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Connecting with Paimon through Enn Chanting

Connecting with Paimon through his Enn

Paimon is an incredible Dark Lord. He is not just creative, but one who teaches alchemy and the occult. He is a master of hidden knowledge. He is one who can help one to awaken musical and artistic talents and learn hidden and lost occult knowledge. He also is a brilliant warrior and one who can help one to strengthen their core and remember their core power.

More on him can be found in our blog post here…King Paimon

Those who are drawn to work with Paimon oftentimes have no idea how to approach him.

I have created an Enn chanting video to help people to work with him and connect to his energies.   It is a very simple meditation that can be done at your convenience.

Just remember to only listen to this meditation in a place where you can focus and concentrate. Never listen to it while driving or operating heavy machinery as there are theta sounds overlaid into it.  

To make full use of this meditation, take a moment to get comfortable in the room that you are in.  Lay comfortably on a couch or a bed or a recliner. Make sure that you are comfortable.

Take a moment to lay back.   Take in three deep breaths and just focus on your breathing.  As you breath in, imagine a cool blue energy moving into your lungs.  As you exhale, imagine murky sticky energies leaving your body.  These energies are blocks and negative energy or thoughts that would prevent you from getting into this meditation.  Release them from your body.

Continue breathing, focusing on your breath and then visualize a white energy.

This energy is a cleansing, clearing energy that will cleanse you, the room, and protect the space you are in.

Visualize this energy moving out and spreading to all corners of the room. Filling and flooding the space.  As this energy spreads say..

“I cleanse this room with the white light. I cleanse this space and I cleanse myself with the white light.” 

Once the light reaches all the corners of the room, visualize a beautiful golden and black energy hovering above you.

This energy is the energy of the demonic divine. It is beautiful, it is safe and powerful.

Visualize the orange and black light and see it moving and spreading to all corners of the room.  As you see this energy spreading and moving say…

“The energies and powers of the demonic divine fill this room. I invite them, I call forth the demonic divine and send out an invitation to King Paimon.  

I call to you King Paimon, come to me, inspire me. Fill this space with your divine and powerful energies.  King Paimon who is lord of the music and lord of the lost alchemy.

 I invite you to come forth and connect with me.  Inspire me during this meditation. ” 

Take a moment to just sit with the energies.  

The meditation is best listened to with headphones. When you are ready, put on your headphones and just listen to the meditation, focusing on the vibrations of the Enn and just allowing the energies to connect with you and inspire you.

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<3 Akelta



10 thoughts on “Connecting with Paimon through Enn Chanting

  • Hi! Do you have a video to contact Sallos?

  • Hello! Do you have a video to contact Forcalor?

  • Jessica

    HI I was just wondering what an Enn chant actually is and what the word Enn means. A quick search on your site and on the wider web came up with nothing. 🙁

  • Emma Poulton

    Mmm, reading about King Ea Enki. Should we not all be chanting and connecting to the one who started it all? After all, recent discoveries seem to prove the existence of the very tall tower of Babylon. Crop circles relate to his messages. Is Enki Azazel? Is he Paimon? Is he Lucifer? He has visited me since I was 15 (35 years ago) as Zaz ( Azazel) and Lucifer and Zazel (most recently). I am excited about this possibility. After all, he wanted to better and save mankind (warning Noah, etc). What d9 you all think?

  • I think “free form” evocation isn’t the best way to perform a full on evocation. You may not get the demon you want, trickster spirits and “hitchhikers” may wander in during ritual, you may get half-ass results because using free form evocation may evoke a watered down and rebellious aspect of he demon you are seeking to contact. Every demon has it’s assigned angelic emissaries and Shem angel. Call them in first, then the demon. Demons aren’t the enemies of angels and vice versa. They may not always see eye to eye, but they work together during ritual and you’ll get the best results faster. Contrary to what many think, demons do not mind the presence of the angels (that comes from religion and Hollywood ) and they don’t mind being dismissed/licensed to depart. Enki isn’t King Paimon, Crown Prince Lucifer, Crown Prince Satan, or Azazel

    • If this works for you, great. Some people need to have the structure of a full-on ritual and they need to have all the safeties in check to ensure that a malicious spirit does not invade their space. This is why we always advocate for building a spiritual foundation to make sure that those who work with spiritual forces know how to protect and defend themselves. I have experimented with different types of rituals and had some work better for me than others. I have also done full-on evocations and many other different types of rituals for connecting. There is no one-size-fits-all, different people are going to find different methods that work for them. I always tell people to experiment and find the method that works best for them. The method above has been used with incredible results by many of our clients. If it doesn’t work for you though there is not harm. Each person needs to find the method that works best for them.


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