the inner and the outer spiritual world. He holds the keys to the gates. He also can help one with ascension and leaving the cycle of reincarnation, attaining what one desires and allowing one to return to their true form self. He helps us tap into our inner divinity and awaken our spiritual gifts and explore our potential.

He understands complexities and can help one to master and attain knowledge of sacred geometry and the structure and puzzle that is the universe. He unlocks the gates of the Sephiroth and can guide one through the Tree of Life. He brings visions and awakening and can fill one with knowledge and understanding of the divine spectrum and the layers of existence. mathematics and Sacred geometry are his domain and anyone who wishes to explore them and understand the nature of life and the universe would benefit from working with him. He is one who works with anyone on all paths as he knows that we are all divine and he understands that some are of the darkness of divinity.

Working with him will change your life, he does not work with everyone, and he will test you and make you work for the answers to your questions. In our mind though, the journey is always worth it.

Appearance: He can appear as an older man, surrounded by white energy. The white energy is infused with different colours at different times depending on the work one is doing with him. He has white hair, pale skin and his eyes are crystal blue and hold the energies and qualities of rainbow inclusions in quartz. He has white feathery wing and often appears full covered in white robes with divine and holy symbols on them.

Offerings we offer when working with him:  We most often offer white candles, incense in scents he likes or in scents based on the work we are doing and oil in a gold colored diffuser. Clear quartz and selenite, as well as any other high quality and high vibrational energy crystals are wonderful offerings. Using sacred geometry and creating crystal grids act as both an offering and way of working with him and directing and harnessing the energies. Mother of pearl, palo santo, cedar or olive wood can also be offered.

Colours he likes:   He likes white, prismatic rainbow colors, gold, silver, pearl, yellow, various shades of light blue, green and pink.

Crystals he likes: Clear quartz with rainbow inclusions, larimar, mangano calcite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, carnelian, hyspersthene, cathedral quartz, kunzite, kyanite, chalcedony and calcite. 

Incense and scents he likes:   He likes the scent of balsam, spruce, myrrh, cedar, palo santo, clove, orange, sage and basil.

3 thoughts on “Metatron, Puritan Archangel Of the Divine Archives and the Tree of Life

  • Rebecca

    Greetings from Germany, i know Metatron for almost a year and he appears to me as an archangel in smokey dark cloak, he gave me a lot of astral training and how to help others with their problems. His voice is smooth and dark, but I know he can be very fierce at some time. (I experienced him in an insane mood one time)
    Have a good time, demonologer
    *delete it or not, but its not a spam.

  • Elizabeth Welty

    Metatron sounds like he does the same for us , as Virrine and Azazel does.

    I like to get a better memory and understanding when learning something fast, then going over and over something.

    Can all three deities help with this, or am I wasting my time?


    I always feel attracted to METATRON
    Please how do we start working consciously with him? Any Ritual? Invocation? Enn?
    Thank you


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