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Raum- Demon Earl of the Night

Demon of the Night … Earl Raum (Night Demon)

Dates: April 21th- April 30th (Connolly)(Tikaboo)(Night Time)
Alternate Dates: October 8th – October 12th (Runyon)
Direction: East (South)
Tarot: 5 of Pentacles
Planet: Mars
Metal: Copper or Silver (some say Iron)
Element: Air (Fire) (Under Amaymon)
Color: Red
Plant: Thistle
Incense: Dragon’s Blood
Zodiac: Taurus

Demonic Enn: “Furca na alle laris Raum”

Sigil of Raum
Sigil of Raum

Quotes… Original Text from the Ars Goetia:

“The Fortieth Spirit is Raum. He is a Great Earl; and appeareth at first in the Form of a Crow, but after the Command of the Exorcist he putteth on Human Shape. His office is to steal Treasures out King’s Houses, and to carry it whither he is commanded, and to destroy Cities and Dignities of Men, and to tell all things, Past and What Is, and what Will Be; and to cause Love between Friends and Foes. He was of the Order of Thrones. He governeth 30 Legions of Spirits.”

From the Luciferian Goetia by Michael Ford

“Raum is the Fortieth Spirit of Solomon, who is a Great Earl. In the black mirror and the evocation circle he appears in the form of a crow, but will appear in a human form if commanded. Raum was said to steal treasures from a King’s castle, however this may be translated into an intiatory context as gathering secrets astrally, from others if need be. He is also capable to destroy dignities of men and primarily acts as a divinatory spirit. He was of the Order of Thrones and still governs 30 Legions of Spirits.”

From the Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly

Original Purpose: Stals treasure from kings. Destroys cities and dignities. causes love between friends and foes. Tells all things past, present, and future.”

Author’s Notes: Invoke Raum to take down a mighty foe or adversary. Raum is also helpful in legal battles against large conglomerates. Seek Raum’s wisdom to find personal strength when the odds are against you.

From Pseudomonarchia Daemonum (Liber officiorum spirituum) by Johann Weyer

“(41) Raum, or Raim is a great Earl, he appears in the form of a Raven, but at the will of the exorcist assumes a human form, He has stealthily stolen “mire” out of the kings house and can transfer it to it’s designated place. He can destroy cities and has great despite unto dignities. He sees this past, present and future. He reconciles friends and foe and was in the order of thrones. He governs 30 legions.”

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11 thoughts on “Raum- Demon Earl of the Night

  • i will like to know more about raum because it relate to me by birth month

    • Dave Raum

      I just found this webpage. What’s up with this ? I feel kind of evil now.

      • You’re ignorant not All demons are evil and the word evil is made up please do research before you write lol

  • better not to say....

    i think i summoned this when i was really tripping on acid and tried to sell my soul (duh stupid) , i looked for the symbol that insisted to appear to me on the floor with salt and i found ”demon of the filth” and i was really scared, because i obviously should not have evoked this without having knowledge over it. please help.

    • Demons don’t want your soul, they are actually a high vibrational dark being. It sounds like you contacted what we refer to as a sludge entity which is a parasitic feeder. In our practise it is never a good idea to combine drug use with working with dark entities for this very reason. I would recommend learning to shield yourself and learn about the spiritual foundation, which is shielding, cleansing, grounding and warding. Building your spiritual foundation will help you stay safe from sludge beings and other parasitic creatures that seek to harm you.

    • The Filth Butcher

      if you summon any demon why you human summon them for what you humans desire ,summon demons for the nature’s needs and not for selfish self centerd wishes of thy foolish acts of abusing thy own soul but its good that you asked for help? because you summon demons and you behave human, summon demons when you know what it feels like to be a demon , most humans dont understand this,at least you asked for help some how i see this listen to some pure satanic music and read the lyrics at the same time and when your triping on acid ,for me demons are very beautiful and very kind , so learn to let go of fear ,let go of human mind ,and be born as a demon and be humble to the demonic masters and see light and celebrate with demons ,so i think you will never understand yu so afraid to leave your own name so i guess you wont get help but touble ,you never saw RAUM you just saw a Ghoul which is your self , and im a demon who kills ghouls for not understanding us demons , learn to share you fucking filthy self you filthy ghoul you are the fucking filth I Abigor and RAUM will sacrifice your filthy soul with the rest of other filthy ghouls, so you understand that perfect time to summon a demon and learn to see the beauty , Never call my kind filth again you Stupid Filthy Lamb,and for the admin drugs using is not prohibited unless you are weak minded ,you should try connecting with your mind for connection with demons rather than spit out every fucking thing you learn in the internet , same goes to the filth im replying to because you have to learn the DNA of living trees high ranked trees and learn to one with the nature ,i thought this website was nice but only the sigils i observe and what Satan commands is what you should learn to hear 1st ,,, and learn what the five main and simple spiritual gates , then go beyond otherwise you end up misleading people with your slavery by GOD , learn to counter attack every limitations for the filth is way ahaed of you ADMIN he will learn to be a demon ,because he is now seem to be the one i shold support its your fault ADMIN that these children of SATAN are misled , SATAN is coming for your Soul abduction you Slave of God , and Filth you see why i call you Filth is because you know your Filthyness and you now will overcome it somehow keep triping on acid and summon me Eligos i will liberate you and we will Hunt down together this ADMIN who is slave blinded by god , try to make conflict if you understand ,so know you see the magick no more your a filth you now are one of my new recruite for my Legion , Demons will always help and will always save the children of SATAN

      • If this post isn’t absolute proof that using Drugs while working with demons is not advised, I don’t know what is. Thank you for proving my point.

  • Admin, How do you shield yourself from evil beings, i have one inside of me and others around.

  • I’ve noticed that on Element, it had fire in parentheses. What does that mean in this case?

  • somebody i used to know

    ive had recurring dreams of climbing medieval type stairs and then sitting at a table and getting shanked, ive always loved fire and the number 7.
    idk why but this shit feels a bit close to home


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